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Anyone feel it's inappropriate to read The Quest before The Prize?

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Brian He got a lot of attention earlier for The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power, but I actually heard about The Quest first. I'm guessing there's no trouble reading this first (and if deemed worthy, I'll consider reading The Prize afterwards). Any comments?

Matt Heavner I'm starting with the Quest -- I'm curious to know if you have "gone back" and read the Prize?

Brian Haven't yet, but it is on my list to read even though I went ahead and read Quest. :)

Robert The Prize covers the history of the oil business. The Quest is speculation about the future.

James Pindell Hopefully not because that is the order I am doing it... just because it happened that way..

Yannick Hi,

I actually finished 'the Quest' a month ago. I never read the Prize but i didn't feel that my lack of reading 'the Prize' impacted my reading and enjoyment of 'the Quest'.

Have fun reading it!

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