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The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
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"No, when the time comes, I'm sure I'll kill just like everybody else. I can't go down without a fight. Only I keep wishing I could think of a way to...to show the Capitol they don't own me. That I'm more than just a piece of their Games," says Peeta.

How does this conversation show the difference between how Katniss and Peeta view the Capitol's power over them?

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Justin Lee Katniss and Peeta feel like they're on their own in this journey. In order for them to stay strong, they have to stick together and let no one else decide what's best for them. They have to keep to themselves and be stubborn towards everything.

Sean Hewitt Katniss I do believe doesn't really like what the Capitol does for the people and to me seems like she just goes with it. to were Peeta seems like he fed up with the Capitol and wants to put an end to what the Capitol is doing and just wants to show them up.

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Carlin Jacala (carlinjacala) Katniss seems to be more of I'm scared of what the capitol can do to her and her family but peeta seems to be more of the rebel type. Katniss also seems to bot really want to impact the capitol unlike peeta. Peeta seems to want to brand a message to the Capitol while katniss is looking after the well fare of her family

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Jason Eakin Katniss does not want to do anything against the Capitol because she fears what they will do to her. She just reluctantly accepts their power over her. Peeta, on the other hand, has a more rebellious attitude toward the Capitol and wants to resist their rule in some way.

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Hinson Leung Katniss doesn't like the capitol and scared her family get the punishment from them. Peeta has a very strong mind that he extremely doesn't like the Capitol but has no choice to follow the games. He will keep fighting until the end of the games to show his resentment to the Capitol.

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Savanna Parangan Katniss makes an effort towards not causing trouble or displeasing the Capitol. The reasoning behind this is that she doesn't want to do anything that might result in punishment towards her family. Peeta has a strong will and believes that the tributes are capable showing the Capitol that it isn't all-powerful.

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Hannah Vaughn Katniss doesn't like the Capitol and is disturbed about how they view the hunger games as entertainment, even though people are being killed. Overall Katniss accepts the fact that she has to compete and she goes along with what the Capitol tells her to do.Petta is tired of how the Capitol is trying to control him and make him their entertainment. Overall petra wants to stay his self but he will still fight in the end.

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Calvin Katniss participates and doesn't challenge too much because of her fear of what The Capitol can do...She feels like if she were to rebel or go against them, that they might go after Prim and her mom. Petta, however, wants to participate for the sake of survival, but he doesn't want to seem lik he moves at The Capitols command. He's not worried about what might happen back home, he just wants to show that he will fight for his own survival, but he is not a powerless piece on The Capitol's checkerboard. The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1) by Suzanne Collins

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Griffin Scales This shows that peeta is more concerned about more important things such as seeing his family again and showing that he is not a piece of the games but an actual human. Katniss is more concerned with winning the games and her strategy towards the game. It seems like Peeta knows what the bigger picture is.

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Griffin Scales This shows that peeta is more concerned about more important things such as seeing his family again and showing that he is not a piece of the games but an actual human. Katniss is more concerned with winning the games and her strategy towards the game. It seems like Peeta knows what the bigger picture is.

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Destini Stridiron From this, you can tell that Katniss does what the Capitol tells her to do not because of her own safety, but for the safety if her family. She doesn't want to upset and of them because she feels like the punishment for not doing as told will be directed to her family. Peeta on the other hand cares about how the Capitol changing him and turning him into something he doesn't want to be. He is more concerned of the consequences he has to face rather than thinking of his family like Katniss does.

Arnold Imperial Katniss appears to show some kind of fear towards the capital. The reason for this is because maybe she worry not for herself but for the safty of her family, friends, and her hometown District 12. Peeta on the otherhand seems he wants rebel agisnt the capital in some way. He probably acts like this to show he is someone they cant control or to send a message of how unfair or cruel the Hunger Games are.

Victoria Peeta seems irritated because it feels like he and the other tributes are the Capitol's little puppets. He wants to be himself throughout the whole games, and there will be nothing that will stop him from that. I think he feels this way because he misses home and he does not want to die. As for Katniss, she goes with the flow. Although she's not comfortable, she does whatever the Capitol asks her to do. She is determined to stay strong throughout the whole games so that she will come back home and see her mother and sister again, since those are the only two people that mean the world to her. She'll do anything to go back home even if it's taking the life out of someone.

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Zach Up to that point, Katniss had bought into the Hunger Games and had only thought about surviving and fighting like the Capitol wanted. Peeta on the other hand, was thinking more about how to send a message to the Capitol during the Hunger Games and not playing into what they wanted.

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Jordan You can tell that Katniss is scared for two things, her life and the lives of her family. She doesn't want to let them down by disobeying the Capitol but at the same time she doesn't want to listen to the Capitol for her own safety. Peeta is worried that he might not ever see his family again and showing that he isn't just another piece of the puzzle in the Hunger Games, but a person with a family.

Angela Katniss does not want to upset the Capitol because she is concerned about her family's safety back in District 12. However, this does not mean that she will not try during the competition. Katniss will do her best just as she promised Prim. Peeta, on the other hand, does not want his experience in the Capitol to change him in any way. He wants to fight in the Games for as long as he can just like all the other tributes.

Herlin Soto Through tis story quote , you can tell peeta likes to have is own way in things, and show people his unique ways or strategies. That he is not the same as any game player.. and he doesn't really worry about the consequences there will be other than his death. While Katniss always will held a grudge against the capitol and these games. She mostly thinks of what her and her actions will cause in her family and the adventure and trying to fight for life , if the capitol is disappointed in some way or another.

Kiana Desrosiers Katniss doesn't really care about the Capitol's view of her, she just wants to keep her safe and her family safe. She is determined to try her hardest, and not to break her promise to Prim. Peeta is just worried that he is going to die as someone he is not. He wants to stay himself throughout the games. He wants to prove to the Capitol that they cannot change who he is, and he is going to try to make a point to show the Capitol that he is not like the others.

Colton Souza i think this desplays how katniss wants to do what she can to avoid killing someone because its not who she is althought she is also very determined to win while peeta shows that he wants to stay the same but he knows that the pressure to kill will get to him and he will eventually become a killer like the rest of them

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Katie Lerseth I think this demonstrates that Peeta wants to be remembered for something more than winning the Hunger Games. He doesn't want to just be another form of entertainment for the Capitol. Katniss will do whatever the Capitol wants just to protect her family, especially her little sister. Her main motive throughout the story is to get back to her sister to take care of her.

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Neil This conversation reveals that Katniss truly believes that she has now become one of the Capitol's game pieces and that the Gamemakes control her life. She says that they (the tributes) are all pieces in the Games, but that is exactly how the Games are designed to work. It seems like Katniss has given in to the Capitol's power and is simply going along with the Games, focusing on surviving and not angering the Capitol. She knows the Capitol has power over her and she isn't fighting it because she doesn't want them to do anything to her family. On the other hand, Peeta believes that there might still be a way to escape the Capitol's control and stand up to the Capitol, but he can't figure out how. He wants to do something, but he can't.

Patrice Marie Katniss, from the start, did not even think of upsetting the Capitol because she feared her safety and the safety of her family. She feels that she has to follow the Capitol's rules in order to win. Peeta doesn't show fear of the Capitol. He's not afraid to rebel against their rules during the Games.

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