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Ms.Pittman | 3 comments Mod
"No, when the time comes, I'm sure I'll kill just like everybody else. I can't go down without a fight. Only I keep wishing I could think of a way to...to show the Capitol they don't own me. That I'm more than just a piece of their Games," says Peeta.

How does this conversation show the difference between how Katniss and Peeta view the Capitol's power over them?

Tierney | 3 comments In this conversation, Peeta explains that he feels owned by the Capital, where as Katniss just implies she feels oppressed by the Capital. I like that Peeta wants to do something about the power the Capital has over them. At this point in the book Katniss feels like she can't do anything about this control because she or her family could be punished greatly. I know she feels this way because she waits to "talk bad" about the Capital until her and Gale are far out of ear shot, in the woods. The Capital has that "Big Brother" effect over everyone in the surrounding districts.

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Jasmine (jasminediaz) | 3 comments Katniss decides that she can't fight against the Capitol for the safety of her family. Peeta already knows that his mom has more confidence in Katniss than in her own son, so he feels that he has nothing to lose. Peeta has a chance to fight back against the Capitol, to prove that he is as independent at the Capitol as he is back at District 12. He knows that the only way for him to get his freedom back is to fight, and the Capitol is just another obstacle he is willing to succeed.

Ivan Hudson | 2 comments Peeta thinks no one has faith in him besides Katniss. Katniss on the other hand knows that she doesn't want to do anything that will jeopardize her family. In the beginnig she was doing her own little things like hunting in the woods which she wasn't supposed to do and she would trade her hunt for even better food. I feel that Katniss is now going to be more catious at what she does.

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Christian  | 3 comments This conversation shows the difference between how Katniss and Peeta view the Capitol's power over them. In the quote above, Peeta talks about his perception of how he thinks the Capitol views them. He believes that the Capitol owns him and the other tributes. Then on the other hand, Katniss describes the Capitol in a different sense. On page 19 she says, "Whatever words they use, the real message is clear.’Look at how we take your children and sacrifice them and there's nothing you can do. If you lift a finger, we will destroy every last one of you. Just as we did in District Thirteen.'" Here she describes the Capitol's power as demanding and forceful-oppressing. It seems as if Katniss is telling the readers that they are forced to obey or else they will be destroyed. On the other hand, Peeta says that he wishes he could think of a way to show them they don't own him. It seems that Peeta is saying that people are able to rebel against the Capitol, as long as they could think of the right way to.

Janelle Samansky | 2 comments This conversation shows the difference between how Katniss and Peeta view the Capitol’s power over them because at this moment even though Katniss despise the Capitol I think she is too scared to do something against them because she is afraid that they will hurt or kill the ones she loves and holds dear; while Peeta has the courage to do but he just does not know how or what to do. Even though both of them know they have to compete in the games and there is nothing they can do to change that Peeta doesn’t want to give the people in the Capitol the satisfaction that they changed him, and warped him into a new person to become just a pawn in their means of entertainment, and warning to all the other districts, of what they can do.

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Joyce Leung Katniss thinks she can not do anything and just to obey what the Capitol said. If not, the Capitol will kill the ones she loves probably, that what she is afraid. On the other hand, Peeta seems like more concentrate on what Capitol do with him. He don't want to be controlled by Capitol. So, he fights to the games in order to rebell against the Capitol.

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Denise | 3 comments In this conversation it shows the difference of how Katniss and Peeta view the Capitol's power over them because Katniss wants what's best for her family so she does what the Capitol is controlling her to do. She's afraid they may hurt her family if she tries to rebel against them. The Capitol made it seem to her that they are oppressing and changed her confidence. On the other hand, Peeta doesn't want to give the Capitol that control. He wants to prove to them that they can't change him.

Matthew Rapolla | 3 comments in this conversation between these two i saw a divide that would lead into the hunger games. they have two different views and in the games peeta joins the careers.it all started when they discuss power. peeta wants freedom yet he joined the careers. i dont understand why he would do that.

Jocelyn Boucher | 2 comments In this conversation Peeta shows he wants to stand up to the Capitol whereas Katniss is so afraid of the consequences she's not considering it. She's not happy with it at all but she's being compliant to protect her sister. Peeta, like Katniss, is not content with this but he's not going to accept it so passively like Katniss. He's not expecting to live so he doesn't show that he's afraid of any kind of consequence.

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Drew Boteloo | 3 comments In this conversation it shows how Katniss and Peeta feel different about the Capitol. Peeta things that the Capitol rules over everyone and that nothing can stop them. Peeta wants to rebel but he knows that he will lose. Kantniss also dislikes how the Capitol thinks that they can push around anyone. Like Peeta, Katniss wants to rebel but the problem for her is that she has her family that shes worried about. Her family is barely living currently and if they rebel he family wont be living anymore.

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Koleen Arribas | 2 comments In this conversation, Peeta says that if he knew of a way to show the Capitol that they have no control over him, he would do it. Since he wants to prove that he isn't just a piece of their games, he would risk his life to find a way to show that he is independent. Katniss, on the other hand, goes along with whatever the Capitol orders them to do because she is going with what Haymitch told them. She knows that if she listens to the advice that was given to her, she might have a slight chance of survival.

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Rialle Sarmiento | 3 comments This conversation shows how Peeta takes his chances. He wouldn't want to strike back in an inopportune time. But this would only help him strive towards the games. He believes that he has his chance. On the other hand Katniss thinks more cautiously about her decisions because she is afraid that the Capitol might harm her family and friends. So she wants to be careful, stay alive, and help benefit her family. This makes Katniss follow the rules and try her best to survive the games.

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Joey Baldonado | 2 comments Katniss thinks she cant do anything. She thinks tht she has to obey what the Capital says. The capital will kill everyone Katniss has ever loved if she doesnt.

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Nina (momolitious) | 3 comments Peeta wants to let the capitol know that he doesn't want to be bullied by them anymore... easier said than done... Katniss well she is her own person, strong, independent. But beneith all of that there is an insecure gurl in her that we kind of see when she second guesses her actions at times.

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Krisha Carpio | 3 comments In this conversation the captiol's power over Katniss shows her fear because her family can recieve consequences if she fights back to the capitol, and also shows her confidence that she wants show the capitol that she's better than who they think she really is, even though they see her as the star of the games. On Peeta's view of the capitol's power over him, is that he feels owned by the captiol, i think that Peeta wants to fight back to the capitol, but i think he doesn't want to ruin his reputation there and that he doesn't want to start a conflict over a something the capitol and the city won't see as a big deal.

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Kyle (Kylespsv) | 3 comments The difference between Katniss and Peeta in this conversation is that Katniss feels like she has to obey what the Capitol says at this point. Peeta wants to show the Capitol that he makes his own future and he doesn't want them to dictate what happens in his life. Peeta will go along with the Hunger Games however, he knows he has to do what Capitol wants ultimately and that is to kill the opposition. Katniss doesnt want her mother and Prim to be punished if she goes against the Capitol which is why she is following their every command. Peeta also shows he has courage during this statement.

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Kris | 2 comments In this conversation Peeta is showing his thoughts on how the Capitol is using them just to make a point. Peeta is going to do what the Capitol says but he is going to show them that he isn't just someone you can push around to do something. On the other hand Katniss isn't doing anything to rebel against the Capitol because she doesn't want her family to take the consequence for her action.

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Will | 1 comments In this conversation, Peeta is showing that he wants to stay himself, and not become just entertainment, while Katniss doesn't want to make others pay for her actions.

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Anthony Copp | 4 comments katniss and peetas differences are that peeta what the capitol to see that not everyone likes or wants to be owned, and katniss doesnt really care about that because she puts all her focus on her family.

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Dominic Chiabotti | 2 comments Kyle wrote: "The difference between Katniss and Peeta in this conversation is that Katniss feels like she has to obey what the Capitol says at this point. Peeta wants to show the Capitol that he makes his own f..."

I agree with Kyle, Katniss' fear of the capitol stems from her protective view of her mother and Prim. Having not have gone through the same poverty Peeta is more openly rebellious against the capitol.

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Anthony Copp | 4 comments the difference between the two is that katniss feels that she must and has to obey the capital and peeta doesnt feel that way anymore because he chooses that.

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