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Got Books (gotbooks85) | 6 comments Mod
Welcome to Got Books?

Please feel free to share a little bit about yourself. We'd also like to hear about what you like to read and as an author, we'd love to know what you've written.

Note: Please use this discussion board for all self-promo.

message 2: by Nadina (new)

Nadina Boun | 1 comments Hello,
My name is Nadina. I am a writer and resident of Las vegas. I like to read fiction and philosophical books. My favorite authors are ancient, like Shakespeare, Gibran Khalil gibran, but I also loved Anne Rice chronicles and the Harry Potter series of course amongst other great reads.
My first book is a comical satire of our emotional life as human beings, set in the form of a short story with rules of his highness. The Thinking Man, Paralysis by Analysis
I write more poetry and plays than I do fiction. I love old rhymed verse.

message 3: by Libby (new)

Libby Hi. I'm Libby and I write crime fiction thrillers. There are 8 of them plus a couple of short story collections and a novella. Whew! It does seem to add up after a while, doesn't it.

Anyway, my Goodreads Author page is here:

Hope you'll stop by. This is a great idea, Val... thanks for starting it!

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M.A. Comley (melcom) | 2 comments Hi, thanks Val.

I'm Mel, I write mainly gritty thrillers but have recently dabbled in writing romances too.

Here's my author page.

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Faith Mortimer (httpwwwgoodreadsfaith) Hi there Val!

I'm Faith and I write mystery/suspense/action/adventure and romance

I have 3 published novels in paperback and eBooks, and an anthology of short stories. I'm in the middle of my latest novel another mystery suspense

My Goodreads page here is

and you'll finds lots there! i also write a twice weekly blog which i'd love you to follow.

Thanks! xxChildren of the Plantation Children of the Plantation by Faith Mortimer The Assassins' Village by Faith Mortimer The Assassins' VillageThe Crossing The Crossing by Faith Mortimer Echoes of Life and Love  by Faith Mortimer Echoes of Life and Love

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Sherry | 2 comments hello, I'm Sherry and write romances with a touch of mystery and suspense. I have two novels, one novella, another 'coming soon' and several short stories published.
I am currently working on two more, one during NaNo.
My Goodreads Author Page here is
Thanks for this opportunity to meet new friends.

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Seb (sebkirby) | 1 comments Hi, Val

I'm Seb.

I write thrillers.

My goodreads page is here:

and my blog is at:

Best wishes to all


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