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Chrystalla | 301 comments Hi everyone. Although I also write adult stories, all my longer works so far are YA.

Dystopian Science fiction

Dystopian Sci-Fi novel "Rex Rising": In a world where parasites create new races, Elei leads a peaceful life – until a mysterious attack on his boss sends him fleeing with a bullet in his side.

Rex Rising (Elei's Chronicles) by Chrystalla Thoma

Dystopian Sci-Fi novelette "Hera" set in the world of Rex Rising: Hera thinks she knows what her future has in store, but on her first coast patrol she comes face to face with two lesser mortals and the inevitable truth.

Hera (Eleis Chronicles) by Chrystalla Thoma

Urban fantasy/mythology, novelette
When you are Zeus’ immortal son, you can get away with almost anything, except bring back your dead twin brother. A retelling of the myth of Dioscuri, set in an alternative modern day Athens.

Dioscuri by Chrystalla Thoma

These YA stories don't have a gay/lesbian/transgender protagonist, but have main characters who are. My goal is to write YA fiction with LGBT protagonists in the near future.

Nice meeting you all. Looking forward to checking out your books as well.

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Byron (byft) | 1060 comments Your on my TBR list. .

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Chrystalla | 301 comments Thank you, Byron! :)

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