Whitney, My Love (Westmoreland, #2) Whitney, My Love question

whitney my love best historical romance book of all time!!
Ash Ash Ash Nov 14, 2011 01:52AM
i have read so many historical romance books but nothing ever comes as close to this book...

Whitney, my love was a good book, however I enjoyed A Kingdom of Dreams much more.

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Paula I agree. Kingdom of Dreams was better.
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2015 and still loving it.

I liked Kingdom of Dreams better.
Which version of Whitney My Love did you read?
I believe there is the first addition and then an edited version leaving out a particular scene that the general public didn't react to very well or something like that.

My favorite McNaught historical is Kingdom of Dreams. I also agree with Hannah that The Devil in Winter was really good. Most of Judith's historicals are quite good. I am reading Almost Heaven and that is good too. Whitney My Love was good but too long. Its third on my list.

The Roller coaster of emotions I have experienced while reading this book is so unforgettable! I read so many good Historical romance books in the past but this one remains my top 1 ❤️

I really like Whitney my Love. For me The Bride and Fires of winter are my all time favorite romance. I love the love hate relationships....

it's the best !!!

I love, love, love A Kingdom of Dreams by her. That is my favorite:) She's a good writer:)

The Duke of Shadows by Meredith Duran Again the Magic (Wallflowers, #0.5) by Lisa Kleypas Ruthless (The House of Rohan, #1) by Anne Stuart
I loved them too

I love the westmoreland series. This is my favourite historical romance series. I like the kingdom of dreams best but this book is good to so is "Until you"

i concur Ash...anytime i come across it i have to smile...the best romance book ever!!

The Devil In Winter by Lisa Kleypas is really good too. :)

the prize and of course kingdom of dreams

Kingdom of Dreams was my favorite and I had hoped that their story would continue in next book but it was several generations later. I still hope to get more of Jennifer and Royce.

Ash wrote: "i have read so many historical romance books but nothing ever comes as close to this book..."

100% agreed

What do you guys think about the bad reviews about this book?

Ireland Durante I'm confused because I just finished Whitney my love and It wasn't the bodice ripper everyone claimed it to be? It was mild compared to other books I' ...more
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