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Plot is pointless

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Cookie I did like all the first. I found that it was interesting and grabbed the readers attention but sadly held no definite plot. It the first book I thought that saving Angel would be the story but once they saved her in the very beginning, it jut started to get really random. I understand that the plot is supposed to be saving the world, but so far they have done few things to reach that goal.

The Antagonist is another problem, they have to BIG antagonist with a big plot they have to stop. They have the scientist, which they beat every time, and in every book slowly disappeared and other random one but they need an enemy that will grip the readers attention and make them hate the enemy.

Another things is the pointless romance hat is happening. I am a sucker for romance but (Don't read this if you haven't read all the books) this books romance was stupid and annoying. I waited forever for the chemistry between Max and Fang to burst threw but as soon as that happened, they ere like "boring, throw in a new character" and thus; Dylan. Did anybody else realize that the way it happened was the exact same. 2 forced kisses by the guy and then finally she gives in.

My last complaint is Angel. Is she good or bad, because at the start she was one of Max's favorites and now he acting kind of traitorish.

Well sorry for letting this rant carry on for so long, but I do want to tell you even through all my complaints, I did like the book and the idea of kids with wings.

Megan It's true that there's practically no plot. And pretty much everything in this series is dragged out and overused. But I liked them...They were very addicting.

Michael After the author bled the adventure bit out of the story, there was basically no real direction for the flock.

Cookie I agree with both of you, the series was very addicting. But after a while, I felt like the author (Sorry for the bad pun)was just "wingin' it"!

Olivia uh thats how it is in a series they have different adventures duh

Cookie But there's supposed to be a plot

Trish They're slowly ambling in the direction of this big catastrophe.

It's just mini-episodes of the steps along the way.

I don't have anything to say about the OP's points, because yeah, it's not the highest caliber of plot. It's not layered or complicated and they do tend to set up what you think is the A-story, only to resolve it pretty quickly in most of them and go on to a slightly less pulse-pounding "actual" A-story.

It's a series, conceived as a series. I think the dissenters would be more satisfied if it had been a tv-series with each book as a season or arc than the books, perhaps. That's how we expect TV to go.

message 8: by HC (new) - rated it 2 stars

HC I think that there is no plot! the first few books were good but after them, I got very confused! now, i dont even know who the "bad guy" is. I also dont like the whole romance thing too and how the flock had to split up because i really didnt think that fang and max were fighting that much.

now im not every sure if i want to read the next book because i have no idea whats going on in the storyline! and there is NO way that im going to re-read the whole series over again because it isnt good enough and ill just get confused again! :)

Rachel Alice I loved the first three books, they were funny and action packed, and I liked the characters. Books 4-7 seem really random though, there isn't really much proper character development anymore, and the plots are just getting weirder and weirder. I miss the rest of the flock as well, they've been relegated to minor characters these days while Patterson (or whoever, I have a sneaking suspicion that these are ghost written) focuses on Max, Fang, and Dylan (who I initially felt sorry for, but now kind of hate).

I hope Nevermore turns out better.

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