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They'll be here.

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Name: Mirna

Gender: Female

Bonded or Wild? Wild

Age: 13 years

Size: About a third as long as a football field, a little more than half a football field if her tail and neck are stretched out all of the way. Her wingspan is around 120 feet.

Appearance: Every bit of her, from the tip of her tail to the front of her snout, is very slender. Her neck and legs, though well-muscled, almost look as though they might snap at any impact, because they are so slender. Her proportions are beautiful. Her head is also slender and she has a thinner, longer snout than you might see on most dragons. Her talons are relatively straight and the bones in her wind are so thing you'd wonder how she can fly so well.

Her scales are a light amethyst purple with a silver sheen. Depending on the light, she may look silver-purple or purple-silver, switching out the dominant colors. Her scales are almost like mirrors as opposed to being dull like some dragons'. Her claws and neck spikes are silver and her teeth are long, sharp, and bright white, like snow. There are darker purple veins in her wings that you can see. Her tail is very long and has a whiplike quality once you get close to the end.

Her eyes are a deep, dark purple. They look very intelligent if you stare her in the eyes, but also very ferocious.

Talents: Flying. She can do a whole bunch of twists and turns through the air that even some older dragons can't, because of her proportions. She also has a bell-like quality to her roar that impresses some. Others think it's wimpy.

Personality: She is wild, uncontrollable, and fierce. She has raised herself all this time and has never come into contact with dragons and riders except for seeing them off in the distance. She has heard stories, however, which makes her curious but also defensive. She listens to nothing but the reason and logic inside her own head, and will not take advice from any other than herself. She is reckless and carefree, which, while it is nice to be that way, sometimes causes problems for herself and others. She likes to have fun. She can be a bit bitter at times but is mostly sarcastic, and she can be rude. She is 100% independent and likes to make sure everyone notices it.

Bond: None

Other: I think it would be amusing to see one of the Rider's Dragons try to mate with her... that would be an interesting courtship. XD

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Name: Xenali (pronounced zehn-AH-lee)

Gender: Female

Race: Elf

Age: 232 (Still relatively young for elves. Her dragon hatched for her when she was 170.

Appearance: Xenali is tall, around 6 feet 2 inches, which is on the talk side especially for a female. Her body is slender. She has a bit of an hourglass shape with a very narrow waist, hips that are a little bit wider and she does, in fact, have breasts that are noticeable to men. Her neck is long in proportion with her very high cheekbones. Her skin is the color of light honey and it shimmers slightly because of the way she has changed herself.

Her eyes are almond shaped and their color is a dark blue that ironically matches the scales of her dragon. Her hair is golden brown and hangs in waves to the lower part of her back, though normally she keeps it twisted in an intricate braid with flowers. Her arms are muscled but slender. Her legs are relatively long but she can run fast on them.

She normally wears dresses but she is at the point where she does not care if anyone hawks at her, so oftentimes her dresses are see-through. She gives not a care for what others think, only what they acknowledge in her presence.

Personality: She has a habit of thinking she is higher than most because she has a dragon and because she is one of the oldest dragon rides at this time, because of her age before her dragon hatched for her. She enjoys correcting other people's mistakes and bossing people around, but she does not do it in a way that is rude or unkind. She simply states what she sees.

Other than that, she is pretty laid-back. She is almost always calm and she looks before she leaps, as some would say. She has a habit of being jealous and envious. She has clever tricks up her sleeves for manipulating words to get what she wants.

History: When she was younger, she fought in the battles the elves assisted with when Eragon and Saphira were trying to defeat Galbatorix. She stayed with the Varden for some time during the war and then afterwards she took Arya's place as ambassador for a while. She returned years later to Ellesmera to further enhance her abilities, and when her dragon's egg came along and he hatched for her she became a Rider.

She went to train with Eragon and Saphira for almost ten years, and then she came back. Her and her dragon have been peace-keepers for almost 50 years in Alegaesia now.

Talents: She is amazing with a bow and arrow, skilled with a sword, and relatively good with magic. The only talent she lacks is the ability to withstand flying maneuvers. She is much more comfortable on the ground than in the air, much to her dragon's dismay.


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Name: Aethyr (pronounced Ay-thur) (the "Ae" rhymes with "say")

Gender: Male

Bonded or Wild? Bonded

Age: 62 years

Size: This dragon would barely, barely fit inside a football field, and his wings would be stretched out over the top of the stands in a vain attempt to fit himself. His paws would be about two and a half meters long. His eye is about two thirds the size of his Rider's head. His claws are the length of her arm.

Appearance: Aethyr is a large dragon in comparison to most - he is dwarfed only by Saphira and Thorn, because of the years they have over him. His body is built mainly for combat and strength, so his proportions are thicker and more... burly, I guess you could say. His neck is thick, as are his legs and his tail. His spines are also duller at the point and thicker that you might see on other dragons. He has a snout that is on the shorter side.

His scales are a dark, dark midnight blue. His claws and spines are deep black. His scales have a dull shine to them but they do not glimmer much under the light. The fire he breathes is light blue/white. His tongue and his gums are not pink but are, in fact, a more dark purplish shade that makes his whole body seem like it's bathed in shadow, even when he opens his maw. His teeth are pearly white and very long. His wings are huge for his size and have very tick membranes.

One eye is a beautiful golden-brown color, like melted caramel. The other is milky blue and he cannot see out of it. The eye that is blind also has a scar over the eyebrow tissue and below his eye.

Talents: Combat. Both on the ground and in the air he has an array of body strengths that make both ground and airborne fighting a breeze for him. You'd never want to meet him in battle. However, surprisingly, his flying skills are minimal.

Personality: Aethyr is a gentle soul. Despite his size, his appearance and the somewhat indifferent mood he often puts forward, he cares about every living thing he sees. This soft "underbelly" is masked, however, by his general mood. He has a dry sense of humor and a habit to use sarcasm in almost every sentence, which can often be intimidating. But he's really a fun guy to have around, and a great talker.

Bond: Xenali


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Name: Thristan (pronounced TRIH-stuhn)

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 29 years

Role: Traveller/Messenger/For Hire. He goes where he wants but if you want him to deliver a message or item and you pay him enough, he'll make sure it gets where you need it too. He also does any job, for payment. Literally anything you need done... that includes murders, temporary guard, and, yes, if you pay him enough he'll sure as hell take you to bed.

Appearance: Thristan is right in the middle of the height scale - not short but not super tall, either. he stands at about 5'9 with a figure that is neither slender nor bulky, but somewhere in between. He is extremely pleasant to look at, both his face but also with his shirt off... which is probably why he's definitely NOT a virgin. XD He has a bare tan chest, toned stomach muscles and smooth contours of his back. The muscles in his arms are prominent but not at all grossly so.

Ha has a very traceable line to his jaw and cheekbones, buy he has an eternally boyish look about him. His hair is dark brown and falls in short waves to an inch above his shoulders. He is almost always clean-shaven. His eyes are a gentle chocolate brown.

He normally wears tight brown leather leggings, a loose white shirt and a black traveling cloak with a dark red hood.

Personality: Overall, he's a pretty charming person. You'd think that with his way of life he would be more messed up and mean than he is, but he is very social, almost always in a good mood and he quite enjoys talking. He knows all of the ploys to get what he wants and he's very skilled at flattery and manipulating words... or emotions, based on what job he's been called to do. You know what I mean. He makes the ladies' hearts melt... which means nothing to him.

One problem he has, however, is that it is very easy for his emotions to get the better of him. If someone says or does something that offends him, he'll go one of two ways - break down and sulk and sometimes cry, or get angry and get even.

Other: He has a reputation of being very trustworthy, and also very good in bed. XD That's right, guys. I'm roleplaying a prostitute. Oh, and did I forget to mention (view spoiler) Didn't see that one coming, huh?

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Oh snap... A prostitute.

I love your characters, Yum. As usual, they have very, VERY well set perimeters.

And luckily for me, I'm making a guy ;D

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And to think that a year ago... I would have probably unfriended someone for roleplaying a prostitute. You see what high school has done to me?

Why thank you, Saphelle. I always feel the same about yours too. I have a select group of ten or so people that really make good, drawn out characters. You are one of them.

This will be fun. :P

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BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I can imagine that... *evil grin*
High School? I think my friend John Walton has officially pushed me past that boundary of pervertedness.... =.=

....Okay. Fan-smacking-tastic day has been upgraded to fan-FREAKIN-tastic. Booyah.

hehehehehehehe..... I can has trollface? :D

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Yeah... Marching Band ruined me. I'm gone. But I'm enjoying it. XD

And I wasn't even trying. XD Again, I speak the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth.

Haha. XD Youcanhastrollface. :D

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Marching Band? Oooo. What do you play??

pfft. Obviously, you're really good at giving subtle compliments!


>I love how much I'm spamming your topic. Youcanhasdeletebutton?

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I play trumpet!

Why thank you. XD It's easy when you have a valid reason to give them.

Icanhazspaminstead. XD Yums dislikes the delete button.

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That... is awesome. One of my best friends plays Uphonium... and I had no idea what that was XD (not even sure if it's in Marching Band either >.>)

....I can't come up with a level higher than fan-FREAKIN-tastic. Ideas?

Lol... if you say so :D Aria has a lovehate relationship with teh delete button.

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Hehe. Teh euphoniums are, in fact, in marching band. :D

No, unfortunately not. I'm pretty lame with that type of thing.

I have a constant perpetual hate of the delete button. XD

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....can't spell... *gets derped*

Oh well. It's still pretty high up there.

:O Gaspeth. I'm surprised at you, Yum!

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Ehh. You're still good. No one except people in matching band know how to spell euphonium. XD

That it is. 't makes me feel happy.

Yeah... Well... I like documenting things! And I don't like forgetting things/! :D

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Lololololol. I should probably learn how to spell all the instruments, though, since I have sososososooooo many friends in Band...

kukkukukuku. me thinks this was the point.

Well, that's good. I guess. :D

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It doesn't matter that much. XD Just get to the point where you don't get them confused and you're all good.

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Aweshum. Makes sense, too :D

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