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Arwen Gutierrez Alright I remember why I loved this book so much when I was a kid. Actually I don't remember because the vocabulary is advanced and the themes seem so adult. It's hard to think back to being a child and finding the connection I now feel for this book as an adult. The book itself has morphed in time to mean different things for young Arwen versus...older Arwen.

Enough babble! I love all the characters. Meg is so relatable. She is in a family of geniuses, but instead of being put off by this family I feel warmed by the roller coaster of emotions. Charles Wallace somehow works as this special little boy. Madeleine L'Engle always includes small moments that remind you for all his brains Charles Wallace is emotionally still a kid.

For teaching purposes I think it is a wealth for students trying to give their characters personality without directly telling the audience (Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Which do this so well). Not to mention they made the 5th dimension rather understandable.

Andrea Turner As a child, I loved this book because of the idea that just about anything is possible. My love for the concepts of the tesseract actually lead me to some other good books. Particularly "Flatland" http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/94...

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I read the book in fourh grade for a literature group. We were supposed to write down words we didnt know. I ended up writing dowj words so much that I lost enjoyment in the book. The idea was cool, but it wasn't one of my fav books. It was so climactic and when you reached the climax, there wasn't much tuere. Maube if I reread it now, on my own, I'll fond more enjoyment in it.

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