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The Barren Fields aren't a specific place. It's any vacant area, where packs have not yet settled. It's a harsh place for wolves in the Lowlands, and loners fair the worst. There is little to no food in the Barrens, and the only food is weak and sickly looking deer, that have wandered away from their herd. Wolves attack each other without hesitating, and males with pups run to kill other young wolves, so they can father even more.
Loner have the roughest life, and it can be awful.

((Loner RP here))

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Axela | 219 comments Mod
Saelynne stalked a small patch of lichen, her ears twitching uncontrollably. She was so hungry. Where could that vole be? Her nose scented it, her ears heard it... but if she didn't pounce just right, she would lose it. The soft padding she had built up while ranging across the mountains had disappeared almost instantaneously when she entered the Lowlands. She couldn't afford to miss this food, no matter how little it may be.

Her footsteps hushed, her eyes finally caught direct sight of the creature. She flattened herself against the ground, staying still until she was sure it had looked away. She belly-crawled closer, silent and deadly.

A single spring landed her on top of the vole. She quickly killed the pinnned creatre. It was only seconds before the vole reached her snarling belly, which had shrunk so much from lack of food that that had been all it took to fill it.

She licked her teeth. I'm going to need a lot more. She looked back at her protrudig ribs and down at her wasting chest, which had once been curvy and muscular. This is not healthy.

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Kade yawned, which in turn let out a hushed whimper. It was still out, fairly warm, a nice cool breeze ruffling his fur. It was late fall, and the first snow was sure to happen soon.

The silver wolf stretched, lifting himself off the ground from his peaceful nap. He trotted down the small hill he lived on, to the small stream that had wrapped itself around the butte so perfectly.
He bent his head down and lapped up the refreshing water, his yellow eyes still raised cautiously.

Once he was finished, he raised his head and licked a few droplets of water from his muzzle. He narrowed his eyes, noticing a small cluster of elk bleating out loud, further away. That's odd. Most elk have scattered. I've been reduced to living on small minnows and rabbits. He thought over hunting the prey for a single moment, but decided to leave them for the packs.

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Axela | 219 comments Mod
Saelynne's ears, which had continued to twitch from one direction to the other, picked up the sound of a small group of elk not too far away. Excitement lit up her eyes. Talk about eating for a week! She turned toward the sound, waiting for another call to break the air so she could follow it.

Her patience was rewarded. A few degrees west of her heading the call sounded again. She redirected and started forward at a steady, ground-eating trot, the random bleats of elk sounding each time she needed them to to keep her on course. Perfect.

She hadn't noticed it, but each bellow of the elk herd had madde her kick her feet faster, to the point where she was almost running when she started up a hill. She stopped at the top to survey the herd, see if her eyes could pick up any weaklings on the spot. But the elk wasn't all she saw.

A lone grey wolf was standing near a stream at the bottom of the hill, also looking toward the herd. She trotted up behind him, slowly, and when she was withing easy earshot she whined gently, crouching low and tucking her tail in slightly, her ears half-back. She couldn't speak the way normal wolves did: with words. She comes from far away and hasn't been able to learn the language. She hoped her body language would be enough to get the wolf's attention and establish her as below him. That was usually the way to make a friend.

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Kade whipped around, his teeth bared into a snarl. It took him a moment before he realized this wolf was no harm. He face softened, and he dipped his head to her, before turning back to the elk herd.
The she-wolf didn't have the scent of any pack, so it concerned him little about her whereabouts.

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Saelynne rose to a normal standing position, her head and tail still low. She padded beside the male and looked him in the face, making sure to get his attention. She turned a longing look toward the elk, her golden amber eyes sad, before tearing her gaze back to the male. She flicked her ears toward the herd, hesitantly nudging his shoulder with her nose. Will you hunt them with me? She whined sadly. Please?

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Kade almost narrowed his eyes, but realized how thin she was looking. After all, it was his duty to protect loners.
The silver wolf licked her right ear in response. I shall assist you on a single hunt. He growled sternly. No more than that. He didn't wait for her as he began to track the herd, his nostrils flaring as he took in the scent of blood.
Blood. One of them is hurt. He barked briskly towards Saelynne, bobbing his head towards a single elk, who had begun to lag behind.

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Saelynne yipped, following hastily. As the scent of blood met her nose, she seemed to change.

Her eyes, though not changing color, seemed to turn black with the intent to kill. Her walk didn't slow, but become more lithe and almost feline in grace, a silent stalk. Her ears pricked forward with startling intensity, her tail held straight out in balance but also with an edge of authority, one that labeled her a master huntress. She transformed in less than half a second, became a silent, deadly huntress.

Despite her tail's show of authority, she stayed slightly behind the silver male, whom she had decided to call Waryheart*, staying just conscious enough to realize that he was in charge of this hunt and she had to treat him that way.

((* I can change this if you want--Wary because of your snarl, heart because you're kind? If you want me to change what I call you, that's fine. Eventually, when she learns the language, she'll be able to know your real name, but until then, she's giving everyone her own private name.))

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((Lol, that's fine, Axela. Love the creativity! That's really cool how she can't understand "wolf language" and stuff.))

Kade glanced back at the small female, who now looked almost frightening. His yellow eyes stayed the same, as the he was used to having a semi-full stomach.

His left ear swiveled towards Saelynne, making sure she didn't step ahead. Kade's brisk trot slowed down as they closed the vast distance between the elk. His legs clicked at a fast motion, swiftly carrying him to the side of the herd. He strayed closer, making sure to stay covered and downwind.

Kade searched the landscape to pick out the she-wolf, and blinked at her. It's time.
After setting off the signal, he lunged forward, snapping his jaws viciously at the closest elk. It bleated an alarm, lifting it's head up and bucking violently, before dashing clumsily towards the inner circle of the cattle.

Kade followed the herd close behind, but not yet running. His tail and head low, his eyes searching frantically for any weak ones. His nose followed the blood smell, and he spotted a single elk, a few feet from the edge of the herd.

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Axela | 219 comments Mod
((Thanks! I like to have characters that either don't understand the language or don't speak period, only in body language. It helps me to study and remember behavior. Most of what I'll do, I've learned from watching my dogs interact. Plus, it gives me more creative freedom to do whatever I want and say whatever I want, and to come up with names. I'm addicted to making up names. :D))

Saelynne launched forward, a hunting yell different from the vocalizations of the wolves here sending the herd into panic. Her mouth open, her eyes wild, she joined Waryheart at a run, giving him a thank you look out of the corner of her eye before lunging at the elk's side. She hadn't hunted this kind of prey in a while, but she still remembered how to keep herself safe. When she was loping beside the elk, she fell back three paces and snapped at an exposed tendon, hamstringing the creature so it lost the use of its back leg. Another feral yell announced her joy and triumph. She didn't notice whether Waryheart was attacking or chasing still, only that the weak creature was slow and fading fast. She looked for him, seeking Waryheart's approval, noting as she did the many half-healed bite marks around the elk's haunches. Someone tried and failed to take this down... Oh well! An easy meal for us!

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Kade was slowing, now trotting calmly towards the mysterious wolf.
Not hungry himself, and not willing to kill for no reason, he had stopped hunting. He nodded at the she-wolf, sitting down to watch her hunt from a distance. His yellow eyes were focused yet calm, and his head was cocked slightly.

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Axela | 219 comments Mod
Eyes flashing mischieviously, she bounded in front of the stuggling elk and leapt, her jaws closing around tender flesh as the elk thrashed wildly, unable to rear back and kick at Saelynne but trying with all its might as it screamed in pain. She clamped her jaws harder and the wail choked off. No one needs to know I have too much to eat.

She yanked downwards as hard as she could and the elk fell to it's knees, stumbling over itself as it did so. She scrambled out of the way, still holding the throat and twisting it's neck at an odd angle. The elk fell still.

She disentangled herself, raised her head, and howled, long and slow and sweet. When the song drifted to an end her head fell and she ate immediately, tearing at the throat and chest because she was too hungry to bother moving. When the meat there ran out, she was coherent enough to move to the belly of the animal and get at the innards, the best-tasting part. She stopped when she was as full as she thought she could get and looked up, toward the grey dot that was Waryheart. She yipped at him, wagging her tail, hoping he'd come see her accomplishment. She missed the approval of her friends, and desperately needed it.

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Kade yawned, which in turn let out a small whimper. He got up, shaking his pelt thoroughly, and padded towards the wolf. He sniffed the carcass, before backing up a bit. His eyes flashed with amusement as he saw the female's entire muzzle was dyed red by blood and gore.

Honestly, Kade wasn't so used to communicating through traditional wolf gestures. He preferred simply barking commands and comments. Obviously that wouldn't cut it with Her. Maybe Kade would try and teach Her, but he had never had pups of his own, and teaching a full-grown wolf to speak may be hard. A challenge is a challenge. He thought to himself.

Kade glared firmly at the dead animal, his eyes almost burning through it. He then looked at Her. "Elk." He barked firmly. It sounded stupid, as though he was talking to some imbecile. "Dead elk." He said, more firmly. He then bowed to her, as if suggesting that she should repeat.

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Saelynne self-consciously swiped her tongue around her jaws, cleaning the blood from her mouth before clicking her jaws together twice. She cocked her head and tried desperately to mimick Waryheart. "E--lll--k?" she tried, working sound by sound. "Elll--k?" She shook her head, concentrating. "Ellllk?" The sounds were off. The beginning of the word had a strange accent to it, sounding more like 'Ah' than 'Eh,' and the 'l' was half-way rolled like an 'r' because her tongue refused to work with her. But it was close. She lowered her ears. I'm sorry....

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Kade shook his head, as though dismissing her apology. "Elk." He repeated. The male then barked it again, but slower, sounding out all the letters. "Eh-ll-kah." He said the 'k' more pronounced than usual, but it was a process.
Maybe if she simply follows me around she'll pick up on it. He wanted to simply roll around on the ground in frustration. Kade wasn't a very patient wolf, and that was one reason he never tried to find a suitable mate.
He cocked his head, waiting for Her to say the word once more.

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Axela | 219 comments Mod
Saelynne tried her best to piece everything together. Why did Waryheart even want her to make the strange sound? They'd been speaking FINE.

She dismissed that thought and tried again. "Eh-LLL--" She growled. The "L" had rolled again. "Eh-l--k?"

"Elk?" The word still wasn't quite right. When she put the sounds together, the "E" sounded like "Ah" again, but it was understandable. OH! He's teaching me to talk! Then she poked the carcass with her nose. This must be... Oh! It's an elk! She said "Elk" in her funny little accent again, and batted an unopened part of the carcas with her paw.

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Kade smiled, his large canines flashing. He nodded, batting at the lifeless creature. "Elk." He confirmed.

He glanced over to the Butte he lived on, then glanced over at Her. He nudged Her lightly, before straining his head towards his home. Come, let me show you where I live.

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Saelynne smiled, ecstatic. She loved learning new things. She nodded enthusiastically when he offered to show her his home in the universal language he understood. She followed after him, proud of herself. Her emotions were a little erratic today... must hae been from lack of sleep, but she didn't care. She was so glad someone was finally caring and kind with her, none of it mattered. You need to rest... the familiar voice of her Honor instructed. She pushed it away and ignored it, showing no sign of distraction, just obediently following Waryheart.

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Kade loped up the hill, trekking for only a few moments, before arriving at his den. It was simply made out of a large rock, with a hole dug underneath it. It was fairly large, as Kade supposed it must have been a mother wolf's den for her pups.
He sat outside it, happy to show show someone his living space. He never really saw anyone, and simply let loners spend the night or two.
Kade inclined his head, nuzzling underneath her chin. You can stay here and rest. You look tired.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) | 390 comments Sky padded into the new forest silently, carefully.

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Hunger. It roiled and writhed uncomfortably in Kestrel's belly, a feeling that was not unfamiliar to him. Since coming here after tearing Vana and Vareth's throats out two years ago, there had perhaps been one or two weeks at a time where he wasn't hungry. Most of those periods were spent gorging on meat from the uncommonly successful kill of an elk. Kestrel's body was meant to withstand this hunger, and he could easily digest the rotting, dirt covered flesh. It didn't mean he had to like it, though.

The male was constantly scouting for something to eat. Although his pride was too large for him to ever admit it, being in a pack sounded good at the moment. Pack meant more of a chance to actually eat, and more of a chance to survive.

But he'd rather starve to death than ever bend to the authority that alphas withheld.

At present, Kestrel had his belly pressed to the ground, motionless, his ivory frame concealed by thick underbrush at the border of the loner's fields. His auburn eyes were caught on the still, plump form of a rabbit. Its beady eyes constantly flickered and its too tall, too large ears twitched, just as its small nose. Rabbits were not something Kes usually went after. A chase wasn't really something wolves were meant to make their hunting style, despite their stamina and endurance. Kestrel just didn't have the patience to go after a lightning-fast, pesky little creature like a rabbit.

But it was all he had at the moment. Choosing the exact time when its guard was somewhat low, when it was chewing on a tall stalk of dry, wheaten grass, Kestrel moved. He leapt to his paws. His limber legs cast forward and his lips twisted into an instinctive snarl, a growl rumbling in his throat as he lunged towards it. Thus ensued a narrow chase cutting through the fields of the lowlands. He stretched himself into a fluid run, breath coming in short pants, heart throbbing with the thrill. Kes focused only on his prey, on its bouncing form. Occasionally, he would jump forward, aiming to catch it within his jaws, but to no avail.

And then, it slowed. He didn't know why, because they didn't usually slow. Prey would be fueled by instinct and that instinct was to run and keep running. They never stopped, not until they knew the predator was gone. But the rabbit's attention wavered for the slightest second and there was a falter in its hop, and that was when Kes made a final, valiant leap forward, jaws agape and saliva shining along the pale yellowed canines extending from his gums. A choking yell-cough of victory erupted from him as he rolled against it, closed his teeth against its neck. The blood spurted from its jugular into his mouth and stained his tongue, matted the white fur around his mouth with thick crimson.

It was unsatisfying, but seeing as he was absolutely famished, Kes couldn't help but let the slightest of smiles come to his face as he chewed into its skin and spat out its bones, leaving them for the scavengers that would follow.

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 280 comments In a dark hole in a rock formation, Sultan slept kindheartedly in his den. Tired from a chase after a rabbit the day before he- oh crap I woke him up. Well, Sultan lifted his head, scanning his den. Little different from any other morning. He stretched, yawned, and walked outside. In this calm little clearing, his old carcus was eaten and rotten. "Crap." He looked back up, and headed out on a path that would take him to a field, away from this little oasis.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) | 390 comments Sky padded through the dark forest, her eyes twitching from side to side. Her belly rumbled, and her tail swished in slight irritation. What she wouldn't give to have Storm here with her now.

Sky could still remember that day, the day she knew she was doomed to be alone forevermore.

Storm gave her a gentle look, his yellow eyes bright. She had finally broken, given herself to him that night. She could not deny her feelings any longer- she loved him with all her soul. This feeling was new to her, and it frightened her, and therefore it had taken a while to recognize it. She had been so scared, but Storm had been gentle with her, his heart pouring from his eyes and from his touches and it colored his scent.

Sky glanced around their little den. It was hot with their heady scent, and it made her head spin. At first she tried to stifle it by burying her nose in Storm's dark gray speckled fur, and he nuzzled her softly, his nose wet. Still unable to relax, Sky got to her paws and padded out of the den, Storm on her tail. She turned to face him once she was outside. "thank you" she wuffed softly.
"my pleasure" came the soft reply.

Suddenly Storm tensed, sniffing the air. "somethings wrong" he growled softly. Hurt for a moment, Sky blinked at him. Then she realized what he meant- the forest was silent. The birds had stopped singing; the only sound was the slight breeze in the tall grasses. That meant danger was near. Sky looked at Storm, her mismatched eyes wide with fear. Storm stood tall, his haunches taut with a suppressed need to run. Sky crouched low, her ears turning this way and that to catch any sounds. Her scar began to pound.

"Hunters" Storm murmured, bearing his sharp teeth. "Sky, run."

"Storm! No! I can't leave you!" Sky whimpered. "I need you."

There were loud noises in the trees, the cracking of fallen branches under a hunters boots. Men called softly to each other, but Sky's attention was on Storm, the love of her life, her savior and her guide.

"Go" Storm barked. "I'll catch up with you later, I promise!"

Sky backed away from him, whimpering softly. "you... you promise?"

"I promise" Storm whispered in return.

Sky gave him a last lingering look. "I love you" she said, though it should have been unnecessarily.

Storm's eyes softened. "I love you too, Sky. Never forget."

Sky turned away and dashed the opposite way of the hunter's sounds, disappearing silently into the trees.

She ran for only a couple minutes when a gun-shot rang through the silence. She did not stop. She had known in her heart, it was too good to last.

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 280 comments Sultan wandered into the open from his small patch of trees. He thought he heard somthing peciliuar in the distance, but he wasnt about to freak again. Last time, he almsot ran a quarter mile, and nearly died in fight when he had found he tresspassed into cyote territory, only to find the noise was simply a fox. He just ignored it this time, and began picking scents to follow.

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Axela | 219 comments Mod
Silverstream/Rainbow Dash (20% Cooler) wrote: "Kade loped up the hill, trekking for only a few moments, before arriving at his den. It was simply made out of a large rock, with a hole dug underneath it. It was fairly large, as Kade supposed it ..."

Saelynne smiled a wolfy smile and hesitantly but thankfully retreated into the den. She curled up into a little ball inside it, feeling the bowled earth conform comfortably to her body. She laid her head down and closed her eyes happily. It's wonderful. She opened her eyes and swung her head around to look back at Waryheart. Thank you.

Without waiting for an answer, she curled closer to herself, sure to leave room for Waryheart if he wanted, and slipped into oblivion.

Hunger... pain... I writhe against myself, my starved belly protesting every movement I make with a sharp pain. I whine. This can't be right. This can't be normal. I need. Food. The very mention sets my teeth on edge with renewed daggers twisting into me. I don't think I can do this. I have to stand up to hunt, I have to hunt to eat... I clamp my jaw shut and pull my legs beneath me, huffing appreciatively when my stomach doesn't pang me. I pull myself together and leap up.

Or I try to. My muscles are gone. They don't work well. I rise slowly, straining to even lift my weight, which really isn't much. I feel my skin hang loosely off of my body, my flesh pads from full summer days vanished. My body is hunched, still curled close around my receeded stomach, my ribs terribly sharp against my skin. This is horrible...

I walk forward, slowly but surely, getting used to the new effort it takes to move. When I have my balance, I feel my mind switch over, from Saelynne to Huntress. Only wone word forms in my mind: Hunt.

The new me is formidable. I trot swiftly, and my new mind snarls aloud at the emaciated figure that it wears. It keeps me moving and scenting until it finds something that it can hunt without too much trouble. Vole. The hunt is a dark blur, but seeing as I am suddenly conscious of a solid ball of meat in my belly, it must have been successful.

Pleased with itself, the Huntress mind continues, looking for a different scent. It finds fallow deer aplenty, and I think this nightmare might just become a dream again. I eagerly join the Huntress for Her Hunt.

I become bored as she is tracking the game and start to daydream about the deer until I feel her focus shift from scent to eyesight. I give her my full suport as she silently pushes my body forward, our mouths watering in anticipation.

She lunges forward, jaws agape, and the deer scatter wildly, one running straight toward us in blind panic. We crouch and prepare to take off at its throat, but it leaps over us before we can react we settle for a doe that seems to be partially lame and bolt after her.

Soon she is not the only one that's lame. In our scrambling we slip and bruise our side. No matter.

We chase her for a long time, our muscles screaming in protest at the abuse. She powers us through it--

PAIN! Our leg! Our leg is caught! We scrabble wildly with our footing, and feel sickening tears and snaps reverberate at our ankle. No! No! Not now! This will kill us...!

Saelynne awoke with a gasp, her paws cold and her breaths uneven. She gently twitched each of her paws to make sure that the ankle wasn't really broken, and lied back down when she was sure she wasn't broken. She shuddered. What a terrible dream.

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Kade had easily fallen asleep beside her, though the den was now very cozy, almost too so. He immediately rose to his feet, comically slamming his head on the roof of the den when Saelynne had awoke with a jolt. He whined, sniffing her to make sure she was alright.
He was about to glare at her for waking him, but thought otherwise, as it might had scared her off.
He settled back down to his original sleeping position, his muzzle poking out of the den slightly, allowing fresh air to gently ruffle his fur.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) | 390 comments ((yay, everyone doing long stories now!))

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 280 comments (execpt me-.... I feel pitifull)

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((Don't worry, Wardog, I have yet to do a memoir. *weeps silently*))

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 280 comments (I feel a bit happier, watching people with guns get swat at by store clerks with bats and tireirons... I love it when bad guys get owned)

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[[Kes hasn't either. And I'm not sure what to do with him at the moment xD]]

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) | 390 comments ((I liked that :D I had fun))

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[[Written out a story of the past...]]

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 280 comments (Ill just post randomly again)

Now after a distant, distant elk, Sultan knew his catch was a good travel away. Maybe a day or two. But it would give him somthing to do.

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Axela | 219 comments Mod
Saelynne shuffled sadly. Sorry... She felt bad for waking him up and making him crack his head on the rock above them. She tried to go back to a quiet sleep, but images of herself starving were very difficult to rid her mind of. She didn't toss or turn, though, because she didn't want to disturb Waryheart anymore. She flattened her ears and tried to think of nothing.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) | 390 comments Sky trotted through the dark forest, searching for any sign of prey.

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Axela | 219 comments Mod
((Hima: Do you want Kestrel to find the elk 'I' killed not long ago? I think I want Saelynne to give up trying to sleep and it would be interesting if the two met.))

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[[Sure :)]]

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 280 comments (Hey, is this one of those RPs where only wolves talk, or any animal talks, or all/certain animals speak but some have slpurred voices, or only animals of dog decent can speak?)

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) | 390 comments ((only wolves))

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 280 comments (meh, no one ever likes foxes er dogs, er none like that. meh is all I have to say)

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 280 comments (I like foxes...)

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) | 390 comments ((do you really want to hear your prey/enemies talk?))

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 280 comments (foxes arent prey... foxes are friends. But yes)

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) | 390 comments ((lol foxes aren't friends of wolves))

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 280 comments (There my friends. I think. I know a cat talks to me in my dreams...)

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Axela | 219 comments Mod
((Yeah, really? Wolves chase down and kill foxes. Wait... or is that coyotes? Meh, I say they kill foxes. Scavengers in general.))

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Kade quietly fell back asleep, his dreams taking him to a different place. He too began to suffer from a night terror, but much more mild. His paws twitched, as if he was running in mid-dream.

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[[coyotes and wolves usually don't get along at all. wolves chase coyotes. I'd assume it's the same for foxes. and I've got to go for a little while, I'll be back later to post! later <3]]

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 280 comments (Welllll, sonce Im in your world, your word goes, but in MYT mind, I reject your logic and substitue my own!)

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