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MollyRena start

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Los Dr. Sr. Prof. Mr. Carl Esq. the Third sat at the front at his table with his feet swung on top of the table in front of him. He looked curiously at the door as students walked in. Observing them, he thought of how they would make wonderful paintings, each one, a different picture in real life. Seeing the curve of his sharp nose or the swish of the girl's blue hair brought him much enjoyment, for it was like he was the only one who looked at people in this perspective, taking in their whole picture rather then just their outline.

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MollyRena Zora walked in and found her seat

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julia (juliaskim) Maysee walks in and tries looking for her seat. She finds it next to some girl name Zora. Maysee turns to her and smiles. "Hi! :D"

message 5: by MollyRena (new)

MollyRena " hey" zora smiled

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julia (juliaskim) Maysee takes out her art supplies and turns to Zora. "Do you like art?"

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MollyRena "yeah." zora smiled and got her stuff out

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julia (juliaskim) "I do too! What kind of art?"

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"Okay, class, welcome to art! We will be learning much this year and not only about art, but about how to find your inner soul. Any questions before we start?" Mr.etc...Carl... asked.

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julia (juliaskim) Maysee raised her hand. "What kind of art are we going to do?"

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"First, since none of us know each other yet, we will start off with the art of the names. Do you all know what your names mean?" Mr...Carl.. asked the class with a smile.

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julia (juliaskim) "Well...I'll start. I'm Maysee. My name was origianaly Massie, but my mom changed it. I don't know what it means

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MollyRena Zora smiled

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julia (juliaskim) Maysee laughed to herself and looked at Zora. "Your turn!" She chirped

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MollyRena "I'm zora! I used to play zelda alot so my brother calls me Zelda."

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julia (juliaskim) Maysee laughed a little and smiled

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MollyRena Zora shrugged

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"Ok, class, may I have your attention? Our first project will cover the art of seeing. See this white egg? I want you all to paint it without using the color white."

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julia (juliaskim) Maysee frowned but began to color

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MollyRena zora nodded

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He walked aroud, observing and smiling, while looking at the students' confused faces. He knew that they would eventually see the shades of the rainbow embraced into the egg and showing the ribbons of shadow hidden at the edge of the table. They will eventually see.

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MollyRena zora begain thinking she picked up her brush

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julia (juliaskim) Maysee thought for a minute and looked closely at the egg. Her face suddenly cleared and she began.

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