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Casino Royale (James Bond, #1)
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John Jr. (john_r_phythyon_jr) | 9 comments Hey, all. I'm new to Goodreads and am a huge fan of James Bond fiction. So I'm curious to know what your favorite James Bond adventures are.

For me, CASINO ROYALE is my all-time favorite. The book introduces the character perfectly and really sets the tone for how Fleming is going to write his stories. Couldn't put it down.

Among the John Gardner books, DEATH IS FOREVER is my favorite. This probably has to do with when I read it, but I really dug on the end-of-the-Cold-War storyline Gardner put together.

I liked the Bentson books, but none of them stood out as much.

So what's your favorite? Which Bond yarn do you not want to put down and keep going back to?


Marina Fontaine (marina_fontaine) | 70 comments Hmmm, hard for me to pick because at some point I was reading them one after another. Casino Royale was a great introduction, but the excess introspection as to whether "it's all worth it" threw me off. Even in Daniel Craig's re-incarnation, this was a very different character. Plus the last sentence was just COLD, that's all I will say. I enjoyed Dr. No because of a different woman character, and how Bind was extra gentle with her, refusing to take advantage- it really made me see the Bond personality differently. Plus it's such a cliche how the villain never just tries to shoot Bond, it's always something special that inevitably fails, but in Dr. No there was an actual character-driven reason for it, so that was refreshing. For pure fun, though, my favorite is Moonraker. Why the movie didn't use the book's plot is beyond me- it was just awesome all around.

John Jr. (john_r_phythyon_jr) | 9 comments Agreed on MOONRAKER. I loved the book. I thought it was awesome that M was using Bond to find out if Drax was cheating at the club, because it would have been unthinkable to accuse him. Ah, it was a different world then. . . .

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