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Braden (dcboy) | 45 comments Mod

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Mary | 20 comments anna sits in the middle staircase and crys

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jade (juliaskim) Torri walks in and sees anna crying. "Aren't you the girl who's mom..." She stops and sighs. She sits down next to Anna. "It happened to me too... in my 3rd year."

message 4: by Mary (new)

Mary | 20 comments " my father dosnet wnat me comming home " anna says looking at her

message 5: by jade (new)

jade (juliaskim) Torri sighs sadly. "Yeah... after my mom died, and I came home for the summer, the house was completly empty. It turns out that he... only married my mum for her witches powers. Nothing else." She looked at her sadly. "I'm really sorry about your mom... and your dad..."

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Mary | 20 comments " oh well i'll live and my dad will regert it beacuse i was the only one who kept the darkness away" ann says

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jade (juliaskim) Torri sighed and tentatively said... "What if he... doesn't let you in?"

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Mary | 20 comments " then they'll get him" anna says. " mum supported em and dad didnt im neutra so the left him alone" anna says

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jade (juliaskim) Torri nods.

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