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rosebee (rose33) Larissa May Brownski. You are confined to quarter 4, please remain here till further notice.

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((kk, can you call me now?))

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((can the scientist call me now?))

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((kk! sorry...... ill see you there!))

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((i posted! heheheh))

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rosebee (rose33) ((Can you delete all your comments on this topic right here? lol, it might be kinda hard to find the RP when your charrie gets here:P ))

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rosebee (rose33) Alexis led Larissa through many hallways, not stopping until the came to the pale white door labeled with a silver 4. "Here you are" she said, swiping her name tag through the electrical key. The door swung open, showing a large living space with fluffy furniture and a large t.v.

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