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♥Glitter in the Air♥    (dontforgettostayawesome) | 230 comments So, what do you want to Role-play about?

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Rose(: | 10 comments um..what are you ok with?

♥Glitter in the Air♥    (dontforgettostayawesome) | 230 comments Pretty much anything :)

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Rose(: | 10 comments ok lol :) high school?

♥Glitter in the Air♥    (dontforgettostayawesome) | 230 comments Sure, sure do you want to be the guy or girl? If you want we can do one of each as well.

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Rose(: | 10 comments can i be the girl plz? im not to good at guys

♥Glitter in the Air♥    (dontforgettostayawesome) | 230 comments Yup that's fine, I am pretty good at guys. So I well get started on my character...it might take me a while though I can be pretty descriptive. >.<

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Rose(: | 10 comments lol thats ok

♥Glitter in the Air♥    (dontforgettostayawesome) | 230 comments Name: Mathew (Matt or Matty to a few close friends) Olsen
Age: 17
Personality: Matt likes to keep to himself, he doesn’t really talk to others and isn’t a loud or social person unless he really gets to know you and then he is completely opposite he is loud, funny, witty and open. He is observant and cautious, and not someone that likes to do stupid risky things. He is a loyal friend and will be there at your shoulder tell the very end. He doesn’t care what people think of him or what he says to people he doesn’t care about. Matt is always honest if you are his friend or not, he believes the truth is the best and well ultimately set you free. He has this weird obsession with ice cream and is mostly friends with girls, only because he isn’t all ‘grr I’m a man and like to eat meat.” He just seems to get along with girls better, though much too popular belief he is not gay. He is very protective of those he cares about, as few people as that is. He did get picked on through eighth grade and the only reason it didn’t continue is because he took boxing over the summer and learned how to fight. He doesn’t like fighting but he definitely knows what he is doing when it comes to kicking someone butt. Overall he is happy and friendly as long as you are; he is popular in school and always finds a way to cheer you up.
Appearance: He stands at five foot ten inches and is one hundred and forty pounds. Matt a good amount of muscle you just can’t see under his loose clothing. He has natural dark brown hair and hazel eyes that change color from day to day but are usually a light green. He had snake bights but recently decided to take them out, they were as he put it “too emo and depressing for me.” He is quite pale but it just seems to work with his ‘style’ whatever it may be. He has a sweet smile that has made a lot of girls fall head over heels for him. He used to wear glasses and have braces, now though he has contacts and straight teeth. He has fairly nice skin and wants a tattoo but can’t quite decide what he should get.

Pictures: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_92whmPHh97E... http://www.blogcdn.com/www.popeater.c... http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3398/3... http://www.campuscircle.com/Music/ima... http://thereadysetonline.com/wp-conte...
History: Matt’s parent’s died in a plane crash on their way back from their 10th anniversary vacation to Hawaii when he was only seven; he now lives with his 79 year old Grandma named Hazel. Her husband died before Matt was born so she is all he really has. He is an only child and tries to block out any memories of his childhood. He and his grandma recently moved to a new town, because of some health problems Hazel has been having. He isn’t looking forward to starting a new school since it took him years to make the friends he use to have, well it took years for him to find out who his real friends are and he is pretty upset about leaving them behind.
Other: He doesn’t have a car but is saving up for one, thankfully though they only live a couple blocks from his high school so he can walk their every day.

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Rose(: | 10 comments oh my goodness lol thats A LOT!

♥Glitter in the Air♥    (dontforgettostayawesome) | 230 comments :) lol I told ya!!!!!!

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Rose(: | 10 comments lol :) is it ok if mine arent that detailed?

♥Glitter in the Air♥    (dontforgettostayawesome) | 230 comments Yes, of course!!! =)

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Rose(: | 10 comments lol ok.

Name: Macy Jackson
Personality:Nice, but can get mean if you mess with her.
Appearance:(ill find a pic soon)
History:Her mom died when she was 8, her dad is barely ever home so she's used to being by herself.
Other:She's shy and keeps to herself most of the time.

♥Glitter in the Air♥    (dontforgettostayawesome) | 230 comments Yay!! So do you want to start? Or should I? :D

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Rose(: | 10 comments u can :D

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♥Glitter in the Air♥    (dontforgettostayawesome) | 230 comments Mathew ran a hand through his hair as he walked down the sidewalk, trying not to think about how this was a new school and how he probably wouldn't get along with anyone here. He tried not to think about the popular kids that would surely tease him, the boys that would hit on him because they thought he 'played for their team'. The girls that would laugh at him, or the girl he would surely get a crush on but she would think he was gay and never know. He didn't want to think about having to find his locker, his classes, friends, a place to sit at lunch, none of that was a subject he wanted to concentrate on right now. So instead he counted the cracks in the side walked, all the way to school there was exactly 449. He looked up at his school and once more sighed, this was it. Crack number 450 and then he would walk into hell.

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Carley Rose ...........

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