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Hmm do you like romance, or more toned down stuff? And do you like realistic or paranormal?

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Yyeah same. Do you rp guys, or just girls? :)

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Haha sorry XD ill do one

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The girl if thats alright

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Haha ok. As for genre..hmmm. How about hmmm a cruise one? Or a kidnapped one? Im not alk that creative this morning XD

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Sorry! It didnt show your posts till now! Thats so weird! Im ok with kiidnappedcon teachr/student. If its the kidnapping one, id prefer being the one kidnapped and if its the teacher/student one id id like to be the student. Is there one you prefer? And if you haveca role you want, just tell me, i mean, i want this to be fun for you too :)

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So iis it kidnapping or teacher l-student?

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Yep, onesecond

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Name: Leah
Gender: female
Age: 16
Other: so she is pretty, but in a more unique and exotic way. She's not like the knockout though. Hmmm her personality is to be rped and she is single and is fine with being single but isnt closed off to have a boyfriend

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Yeah, sure she can be the new girl. Here we go!
Leah had her hands in her pockets, her only item was a crinkled up schedule for her new classes. Everyone seemed to already have a group of friends. It was back to being a loner, which was just fine with her. Past relationships with friends ended bitterly before she moved

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She scanned the paper. Leah officially hated mondays. Biology was her first class and she stalked off to the class
((Ok as you can tell shes not too cheerful. She is mad about moving still XD))

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Barely on time, but still makin it, she entered the classroom and looked around cautiously. The teacher instructed her to sit next to a boy, apparently named william. But of couse, the teacher had to insist on her introducing herself to the class. "Hi everyone, im new from oregon. My names leah" she waved nnchalantly and too her seat

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((The rp or you? You seem familiar cuz i reped that a girl that loved oregon too XD but with the rp, i got nothing XD and yp, i live in oregon, its pretty cool :) ))

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Leah didnt really notice, she wasnt the type of girl that was boycrazy and thought ofhow hot someone was right away. She used to go to a private all girl school anyway.

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((Lol, alright, im with you on that hating mother nature. And it does ring a bell, our rp does. Yeah and in oregon, i like it too, the people are really nice and i love the oregon coast!))

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"Hi" she said glancing at him, but just turning to pay attention teacher. She had a lot of learning to catch up with anyway. He seemed cool and all, but leah didnt see that as a point to fuss about

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((Yeah, it does! Lol and it wasnt even intentional XD))
"Yup, the one and only. And your will, the guy im assigned to sit next to. See im learning already"

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"Yeah, something around that" she smiled. Leah thought she was just talking to a normal kid. There was no reason to think he was a kidnapper, she wasnt that paranoid

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((Ok but it has to seem genuine cuz leah wont fall in love if she thinks the guy is mean. So it just has to seem like hes nice and normal XD Drama!))
Leah took notes and went to her next class, thinking of no danger from Will.
((Should we ff a month or something cuz leah wouldnt fall in love in a day XD))

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((How about just starting being bf and gf, like its been two days since it was official?))

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Leah had zero, and i meanzero clue Will would ever plan to kidnap her. They hadnt gotten to seriousness above kissing yet, and he just seemed like a nice guy. She smiled at him "you know, it weird how your the first person i talked to at this school and we ended up together"

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((Brb, lunch))

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Leah felt on top of the world, or getting used to itat least. Will was a popular guy, no one would have guessed she'd end up with him at her old school. It was redemption in a way, of her actually finding a nice guy, a boyfriend. But will wasnt a trophy to her, she actually loved him genuinely.

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She hugged back, glad to be in his strong arms. awww i fell. Im in love. This cant be good..or at least i used to think love was bad. But this feels too good to be badm right? she thought to herself. It was sad how totally clueless she was in a way

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"Biologu time, at least i get to sit next to you" she smiled

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((Sounds good, in the drama since! Ok! This is gonna get interesting and by that i mean even more interesting XD))
Leah nodded andd whispered confidently "ill be there"

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"Yeah, ready" she smilled with a slight swing her step. "Lets go" leah said taking his hand

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Leah leaned into too to kiss him. The place was so..peaceful, and romanticm. Like you could forget the world. "Me too" she whispered

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Leah kissed with plenty of passionn, the kind that you hold back till you find someone you love. She just let go, and felt herself drift awayvinto the world where she and will only existed

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She thought for about five seconds ans said "yes"

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She smiled, she was SO blinded by love, she had sort of lost her moody sarcastic quality...for now. "Nice house" she said

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((Lol ;) ))
"Im not too hungry.." she trailed off

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"Nah, how about i check nout your room?" She said slyly

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((I may disappear soon))
She looked around. He had a nice bed..."cool" she said "its big"

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((I hope i can, but it might be sudden, sorry!))
"Yes" she said/moaned rapping her arms around him

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She felt pleasure race through her and she didnt fight him, slipping his shirt off

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She didnt think oof danger, it never crossed her mind. Leah but her hands on his highly worked out body

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((Haha yeah, we could skip to the part where they are "doing it", or about to and then he does the whole kidnap thing))

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((On a clif hanger too! Bye!))
Leah didnt have time to scream only rising suspecion and she was out, the drugs taking over..
((And then we skip again to when she wakes up probably! C ya tomarrow!))

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Leah felt like all she could see was white everywhere, like she was groggy and no where near waking up, much less able to complete a complete thought.
((So maybe since william is in reality somewhat nice, the dad takes advantage of leah? Well, or he could cuz her dad makes him))

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((Thats i meant it just came out the wrong way XD i wouldnt either, besides, william wouldnt go that far :)))
Leah was out big time, dead tierd.

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"((Yeah that defenately came out wrong, i dont like rping that far.. ))
There was a slight moan from her mouth but otherwise not much stirring

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((Im good, you can, as long as you dont mind :) ))
Leah yawned slightly

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Starting to rise from her sleep

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((Sorry, im gonna end up being gone during the week))
"Where..where am i!?" She looked around dizzily, still a bit groggy

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Lalala still here if you get on anytime soon :)

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Im gonna be gone fivedays, starting tomarrow. I hope you are on before i leave! :)

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