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Bill Mantlo

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Seems like I'm forever reading about comic book writers/artists who end up in godawful situations:

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"CIGNA, by all accounts, did not act abberantly or in contradiction with its own procedures. It abided by the contractual obligations of Bill’s policy language, even if it did appear to pursue its claims management aggressively. Everything Bill Mantlo went through, from his acute care through his various rehabilitations, reflect the inner workings of a healthcare delivery system that functioned according to its design. This is not a case of the system breaking down, Mike believes. It is a case of a system designed to deliver results not all feel are just."

a true heartcrusher. W/o the comix hook, I'd never have made it through a long article about a guy's serpentine trail through longterm healthcare, but I'm glad I did; it put the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act in perspective. Not immediately apparent to me what the writer's political slant is, but he was surprisingly thorough in covering a lot of different angles on Mantlo's story. Really enjoyed the Micronauts comix as a kid -- even in a field full of less-than-happy endings, it's hard to imagine a sadder turn of events.


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