Sapphique (Incarceron, #2) Sapphique question

Were you disappointed with the point that nobody 'ended up together' in Sapphique? Which pair do you support and why?
TinaBee TinaBee Nov 13, 2011 03:02AM
Pairs vary: Finn/Claudia, Finn/Attia, Claudia/Jared, Claudia/Keiro, Keiro/Attia :)

I wish there had been more a Finn/Keiro dynamic in the second book. I absolutely love sibling relationships and think YA novels focus too much on romance and not enough on friendship. I’m glad this book didn’t have any match ups, IMO

deleted member Mar 04, 2012 04:37PM   1 vote
I actually wanted Attia and Keiro to get together.

Rogue Salvatore I love Attia, and I was a little disappointed when she didn't end up with Keiro. Normally, I'm good at predicting couples, but I guess I was wrong thi ...more
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I was soooooo glad that the Author didn't do any match-ups. I loved Attia, and I loved her even more when it was confirmed that there would be no silly romances between her and any of the boys - Keiro especially.

Claudia should go somewhere and die and leave Finn to whoever will take him. (And Keiro should fight Finn for Attia.)

Fia-Sophia (last edited Dec 15, 2012 08:02AM ) Dec 15, 2012 08:01AM   0 votes
i couldn't have cared less whether people got together or not, it didn't really seem like that kind of book. but i do think that claudia and finn eventually got married, because i think he was giles before he was in incarceron. attia and keiro may have been a good match, but in the book they seemed to have that whole "god, you are so annoying" brother-sister relationship, but who knows. i also think attia liked finn.

But at the end didn't it somehow say that Claudia was going to marry Finn? So maybe they kind of 'ended up together'. I think... Anyway, I was always the kind of reader who liked cliches, and I really hoped that Finn and Claudia would end up married in the end. As for Attia and Keiro, they would probably be a good match...

attia and finn

Okay, I was starting to think I was the only one who thought that. It was kinda interesting that the author didn't do match-up, but i secretly wanted people to get together. Finn and Claudia; you could see their relationship some what grow at the end (friends). I do believe the author did hint for Keiro and Attia, but they are great as solos. I wish Jared got a love in the end. And do not say it was Claudia because he was a friend and father to her NOT anything else.

It did end pretty "open" but I liked that... and I thought it was cool that none of them ended up together. Wasn't that sort of book... imo

Samantha The Escapist (last edited Jun 06, 2012 06:35AM ) Jun 06, 2012 06:32AM   0 votes
I was glad, as a fan of young adult fiction I'm cursed to read these novels and shallowly wish for an eye-rolling romance like bumping my barbie and ken dolls together saying they kissed.

What I like is when a novel forces me to grow up and realize what I REALLY want is something that makes sense and the real answer here is that people in books like this are just too busy for romance to blossom. It's a construct of the movie and fantasy world that we've all gotten so accustomed to that it seems idyllic.

Hell when I get a new job or hobby I find it hard to see my friends, imagine running for your life all the time and constantly worrying that something will round a corner and attack you. No one gets so impassioned that survival instincts are forgotten.

But...I liked how the relationship between Finn and Claudia developed organically, neither tried to actually woo the other but they both seemed pretty fond of the idea of getting married. They liked each other. With Keiro and Attia there was a great deal of tension and I think the implication is that in this new world they probably will be together but in the situation as it was before there was no way, they were on opposite sides about what to do with the glove even if they were partners, I can't imagine Attia being able to put aside such a severe disagreement. Now that it's behind them I imagine they'll give it a shot though.

I think that Attia and Keiro go together, and I think the author sort of hinted that they would even though it's not in the book.

As for Finn and Claudia - I really don't think they go together lol :D

C Sep 28, 2012 05:48PM   0 votes
Personally, I prefer Attia/Finn. Haven't read all of Sapphique yet, though, just Incarceron. I tend to get emotionally involved, so if I end up hating a character, I give up if it seems like they're getting their way.

Claudia and Finn, I felt like in "Sapphique" there was development in their relationship to the point where Finn admits that he needs her to believe him to believe in himself and you realise that Claudia cares about Finn. I also liked that in the end Finn admits to preferring Claudia rather than Keiro, whom he thought he needed throughout the entire series. I don't have problems with any other ships and this is just my personal view on what I preferred. By the by, Do Finn and Claudia get married?

Emma I expect they would.
Jan 10, 2015 12:32AM · flag

i wanted Finn and Claudia to be together i am so disappointed i love books with romance i can't say i loved this book

Attia and Keiro together would be incredible.
I mean I kind of hate Finn.

YES I was waiting for a relationship and I just got nothing! A little disappointing.

I don't think there is any way in hell Keiro would end up with either Claudia or Attia, nooooooo.

I'm glad there was no romance. Like, finally! It's about time a book series didn't center around that! These books were perfect, they certainly didn't need any romance.

Although I'll admit... I would ship Finn/Attia. Claudia, as it turns out, was only thinking of herself.

i was upset with all the loose ends... they're should have been something!!! i was expecting attia and keiro to get together...

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