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Faces at the Bottom of the Well: The Permanence of Racism
This topic is about Faces at the Bottom of the Well
SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Scifi - Aliens come to US for Black Americans [s]

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message 1: by B. (new)

B. (booksnobwannabe) | 3 comments Awhile back I read an article about a scifi book where aliens come to the US and I do not know how the decision came about, but I think they wanted to take either all minorities or black Americans to their planet. This cause major problems because I think if the aliens did not get their way, they were going to destroy the earth. So there was a big debate on what to do.

I am pretty sure it went something like that.

Nevertheless it peaked my curiosity and I thought I wrote the title and author down somewhere (it was pre-Goodreads) and it has been misplaced.

I have been looking for this book for a couple of years now and has not had any success. I hope that someone can assist me.

I know the plot seems weird, but I am pretty sure that its a real book. LOL

message 2: by Rebecca (last edited Nov 13, 2011 06:59AM) (new)

Rebecca (liralin) | 197 comments Sounds like the shorty story "The Space Traders" by Derrick Bell.

message 3: by B. (new)

B. (booksnobwannabe) | 3 comments Thanks!! It was that exactly!!

message 4: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (liralin) | 197 comments You're very welcome!

message 5: by Kate (new)

Kate Farrell | 4072 comments Mod
Here is a link to the entire short story:

The short story is included in Faces At The Bottom Of The Well: The Permanence Of Racism by Derrick A. Bell.

It was also made into a movie -- I think on HBO.

message 6: by B. (new)

B. (booksnobwannabe) | 3 comments Thanks Kate! I eventually found it and even saw the HBO movie on Youtube.

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