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Puzo had followed the mafia and the gangs and their leader is the Godfather

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Elie The book that i read is very interesting and fantastic, it makes you excited and it lets you read more and more to find out what is happening

Susan I read this book a long time ago. Right after the movie came out. Loved the book...loved the movie!!!

Feliks I don't think that's exactly true. He grew up in Hell's Kitchen sure--but as an adult he worked as a writer for men's magazines; he picked up bits-and-piece of the concept and put it all together based on word-of-mouth and various writings he came across. I wouldn't say he 'followed the mafia' in any energetic manner.

Gary I read the book before the movie came out. I enjoyed the book and thought they did a good job with the movie version by sticking closely to the book. No one gets the inside scoop on the Mafia without being a higher up in the family, so Puzo did the best with what information he could get.

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Bluemilk my english is so poor,but i can understand it.i love it

Roberta Bluemilk wrote: "my english is so poor,but i can understand it.i love it"

Your English sounds just fine to me! I'm glad you don't let your newness to the language keep you from reading good books.

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Bluemilk thanks,i,ll work hard

Steven P. Marini As I recall, the guy who made it well known that there were "families" who made up organized crime was Joe Vallachi (spl?). Puzo might have worked from that.

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