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message 1: by Hannah (last edited Nov 12, 2011 09:59PM) (new)

Hannah (behindonreading) | 15 comments Mod
Welcome to the group! I'm glad to know you have joined and that I'll be able to get to know everyone a lot better!
This group is mostly to just get to know other people better and to find new authors to read. How this group works, is simple.
Every month, a sign-up discussion will be posted where you can "nominate" a book to be discussed. All of the books will be put into a poll and then voted on by the group. The top five books will be chosen to be discussed. You don't have to participate in all five. You can participate in just one if you like!
The people who are picked, will lead the group in a discussion about that book. They can post questions about the book, post their thoughts after every chapter, host a giveaway, ask the author to stop by for a Q&A, etc.. as long as it discusses the book they chose.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Now, I want to get to know you! Below, please tell me about yourself!

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy Lignor (httpwwwgoodreadscomalignor) | 4 comments Hey - thanks for the invite Hannah (Andie). I hope I can help out. I'd love to meet other 'fierce' readers!

message 3: by Trinity (new)

Trinity (trinityblacio) | 1 comments hello Andie and thank you for the invite. I am an avid reader and author. My tastes run from Paranormal, Erotic, BDSM, Menage and so many others. I'm married, have two kids and live in Ohio.

Thanks Trinity

message 4: by Christiane (new)

Christiane (cbrossi) | 3 comments Thanks for inviting me Andie! I do love reading and my taste is varied. I am a teacher, so I read a lot of children's and young adult books, but I also enjoy reading Fantasy, Science fiction, mysteries, poetry, classics. I am not that much of a non-fiction reader, but I do read them for the same of teaching the genre to my students. I do love animals so I tend to choose non-fiction that has to do with animals and nature, such as environmental issues as well. Also, I am in grad school, so I have been reading a lot of tools of my trade books, but that does not stop me from listening to an audiobook when I am driving or cleaning the house. Gosh, I am a bookworm!

message 5: by Monica (last edited Nov 13, 2011 08:55AM) (new)

Monica Thanks for the invite, Hannah! This sounds like such a fun group idea.

My tastes lean mostly to PR/UF and YA (anything YA), but I also enjoy Historical Romance. I am married and a mother of 3 rambunctious boys. Looking forward to the books and discussions!

message 6: by Qb (new)

Qb (gendarme) | 1 comments Thanks for the invitation.looking forward to discussions on books.

message 7: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (behindonreading) | 15 comments Mod
I'm glad to know all of you could join! Sounds like we have a very great range of readers here! :)

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