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Tatum | 104 comments Mod
make your characters here! heres the format:



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Name:Malia Vasquez
Personality:OUtgoing,nice,loves to laugh,determined
Has bright green eyes
Weapon:Bronze hammer charm nexklace that turns into a sword and a small kinfe
Skills:Weapon building,sword fighting,and trap making
Background:Her mother sent her to camp when she was 10

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emily*the ninja queen of implication* (THENINJA) | 58 comments Mod
Name: Liola Pledge
Age: 16
Parent: Athena
Gender: female
Personality: Bold and daring. She's smart, but doesnt like thinking too hard about thinks. She just wants to enjoy life as a demigod.
Appearance: (except with grey eyes)
Weapon: Stileto dagger that turns into an owl necklace.
Skills: logic puzzles, fighting, running, making plans.
Background: Grew up being told she would only get places if she grew up and started thinking. So, she didn't want that. She ran off to camp and tried to stay a funny, kind hearted kid.

Name: Danny
Age: 16
Parent: Hades
Gender: m
Personality: Attempts to stay hopeful, and tries to defy the Hades stereotype. He likes to look at positives, but he sometimes easily goes back into his dark corner and doesn't care if he's fueling stereotypes.
Weapon: Stingeon(sp) iron sword that turns into a skull shapped ring.
Skills: Fighting, summoning the dead, raising an undead army, rituals.
Background: His mother was slightly crazy, and never said one nice thing to him. She left him on his own, didn't come home for days on end sometimes, and they fought all the time. He was tired off it, so he left. Went to camp, stays all year.

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Catie  | 215 comments Mod
Emily how I love you. You just destroyed every stereotype there was about those two houses.

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emily*the ninja queen of implication* (THENINJA) | 58 comments Mod
Thank you Catie, I am to please.

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Catie  | 215 comments Mod
Name: Genisis (Geni) Harper
Age: 9
Parent: Demeter
Gender: Female
Personality: She is shy and wary when you first meet her but once you get to know her and she gets to know you she is loud and bubbly.
Weapon: Running if necessary Bow
Skills: She can run really fast. Plants like her a lot.
Background: Geni grew up in foster care. She never knew her mother and hre father left her in her house when she was 4. She hasn't always had the best families and so sometimes trusting is hard for her.
She met Morganna durning a monster attack. They traveled together.

Name: Morganna Lanney
Age: 16
Parent: Athena
Gender: Female
Personality: Stony and logical.
Appearance: (First Picture)
Weapon: Sword
Skills: She is really logical. She understands things easily.
Background: Morganna Laney grew up happily with her father who was a college professer with a few incident but they were mostly easily explained. Yet once her father was killed in a monster attack she and a satyr headed from California to go to Camp Half Blood she found another girl on the run, Geni. The satyr gone missing in the last bit of their journey Morgana and Geni were left to get to camp half blood alone.

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Tatum | 104 comments Mod
Personality: Observant and sometimes likes to keep to herself,yet she can but into other peoples business.She is funny and nice also loyal and kinda mean sometimes.
Appearence: [image error]
Skills:She can use a bow and arrow really well but mostly carries around knives with her. Because she is very observant she has learned skills of other. Like she is good at hacking computers, hiding,solving problems, charming others,being prepared. All that cool stuff:) And she very strategic and isnt afraid to hurt others to get ahead.
Background:Her mom committed suicide 3 years after she was born,she grew up with her aunt who was a daughter of Aphrodite then this big thing happened and her aunt died. So Aphrodite helped her out and led her to camp.

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emily*the ninja queen of implication* (THENINJA) | 58 comments Mod
Age: 16
Parent: Zeus
Gender: male
Personality: Took after his dad: impatient and bossy. He'll easily hold a grudge, and is very sneaky when he wants to get back at you.
Weapon: Just a plain dagger of celestial bronze.
Skills: plotting, sneaking, fighting, building things.
Background: Not much happened before Camp Halfblood. He just ran to Camp when a monster attack happened.
After he got to camp, not much happened till he met Danny. In training, Danny broke Alexs favorite shield, so Alex got back at him, and ever since, there's been war between the two, and they try to outdo eachother with greater revenge schemes.

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Name: ren
Age: 16
Parent: athena
Gender: M
Personality: tba
Skills: battle plans appear in his mind, he can figure out you fighting style within a few seconds and use it to take you down
Background: ...

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