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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Alright, so one of my friends birthdays is coming up so I'm going to write some lyrics from their favorite song on some silicone bracelets. The only problem is that I wrote on some test bracelets for myself with a fine-tip black Sharpie. The ink is rubbing off! Does anyone know if a Sharpie Photo Marker or a Pilot Photo Marker would work for this? Thanks for any help in advance!

message 2: by Katie Beth (new)

Katie Beth (inthegardenatsunrise) | 4 comments I'm not really sure about the other sharpies, but you could always cover in it something, like clear nail polish. If you do, just make sure that the sharpie is dry before you cover it, otherwise the ink might smear.

message 3: by Debra (new)

Debra (lebarron1) | 13 comments I don't know what you coud use for it,but good luck with it,

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