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"It is not very often that I open a book package in my house and set everything else aside, seeing as that I usually already have a pile to review. But when this one came into my hands, let’s just say that the first page ‘had me at hello,’ (not that I ever like using a Tom Cruise reference.) But to be given a young adult title with no vampires, no ‘yearnings’ of love, no thoughts of suicide - I mean, this was not only a great plot with fantastical characters - but it was also a total breath of fresh air.

I am telling you, readers - take a wee bit of Harry Potter, combine it with Peter Pan’s Lost Boys, throw in some Eragon, and infuse all of that with a new author whose imagination has such an appeal that you will want to read every book in this series - and you end up with the world of Grim’s Peak. The carriage called a ‘Sleeker’ is beyond cool; the dead lake in Hel-mir is frightening and creepy; the Water Arch that protects the city, and even the odd foods from Coral Sweets (candy) to the glasses of creamy whale’s milk - there is not one scene that doesn’t bring you into a seriously glorious world that SHOULD be looked at as the next ‘big’ YA fantasy series! This is a truly great read!"

Until Next Time,
Amy (Lignor)

As a professional reviewer, interviewer, ghostwriter and editor, Amy Lignor has had the great honor of working with a variety of companies, authors, and sites including: The Feathered Quill; Bookpleasures.com; Authorlink; BookPage; Kensington; Once Upon a Romance; and The RT (Romantic Times Magazine), to name a few.
She is also the Owner of The Write Companion; and Editor-in-Chief of Precious Gems Pubishing, which was opened for debut novelists who were being overlooked.
For more info on the services Amy provides please visit her website.


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Beth (vanburren) | 29 comments What an awesome review, Sean!! What a boost that must have been to read that! Congrats:)

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Beth wrote: "What an awesome review, Sean!! What a boost that must have been to read that! Congrats:)"

Thanks Beth!

Honestly it was, because firstly, Amy Lignor is a tough (extremely honest) reviewer, and secondly, it worked out that her review was the very first that didn't come from someone who was 'required' to say nice things about it, so there was that much more riding on it. Every writer thinks they have a good story or we just wouldn't invest so much time in writing them. But at the end of the day, if you hope to get your stories out to a wider audience, how it's received has a massive impact on that.

I stared at the e-mail for a little while before opening it. I had only mailed the manuscript in a couple of days before, so I certainly wasn't expecting the review so soon as I knew that she had a lot of other books to go through.

I'm just glad it was a nice one!!!

Your copy will be on it's way to you VERY soon.

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Beth (vanburren) | 29 comments Awesome:)

I know that I could never be a writer...I'm way too sensitive to accept any kind of criticism, especially on something that I put such hard work into. Writing is so personal and from the heart, and I'd be horrified by a bad review.

Congrats (again) on getting such rave reviews from her seeing as she has such a rough reputation!! How exciting to be compared to Harry, Eragon and Peter Pan!!! Wow.

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Yeah, it's not the easiest thing to learn how to take in the criticism, but it's just part of it. No way to make everyone happy lol.

And I figured, with her comparissons, that it's not exactly bad company to be in lol!

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