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What mental ability would you have?

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Badgerlord What power from the series would you have? You can only pick one, and please put a (good) reason. I dislike people saying things like; 'FARSEEKING ROCKS!'or 'Being a healer would make my hair look shiny' (it might, but that's not my point).

I would have empathy. It would allow me to manipulate people with a subtlety coercion lacks.

Kuro Empathy for the win. I find it useful to know how other people feel, to make sure I don't rub them the wrong way...

Tiffany I like how both of you said the same ability but for completely different reasons, haha.

I would have healing. I think I just have an appreciation for that skill because my mother and my grandmother were both nurses. Even though I don't actually plan on being a nurse, I do have a lot of respect for the job. I also like to look after people when they aren't feeling the best.

Mandy Are we allowed to have more than one? I love the idea of beast speaker, but I also like healer.

I like being needed so I think having the healing ability would be a win for me. Everyone needs a helping hand now and then.

For my own pleasure I would choose beast speaking - what can I say I like talking and seeing the perspective of others. How different a perspective can you get than another species?

Aneesa Reading minds (forgot what it's called in this book- farseeking?).

It would be both a gift and a curse.
One, I could see right through people. I guess it has all sorts of benefits though.
But there's also a chance I might be hurt if i find out that people's true thoughts of me were bad.
And maybe I'd find something out I shouldn't ever have to know. But I would try not to abuse it. People are entitled to their secrets.

Hud-c Coercer-empath, I dont if that's Dragon's power. But if given the chance, I want that ability. I love to make illusions.

Julie Howkins Definitely Beast Speaking. Imagine what it would be like to hear what animals think about. It would be very eye opening to hear the views of other species with whom we share this world.Imagine what could be learnt from them.

Diana I want to be multi-talented. Not to be selfish but it would be cool.

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