The Son of Neptune (The Heroes of Olympus, #2) The Son of Neptune question

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Do you ever think about the dead demigods like Beckendorf, or Michael Yew? I miss those guys. Any of you guys have a favorite minor character rather than the common, "Ooh my favorite is Percy!" or Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Frank, Hazel, or Leo? Personally I loved Ethan and Will Solace from the first series, then I love Dakota how he's exactly like his daddy. But anyways my main question is What do you think will happen in the next book? And are you going to prepare with tissues for the war that will most likely have someone die?

To add to that, do you think Rachel is going to come??? I want her to meet Octavian and beat the crap out of him.

I like Nico. Granted he isn't that minor, but he is probably the wisest demigod. I also thought the Hunters of Artemis were pretty cool. I hope they are in the next books.

Then the title of the next book "The Mark of Athena". Along with the fragmented line of prophecy in the Son of Neptune gives the impression that sometime or another, Annebeth or one of her siblings is going to try destroy the Romans. Either that or she's going to give them an in-depth lesson in architecture.

Alright mine favourites are Bianca, Thalia (she's a minor in HoO) Rachel, Grover, Reyna, hedge (uay), Tyson, Gwen, Dakota, Hannibal the elephant, oh my gosh I have soooo many

Wisdom's daughter walks alone, the Mark of Athena burns through Rome.

Hylla is a freaking boss. She had to fight to the death every night, while accepting that others must find a solution to stop the dead from returning. It was basically a hopeless situation, but she just took it as responsibility.

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I honestly loved Echo the nymph. She was only in the Son of Neptune for like what, a chapter or two. But she was one of my favorites.

Ella, bianca, Mrs.O'leary, Beckendorf, silena, and blackjack. :)

Rachel, Nico and Reyna.

Yeah Beckendorf was awesome :( and Silena.

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maybe something will hapen with Annabeth and the Roman camp, if she burns it down or something it will probably have something to do with Percy, like someone from the Roman camp (Octavian) hurts Percy in someway or another and Annabeth will get MAD

Oh my gosh, I totally love Ethan Nakamura! And Dionysus's son, the one that didn't die in the fourth book!

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I really miss Beckendorf and Selena... My friend and I always talk about them. We kind of hope they would come back, you know, since the doors of death are open. I also loved Ella... and Blackjack from the first series. I also love Mrs. O'Leary and the Party Ponies.

beckondorf and selina. they were perfect! such a tragic love story.

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I like Thalia, I always thought that she was awesome... I also so liked Butch from the Lost Hero! He was all like, "Yes my mom is the goddess of rainbows *flexs muscles* you gotta problem with that?" And Iris, the goddess who studies other mythologies...

I think that Annabeth will either start a fight in New Rome, or do something in actual Rome, Italy...

And YES! SOMEONE ELSE WHO WANTED RACHEL TO SHOW UP AND BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF OCTAVIAN! Ive been trying to find a story where he insults oracles, and then Rachel beats him, but it sadly is not out there :(

I used to like Grover, but when I saw him in the movie, I lost that liking!
I just totally love Rachel, she can paint with her feet!!!!! Apart from that I like her stubbornness which is cute! Luke was awesome, I wish he is reborn. I want to have more of Octavian, I don't like him, but he adds a bit of spice to the story. I love Zoe, but unfortunately she is already forgotten because she died when we got to know her itself. Let us not forget the super cool Thalia Grace, we all love her and definitely want a lot more of her in the next books. I like her. We should not forget Chiron and Dionysus, they were not a part of a few HoO books, which was a bit sad. I want Silena and Charles to be reborn or come back (even if it is as a ghost).
I want to tell every single person- Be ready for Nico's death. I am sure he will die in the next book, he is a person who does not have a solid role.

Thalia,Ella and Zoe are all epic.I love them.

die octavian!!!!! you are fake!!!! Rachel Elizabeth Dare all the way!!!!!

Ella. Ella is awesome. I'm so happy she's with Tyson

Ethan Nakamura, because he made the right decision in the end. I also love Ella. She's awesome. The Stoll brothers are pretty wicked as well.

Dakota. Gotta love him. I loved Zoe, Silena and Bekendorf so much. Blackjack. Thalia. Does Arion count as minor? I love Katie.

My favorite minor goddess is Nemesis the goddess of revenge. the concept of it seems really cool, like yin and yang. The balance of good and bad.

I liked Silena form start to finish, she was ADORABLE. Clovis was great too, I had a laugh with him. I also really liked Dakota, I find him weirdly relatable xDD

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Silena and beckendorf, Michael yew, the still bros. I love those guys.

Rachel and Grover. They're just so funny, and I loved their scene in the House of Hades.

i like nico. will solace is veryyyyy cute in my head... michael yew sounds cute. THALIA kicks butt.......

Nico? Gay? he's just a loner!!!! he's not gay!!!!


ok I think Percys friends will die if he does not cooperate w/giea he will suffer and because of franks "sense of duty" frank will die and percy will live leo will hate frank and reyna will hate piper annabeth will cause trouble for percy (maybe as the bait for geia)jason will hate percy and hazel will be really confused about leo/sammy and frank they will find nico or at least know where he is maybe the burns through rome has to do with leo's fire power and are there any other daughthers of athena?THINK

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Samantha-J wrote: "Do you ever think about the dead demigods like Beckendorf, or Michael Yew? I miss those guys. Any of you guys have a favorite minor character rather than the common, "Ooh my favorite is Percy!" or ..."

I agree, rachel needs to kick octavian's teddy bear ass...

I like dakota, Zoe.... thalia!! thalia is awesome...
but I totally LOVE Nico!!! (Although I do have a sneaking suspicion that he may be gay *sighs*)

what if luke came back?? Its not likely... but still...

Lena I think you mean MY Nico, Mary, but YES! Why do you think he is gay? O.o
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Melissa I would like to know why you believe that Nico is gay. However, I always wondered if Kronos had a Roman counterpart or we will see a Roman counterpart ...more
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Samantha-J wrote: "Do you ever think about the dead demigods like Beckendorf, or Michael Yew? I miss those guys. Any of you guys have a favorite minor character rather than the common, "Ooh my favorite is Percy!" or ..."

I totally agree! Rachel should teach him a thing or two.

Blackjack the Pegasus is a minor character, right? Well, I love him. And, yeah, Kool-Aid guy, Dakota. I kinda hope that we got to read more about Silena and Charles. And, well, I really love Nico.

As for the next book, I think Annabeth would do something that's most likely to cause a problem for the other six. Mars told Frank that duty comes first and he needs to make sure that Percy remembers this, too. Hera warned Percy about Annabeth. So, yeah I think, Percy would have to choose between Annabeth and the quest.

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