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Made it!

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Cool! So what do you wanna tp?

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Anything, as long as its realistic haha.. we could do a high school or a college romance?

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Cool could we do it with a twist? Like...hmm, how about a highschool romance where the couple's parents are rivals so its sort of forbidden?

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yeah, that sounds good

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Ok ill make my charrie, one second :)

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Name: Leah Mathews
Age: 17
Appearence: thick brown hait, fair skin, hazel eyes, fairly good figure, dresses fairly formal, pretty in the more exotic and unique way, tatoo on the back of her left sholder
Personality: comes off as shy and polite but can be just as stubborn and spitfire-ish
Other: her parents are priest and a priest wife at church.

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Name: Aden Bradewood
Age: 17; junior
Gender: Male
Personality: Sweet, smart, funny and extremely athletic. he's the star athlete at the school. plays football (quarterback) and basketball (main pointguard)..
History: His family is originally from London, but Aden's dad left them when Aden was 8, the dad left them with a lot of money so Aden and his mom moved to America. Aden's mom got into a fight with Leah's mom when they first moved here because she went to their church but some of her views were different so she argued for them, but Leah's parents wouldn't change their views so they basically hate each other
Other: Aden's got a British accent

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((Sorry i was gone! I have 40 minutes))
Should i start?

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((Sure.. sorry, i had to eat dinner :P))

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((Haha kk))
Leah Mattews was SO busted. She was late for the service. Leah ran down the pavement in her heels

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It was Sunday, and Aden had nothing to do. All of his friends were busy and he'd finished all his homework yesterday. He decided to go out and drive around to see if he could find anything to do.

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Leah checked her watch. Her parents were going to grill her later. And her dad wasnt the nicest soul. "Come on!"

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((Where is she?))

Jay drove around, bored.

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((Haha good question. Uh ill just say: galleryway, aka a half mile from the church))

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Jay was driving around galleryway, when he saw a girl from his school half walking/running and half trying to get a cab. Since she was having no luck, and he had nothing better to do, he stopped and rolled down the window. "Leah, right? Need a ride somewhere?" he asked.

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"Thank god! Uh the church, i need to get there" she said "you sure its no problem?"

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"Yeah, its cool. Get in." He said, unlocking the doors. "So how come you're so late?" He asked, amused.

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"Thanks" she said hopping in. "And blame my cousin for my late-ness. Basically, she took the cab that was supposed to be for me, thinking he was hilarious" leah explained

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"Well, at least you get to help me be free of my boredom," he said, grinning.

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"Yeah, and you're aden, right? Weird, ive never gotten a chance to actually talk to you. And good, boredom is the worst"

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Aden smiled. "It's weird how people meet, isn't it?" He pulled up by the church. "Hey, um, do you, maybe, once your church service is over, want to, um, grab some lunch or coffee or something, um, with me?" He asked hesitantly. "I could pick you up from here."

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She gave a bright smile "thats a first. Most jocks dont want to get to know me at all. Yeah, sure, it ends in an hour"

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"Well, for starters, I'm not 'most jocks.'" He smiled and winked. "Pick you up in an hour!"

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"Dont die of boredom!" Leah joked and waved before starting into the church.

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"She's nice," Aden murmured before driving away.

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((Should we ff? And how should we end up knowing about the family feud?))

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((Um, we could skip ahead to the end of your service and you telling your parents that you were going with me and your parents refusing that you go with me?))

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Ff to end of service
Leah got up a little too fast, she wanted to see aden. Her parents asked "where are you going?"
"Im meeting a, uh, friend" ahe replied

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Aden parked outside the church, waiting for Leah.

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"Who?" They asked
"Oh, just a guy i met at school" she said
"Oh thats great" her mom started to say but then she saw the car, the enemies car

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Aden turned off the car and sifted through his cd's, wondering what Leah liked.

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Leah didnt know what went down with her mom and aden's.
"Yyou are not going with the likes of him!" Her mom spat.
Leah was stunned "why not?"
"None of your business!" She said and her dad took her moms side.
"Ok, iyou cant expect me not to go!" Leah argued

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Aden wondered what was taking so long.

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"You will not under any circumstances see him!" Her mom said and leah kicked off her heels and started sprinting to the car. Jumping in she said ylto aden "go go go go go!"

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Aden turned on the car and sped away. "Can you please explain to me what that was all about?" He asked, once they were about a mile away from the church.

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"Apparently my parents have something against yor parents or something so they said id never be allowed to see you. But of course i wasnt ok with that, so its a good thing i can run fast"

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Aden laughed. "Its a great thing. So where do you want to go?"

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"Any cafe semi-far from here" she decided

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"A semi-far cafe it is!" Aden smiled. "So what music do you like to listen to?

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"Well all my parents let me listen to was gospel music which gets really annoying after a while. They are waaaay controlling. Anyway, what about you?"

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"I usually listen to pop," he said smiling. "Mind if I turn on the radio?"

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She smiled back, "sure! "

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Aden smiled and turned to a pop station. "So what do you like to do on the weekends?"

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"Not much, hang out with friends, volunteer, go to overstructured services" she said but smiled "what about you?"

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"Usually hang out with friends," he said smiling. "And do homework, of course." He felt like a nerd for saying that.

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She smiled "yeah thats what my whole friday after school looks"

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Aden smiled. "Well, I think we should hang out more often. No matter what your parents say."

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"I agree" she said "and we have school we can hang out there too "

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"Yup," Aden said, pulling into a cafe parking lot. "Well, here we are!"

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