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"Ok." She smiles. "Is Gobuza home?"

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She laughs and kisses him back

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She pulls away and smiles, like nothing was going on "How was school?"

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"It is?" She looks at Gobuza

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"Oh." She smiles."Did you have a good day?"

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She laughs "No, im just helping your brother out." She smiles

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"Dont worry, Im super fun." She smirks

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She smiles. "Did you eat yet?"

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"Want me to make you something?"

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"What do you want?" She asks Gobuza.

She turns to Bakura "Where's the kitchen?"

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"Thanks. DO you want anything?"

"Ok, Grilled Cheese coming up." She walks to the kitchen

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"ok." She smiles

She gets makes Gobuza a grilled cheese and sets it on a plae in front of him. "There you go."

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"No problem." She smiles at sits down with him.

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(do you mean why?)

"i just moved her and i havent gotten a place yet and Im helping your brother." She looks at Gobuza. "I can find a place if it bothers you."

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"Ok." She gets up. "Do you want me to call you Gobuza or Christopher?"

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"ok." She smiles and walks back to Bakura.

"You sure you dont want anything?"

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"Where will i be sleeping?" She asks looking at a clock

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"Right.Sorry, i'm tired." She looks up at him

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She kisses him "Night."

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"Tell him i said goodnight." She tells Bakura and walks to the room down the hall. She climbs into the bed

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She falls asleep.


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(FF to morning?)

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She rolls over and opens her eyes, still groggy. "hmm?"

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"K." She sits up and gets out of bed

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"Morning." She walks out of her room.

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"Good morning." She smiles as she walks in the kitchen

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She walks up behind Bakura. "Did someone make coffee?"

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"Just wondering." She turns to Christopher. "Wanna hit starbucks with me later?"

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"ok." She smiles. "I'm gonna get dressed." She walks back to her room

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She comes back a few minutes later ready for the day.

(Im slightly bored so...

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"Where are we going?" She asks him

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"Oh, ok." She smiles "Bye Christopher."

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She waves to him and walks with Bakura to the coffee shop.

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She holds his hand and smiles

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She looks at him "I thought so...but if we aren't.."

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She hits him gently. "Not cool. How long was he standing there?"

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She looks at him. "Was that all him, or did you do something to him?"

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"Is he feeling alright?" She leans her head on his chest.

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She looks up at him and smiles

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She smiles and kisses him touching his chest. "Dang."

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"Ok. Want me to leave?" she looks up at him

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"ok. Night." She kisses him and gets up, going to her room.

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She sleeps in longer than she thought

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She continues to sleep, not knowing the time

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She wakes up reluctantly, groggy with sleep.She walks out of her room, in her pj's

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She stops in the hall. "What you two talking about?"

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"Ah." She smiles and sits on the couch. "Continue on." She grins at Bakura

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"You have weird dreams." She looks at him with fake concern. "Are you feeling alright?:"

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