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Doria or Farid?

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message 1: by Olivia (new)

Olivia i think she shouldve gone with Farid

VG/Allie Doria! I'm sorry i like the flame boy but you know i thing that i like Doria better.

message 3: by Olivia (last edited Dec 01, 2011 01:35PM) (new)

Olivia she met farid first Doris just had to barge in to them

Areeba i know right! farid and meggie were perfect for each other, and doria had to come in and ruin it! how could meggie choose him?!!

message 5: by Tena (new)

Tena I think it all came down to Farid's selfishness (no offense) He wasn't willing to give up his devotion to Dustfinger in order to love Meggie the way she deserved to be loved, and so Meggie chose Doria. Personally, I'm glad she did...If he truly loved Meggie, he would've fought for her but instead he practically ran away

VG/Allie My pt exactly!!!!!! he didn't mind going. I think he was in "love" with maggie only because she is a slivertongue. and her because he was her first crush and Dustfinger died for him and she didn't want him to have died in vain.

Gina Farid loved Maggie alot, but his devotion to Dustfinger was above all, his life was only perfect when he had Dustfinger to look up to and Meggie by his side. Doria did push in but Meggie had reason enough to fall out of love with Farid

message 8: by Tena (new)

Tena That's true as well. To some extent I do feel sorry for Farid. The two most important people in his life were Dustfinger and Meggie, in that order. But Dustfinger had Roxanne, which made Farid extremely jealous. By trying to stay in Dustfinger's life (because he didn't seem to understand the depth of Dusfinger's love for him) and trying to protect Dustfinger from real or imagined foes, Farid ended up pushing Meggie away, and giving Doria an "in," so to speak. Which in turn, caused Farid to become extremely jelous of Doria. He tried so hard, but ultimately ended up alone due to his own actions.

Izzi Mort I loved Farid and was really upset when Meggie left him for Doria, because Doria just came in when Farid was there first. But I agree with you guys that Farid just wanted Meggie to be there to tag along with him and Dustfinger. He wasn't even that upset when Meggie told him her descision. I think Doria was ultimately more worthy of her and better for her.

Areeba I guess that's true, but I still think Farid loved Maggie. Even if he loved Dustfinger more... Maybe, Maggie needed someone who would love her fully, like Doria. But I think that Farid was hurt.

message 11: by Charlie (last edited Mar 20, 2012 01:19PM) (new) - added it

Charlie Farid and Meggie were in love but his love was also for Dustfinger for looking after him and being a father to him and also, when in the service of Orpheus, Farid would kiss the other maids. He loved Meggie but he was unfaithful to her, he shouldn't have put her through the heartache of not seeing him when he was seeing other women. He was selfish whereas Doria was always there for her and he gave her flowers to cheer her up. Meggie and Doria are a better couple. Farid is impressive with his fire-throwing and flame-dancing, but overall, Doria is much more in-tune to Meggie's feelings and really cares about her and would orbit around her if necessary rather than wanting her to tag along with Dustfinger in the spotlight.

message 12: by Isha (new)

Isha FARID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 13: by Charlie (new) - added it

Charlie Farid was mean and selfish.

Wynne I do like that Meggie chose someone that was better for and to her than Farid was (he adored Dustfinger so much that he couldn't love Meggie with his whole heart at the same time) but I didn't like how Doria just showed up out of the blue in book three.

To be honest I didn't even remember Doria's name a few months after I read the last book, while I never forgot Farid's name...

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

I like Doria. Farid was so mean and only cared for himself. Doria actually cared for Meggie.

Farid only had little room for Dustfinger in his whole heart that he coudln't share his love for Meggie, too. In other words, Farid is gay!

message 16: by Emily (last edited Jun 27, 2012 11:04PM) (new)

Emily I think Farid loved her, but he just is young and grieving; and Meggie was stupid for getting all needy just because he's a little busy! I feel like the author just made him seem like a jerk so that they would break up, because they wanted different things and wouldn't fit. And Doria was just a character that would fit conveniently into her family. I think they should have ended it with Meggie leaving to go back to the real world with her family. That way, they're leaving each other, and yet not because Farid became a bit not so romantic. (and Meggie's young, she'll probably find someone right for her in the future) And Meggie was bad herself, flirting with Doria like that when they weren't even broken up! I mean I like Doria, with his inventions, but come on! He's just a way to tie up loose ends.

message 17: by Alex (new)

Alex Grant I like Doria for Meggie.I also like Farid but Farid was a bit selfish.He could have seen Dustfinger sometimes and insist to see Meggie also sometimes.I know that Farid was the first pairing with Meggie.But Doria was there for Meggie even though they had only met for a while.Doria sent her flowers and tried to cheer her up.And I think Cornelia Funke wrote it that way because she didn't like Farid with Meggie or Cornelia Funke knew that Farid would be too upset about Dustfinger to be with Meggie.What do you think?

The Mockingjay aka L Olivia wrote: "i think she shouldve gone with Farid"

i also agree. something about Farid made me uneasy

message 19: by Alex (new)

Alex Grant yeah,farid was good at first

Aisha Farid!!!!!! I mean it was her choice but in Inkspell he seemed so gentle and nice and fun to be with. He cheered Meggie up a lot. However she falls for Doria who I think he's nice, but it seemed so much better with Farid and Meggie. He understood her and they had a deep relationship full fo understanding. In inkspell the chapter "Best of all nights" i think Farid was really understanding. I think Doria just came in at the end and ruined their relationship but i've got to admit in inkdeath Farid could have visited her more often. She left him because he didn't visit her often but if I was her I would have loved how the pain of waiting for him felt. FARID ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

message 21: by Jacqueline (new)

Jacqueline why does everyone spell Meggies name wrong and Farid was so sweet to her in Inkpell that ok there having a tough time in there relationship. So what, I mean don't all real couples argue. That's why I think that she should have stuck through it with Farid instead going off with a guy she just met

Nurni (Leave What's Heavy Behind) First of all I want to say that Meggie's romances is something I don't consider that important to the story. I loved "Inkdeath" for reasons that have nothing to do with which boy Meggie ended up with. They had a wonderful, happy but bittersweet ending and good triumphed over evil. But people seem to focus on Meggie's romance instead and say they don't like the way the series ended just because they think she should have been with Farid instead of Doria. I don't think that's okay.
As for who I think Meggie should be with- I haven't entirely decided. Farid did seem perfect for Meggie at first, and their scenes in "Inkspell" are so romantic and sweet. However, it appears that in "Inkdeath," Dustfinger's death completely changed him. I found his chapters extremely annoying in "Inkdeath"- he just went on and on about Dustfinger all the time, and he actually didn't seem to care about Meggie at all. And everyone seems to be forgetting the real reason Meggie was angry at Farid was because he was the one who told Mo about Orpheus' plan and in doing so almost delivered Mo to his death. The only reason he did this was because he wanted Dustfinger to be brought back to life. It's understandable that Meggie was angry at him for this, as she loves her father so much- and as a matter of fact I'm angry at him for it too, because Mo is my favourite character of all time. I did feel really sorry for Farid when she refused to go with him- he seemed to be the only character who wasn't happy at the end- but I understood her choice.
Doria on the other hand didn't have the same chemistry with Meggie in "Inkdeath" as her and Farid did in "Inkspell," although they do have some sweet moments. However, at least he was loyal to Meggie and didn't betray her or her family. And I thought that it was amazing the way Fenoglio wrote that story about them which means that they were meant to be. I'm sad that in the end Meggie and Farid fell out of sync (and I do hope he finds love because I still feel really sorry for him) and I don't think Meggie really needed a second love interest but I feel like it mostly worked out pretty well in the end.

message 23: by Anna (new)

Anna P. It really pisses me off to see anyone say FARID was being selfish for "caring so much" about Dustfinger. Like, what SENSE does that even make? Dustfinger was the ONLY ONE besides Meggie who cared about him! Then he sacrificed his life for Farid! Farid loves Dustfinger like a father, of COURSE he cares so much about him. Meggie is the EXACT SAME with Mo.

What if it were the other way around huh? What if MO sacrifificed his life for Meggie and Meggie was depressed and spent much of her time trying to bring him back? What if Farid decided he didn't like that and started spending time with another girl, because god forbid Meggie care so much about Mo, that she neglects spending all her time with Farid. Who REALLY sounds selfish here? Hint, it's NOT Farid.

If anyone was selfish in their thinking, it was MEGGIE. Farid has every right to feel strongly for Dustfinger and even prioritize bringing him back over spending time with Meggie, because again, we all know Meggie would do the same thing if it were Mo and she had a chance to help him. This isn't selfish.

Meggie has her mom and dad, Farid has NOBODY besides Meggie, and as we can see, spending not as much time with her while you're on an important mission to bring back a beloved father figure, leads her to flirting with other guys and losing feelings for you, so I guess the only relationship that is strong in his life is Dustfinger. This honestly made Meggie pretty unlikeable, and I cannot understand how anyone could say Farid was selfish, he was the only one of the two of them who even cared to ask how Meggie was doing, or tried to spend time with her when he could.

Meggie never sought him out, never asked how he was, never tried to help him regarding Dustfinger, never cared about anything or anyone besides herself and her emotions. Doria was only good because he was convenient for her, nothing more. Honestly, Farid > Meggie and Farid > Doria. Farid deserves better. I hope he finds the one on his journey, Meggie at this point is a selfish person and wouldn't be surprised if Strong Man went missing and Doria grieved, she'd move on to the next one, because guys aren't allowed to care about anyone but her.

message 24: by Katniss (new)

Katniss Everdeen Doria came out of nowhere. NOWHERE. Farid always comforts Meggie and Meggie loved Farid so much. Although... Farid was too obsessed with Dustfinger... but still Farid is sooooo amazing! Doria interuppted the story and ruined it. WHY, FUNKE, WHY DID YOU WRITE IT THAT WAAAAAAY?! FARID AND MEGGIE FOREVERRRRR

message 25: by Maha (last edited Oct 22, 2020 06:39PM) (new)

Maha I think that Farid thinks of Dustfinger like a father. If my father was dead and there was a way to bring him back, id do it. I think that Farid was the one for Meggie. Although I thought Meggie was being selfish, she still deserves true love, which is Farid. When Meggie’s father was gone, she spent a lot of time crying. In Farid’s case, Dustfinger is like a father to him. I think that Farid was the one for Meggie.

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