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Becca ran through the school hallways. If she was late she would be dead to her drama teacher.

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"Yeah," Becca sighed, "I got distracted."

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Becca rolled her eyes and paid attention to the teacher. Or at least tried to.

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'I dont know,' Becca wrote back 'It better be soon!'

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"Sure!" Becca was greatfull someone had asked her other wise she would have sat there until assigned a partener.

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"No," Becca sighed. Then getting the glare from Karina she spilled, "He's trying to talk to me again." Becca put her hands together like she was clapping.

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"You know who I mean," she said and copied Karinas moves grudingly, "Blake." she whispered "He's acting like nothing happend when everything happend."

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Karina ((wow this is really werid. I'm Karina and I have a best friend named Becca and we're always partners in gym. Scary...))

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DemonKitty003 (vampireprincess) | 562 comments Mod
((the world has freaky things happening, like me talking to myself on msn, we were talking until we said what we like,favorite anime, color, food, and that we play in band....i was like hi my other self in some other place i don't know, lawl it was so funny))

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((I m back! Whose on?))

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"I wish," Becca said, "i just kept walking away, then he grabed my arm and sked what he did!" Beeca scream whispered. "And so I slaped him and got detention!"

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"Asked," Becca clarified, her voice was shaking with fury at what had happend. "Climbing a fence? Seriously!"

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((Yeah thats weird!))

"He was telling everyone we were still toghether, and I was standing right there and I just glared at him, he put his hands up saying, 'Whats wrong baby?' when I dumped him on sturday at the movies in front of nearly all his friends."

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"I ll catch you." Becca said. "You'd dump him to if he was telling everyone lies about what you did together." Becca shook her head, and caught Karina.

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Its took al of Beccas power not to fall to the ground laughing. "Oh yeah, he says we have serious mak out sessions and that." Becca started shake her head.

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Karina ((me gots an idea. so when our characters from the other rp set out to head back to their coven, they can meet you guys! only if you want to do. one character is supposed to find other vampires to travel with beacsue when they get back their going to war and they need all the help they can get. kay. yeah. pretty much all i wanted to say. oh and i like you guys rp. :D ))

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Karina (( true, it's just that you mentioned Karina in the other one so I thought you were planning on like merging the two.))

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"Totally not true!"Becca said serioulsly, "And I plan on punching his lights out." Becca fell back into Karinas arms

((Beccas not a vamp and has know I sea Karinas one either.))

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Karina ((oh. well then i must be losing my mind...sorry.))

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((I'm jumping in!))

Helena was really thirsty. She had to pretend o be human. She walked into the class. "Sorry I'm late." Helena grabbed her pass out of her bag and handed it to the teacher.

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"Thanks!" Becca muttered standing up. Then laughed at Karinas encounter with the teacher.

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"Thanks. If you didn't notice, I'm new. Nice to meet you." Helena smiled, trying not to smell anything. I smelled very appetizing in this room, and she couldn't stand it.

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"Haha. Yeah. I'm just gonna watch you guys, and then try it myself." She flashed her teeth in a toothy smile.

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Becca flexed what little muscle she had threatingly at Karina. "Catch me this time" she said and fell backwards.

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Helena watched carefully. This was easy.

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"Yes." Helena fell backwards.

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Helena read Karina's mind...ow does she know this? she thought.

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(( ))
Helena followed her. "I'm not going to hurt you!" yelled Helena.

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((oh. srry
It goes like this.


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((Oh crap.
1. go like this.
2. then do tthis, exept put the / in front of the 1.))

Helena stood there. "I haven't."

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((U DID IT!!))

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Becca stood in the classroom and frowned. Then laughed as another pair dropped each other.

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Helena walked back in he room. "What's going on?!" she asked Becca.

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It took her a minute. "Another vampire..." she muttered. she ran outside and beside Karina.

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A group droped each other!" Becca said still laughed, because they two were still lying on the ground blaming each other.

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"I just realized...your like me! But your power...your somehing else as well..." Helena used her brain to the best of her ability.

((GTG. BRB))

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"Wow. This is fascinating.." she said, touching Karina's shoulder. "You're weirder than the wolf hybrid..."

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"Maybe." Helena said seriously. "This is better than when I ran from the castle.." she said.

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"Okay." she said, about to go crazy. "Do you have any type A in your locker? I'm quite picky." she said quietly before she walked in.

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"Yes. Sorry. Lost in the past." she said, walking in the door.

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"I don't know. I want to walk." she said blankly.

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Helena was practically dragged. "Um, why can't we just WALK LIKE NORMAL 'HUMANS?'" she asked.

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"Okay." she said, happy she wasn't being dragged.

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"Um, no. You remind me a lot of the queen, my mother." she said, pondering her words."Impatient. Sarcastic, but a good heart.

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"There ya go. Sarcasm." Helena said, pointing at her.

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"That is funny." she said, laughing.

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The bell rand and Becca quickly dogded to her locker and pulled her hood up getting books for her next class. She ran to the class and quickly sat in her seat.

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"Going to her next class...and she'll be flirting with the teacher...oh wow." she said, about to give the details of her vision.

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"Yea...and then she's getting ISS. How convenient. Is she human?"

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