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Jo (Penname8) There was a reason Alison was not taking the couch.
Eloise sat stretched on in, comfortably reading a book.
"Hey, Madison," started Ellie.

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Jo (Penname8) "I 've been here two weeks, so you can't blame me. And I get everypne's name wrong," said Eloise, smiling. "Even Charlie Kane's."

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Jo (Penname8) "Not for me, Alison," explained Eloise.

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Jo (Penname8) "Yes," she assured. "I'm Eloise. Anyway, what is your path? I don't seem able to recall right now."

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Jo (Penname8) "Oh, I don't mind," said Eloise. "After all, I come from chaotic beginnings. I meant the magic."

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Jo (Penname8) Oops. "Sorry about that..." she said with a tentative smile. "I'm an animal charmer."

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Jo (Penname8) I hope you do not have any secrets to hide, Chaotic.
Eloise smiled as a moth positioned itself beside Alison.

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Jo (Penname8) "And frankly I'm bored of the secretive stories of everyone here. We do need some simple spellcasters, don't we?"

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Jo (Penname8) "Too many for my taste," she said under her breath. "I actually meant the stories behind them."

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Jo (Penname8) "Wait a minute...lean downward. I'm sure I haven't quite seen you before."

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Jo (Penname8) Eloise inmediately recognized her. "Ah yes; when I arrived you were at the dining room."

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Jo (Penname8) "I must looked quite pathetic--I was drenched."

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Jo (Penname8) [Fade?]

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((Oh *blushes with embaressment* Sorry))

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((ok thanks))

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