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((Fresh start here. No part of the plot of the rp before this existed you can keep your characters or make new ones.

First Day of the school year. People are coming into the assembly hall for the beginning of the year assembly gathering thing))

Ava sat in a chair in the corner watching as people started to wander in babbling about their vacations. Soon people's thoughts would flood her head and she wouldn't be able to think herself. Then they would try to talk to her which she wouldn't be able to do even if there weren't so many people's thoughts popping in. She was too shy.

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Madie walked in and took a seat near the back.She tapped her foot to a beat in her head

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Catie  | 215 comments Mod
Ava brushed a strand of hair out of her face glancing at the room out of the corner of her eyes. This summer had been long. She had been at the school for 90% of it because her mother had too much to do and couldn't get out of it until the last two weeks. She could hear her mom behind the stage going through her speech for the opening day of the school again.

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Madie looked around,bored.She sighed and thought this school would be like

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Kat sat in the audience of the asembly waitring for nit to end

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