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Mystery at the Minstry: Or The Secrets of Agent Wellington Books
Mick Mick Nov 12, 2011 09:20AM
To my mind, Agent Books exhibits the sort of rigid control of someone maintaining a persona, a protective coloration if you will. What, or whom, is he hiding from behind the cups of tea and pedantry? What has he revealed about himself already?

Let's drag him out of the Ministry basement and into the light for inspection!

When his partner was unconscious he suddenly became a gun expert, so obviously that's part of his mystery. Something for the next book to keep exploring.

Well, there's certainly something there about his father.

Mick Phillipa wrote: "...the Janus Affair examines a little more of Wellington's past."

Fantastic! I admit to being utterly fascinated by Wellington Books.
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Philippa Just past on these comments to Tee, and he told me there is a story he has planned for the Second Volume of the Ministry short stories that is about W ...more
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