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[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) This is where we will be talking about things not related to anime/manga!!

message 2: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 95 comments lol right! I made one on naruto where we do that too!

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) I was just there.

message 4: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 95 comments yeah, now lead kiki here......and we will start all over again lol

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) I have no idea where she is. We dont live in the same state.

message 6: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 95 comments ohhhhhhhhhhhhh we'll see her soon i bet. Hey! I made a poll!

message 8: by kiki (new)

kiki | 175 comments I'm here! Anyway, like I said I am the youngest here! I am in 7th grade as well! Can you guys join my group?

message 9: by kiki (new)

kiki | 175 comments Its called Anime/Manga!

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) It's practically the same as this group. Second time I said this...

message 11: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 95 comments I joined!

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) Hey kiki, can we roleplay there?

message 13: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 95 comments whaddaya mean roleplay?

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) Um... How should I explain it?...

message 15: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 95 comments i know what roleplay is, but how is it rp?

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) idk...

message 17: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 95 comments me neither

message 18: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 95 comments ANYONE PLAY ROBLOX?

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) No.

For roleplaying, we can do an anime - like Naruto - that all of us know.

My parents were acting like little kids, arguing about the TV.

In gym, I had no idea that I was the last person on my team to not get out. I finally knew when the rest of the team members called me.

message 20: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 95 comments ? Is that supposed to be a character?

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) Which one?

message 23: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 95 comments Idk

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) I watch the video just now and the end was funny!

message 25: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rachelreads98) I just read this entire convo and I have no idea what you guys are talking about besides RolePlay and Naruto and I'm still confused.

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) Just act like there's nothing here....

message 27: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rachelreads98) Will do.

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) Oh grr. Why is this song stuck in my head??? The season of the song and the season now doesn't match! They're both opposites! >:O

message 29: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rachelreads98) What song is stuck in your head??

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) Natsu Dakara by Buono! I LOVE THEM!!!!

message 31: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rachelreads98) Omg LOL the little dancing guy goes perfectly with the song LOL.
It's sounds really pretty! If only I could understand what they were saying though...

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) I know the meaning of the title. Natsu Dakara is translated into Because it's Summer. Natsu = Summer. Dakara = Because.

The site is the about the song.

message 33: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rachelreads98) Wow! Cool :D
Hehe :D

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) I gotta go. It's really late here and I want to be able to stay awake in class. See you tomorrow! I'll probably be on during my lunch time, which is 10 - 10:30. MORNING!

message 35: by kiki (new)

kiki | 175 comments Lol, u guys rote a lot! Anyway, sure u can rp in my group! Happy Chinese New Year, Jasmine-sempai! :D

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) Right back at you Kiki!

message 37: by kiki (new)

kiki | 175 comments Lol,thx! I'll text u asap!

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

sorry guys for not being here all this time but i had an accident ! so lets try to make this page more active!!

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) Ehhh? What happened? Did you break something and had to be hospitalized? :(

message 40: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rachelreads98) Hello- I hope we become friends :3
I hope that the 'accident' wasn't serious :)
Love your profile pic Irene >-<

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

Jasmine- unfortunately i was in a car accident and i was serious injured :/ But i am glad i came back ^_^
Rachel- Hey !! 8D i hope we can become friends too!! =D
well the accident was serious :c but i am glad it wasn't worst . Thank you !! :) I am a dengeki daisy fan xD

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) Phew! Where did you get injured at?

message 43: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rachelreads98) Well I hope that you heal soon :D I'm a Dengeki Daisy fan to, which is why I noticed it >.<

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

Jasmine - i injured my foot so now i am in a wheelchair
Rachel - Thank you for your wish !! =D

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) *gasp* Oh no! :( Is it hard to get around?

message 46: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rachelreads98) O-O Not to sound rude or anything but...
Probably not but...

message 47: by kiki (new)

kiki | 175 comments ? Is it painful???? Uh, I hadn't replied in a long time either...

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) 'Cause you don't get on as much as we do.

message 49: by kiki (new)

kiki | 175 comments Cuz I am busier than u guys...

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) Well, so am I.

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