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Rhi Etzweiler (rhianonetzweiler) | 255 comments Mod
I talk about a few influences in some of the interview content I've done, but this is a thread to bring it all together.

If you have questions, please ask! I'll get the discussion going...

What influences me can vary greatly depending on the nature of what I'm working on. Some influences, though, are universal. Growing up, my father had Reading Evenings. We'd gather in the living room, crowded on the floor with pillows and blankets, and listen to him read the entire Lord of the Rings series to us. He started with the Hobbit, and went straight on through.

The content of what he read wasn't the influencing factor. It was the way he read, the voices he used -- his Gandalf and Hobbit and Gollum were eerily close to what is in the movie, how strange is that? -- and the quality of the storytelling. I have no idea how often he paraphrased, but he made the story come alive.

It was that experience of being drawn into the story by that energy in the narrative that most strongly influenced my writing style.

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Rhi Etzweiler (rhianonetzweiler) | 255 comments Mod
One of the other aspects that influenced my writing a great deal and helped me evolve was people-watching. And some college-level classes in communication.

Together, the two helped me see that only a small portion of communication is actually verbal. Showing reaction and response is as much about language and tone of dialogue as it is about gestures, body stance and other small details.

Including them in writing isn't an easy feat, but it's part of what makes the reader connect with the characters. It's part of what makes them come alive and drag the reader down into the story.

And ultimately, that effect is one of the indicators of quality writing, solid story-telling-- the story is a vortex that sucks the reader in and drowns them in this alternate reality so thoroughly they get lost.

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