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Made it!

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what do we Rp about?

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Whatever... I'm okay with anything

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I haven't done a vampire one yet.. we could do that... haha I'm already in 2 kidnapper ones so I would rather do vampire :D

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kk..vampire it is then :) i'll make my charrie..

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Okay, I'm on my phone right now so I can't make mine, but I'll make mine when I get on the computer.. g2g for now!

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Name:Lisa Brooks
age:19 (new born vampire.just bitten a few days ago)
personality:sweet and kind but being a new born vampire she has temper issues to deal with.

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•Werty•~Dimitri's Girlfriend!!!~ wrote: "Okay, I'm on my phone right now so I can't make mine, but I'll make mine when I get on the computer.. g2g for now!"
((ok..see ya!!))

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Name: Aden Bradewood
Age: doesn't keep track anymore, but was turned when he was 20
Gender: male
Personality: Really smart and wise.. extremely patient and surprisingly merciful.. his weak spot is little kids, he'll do anything for them..
Other: he has a British accent

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so is this a romance?

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yeah..vampire romance!

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all right.. should we start?

message 15: by [deleted user] (new) start..i'm not that good at starting.

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((haha okay))

Aden walked around in the dark outside, bored to death.

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Lisa was at the edge of the forest dying of her thirst.she dared not go inside the town in case she killed someone she knew because of the horrible thirst scorching her throat.

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Aden decided to take a lap around the forest. On his way around, he ran into someone. Someone he believed to be a vampire. "Hello," he said kindly.

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Lisa looked up and found a boy standing there,a vampire boy.she wanted to say something but all she could do was groan in pain.she wanted blood,so badly.

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Aden realized the problem. He got out a bag of animal blood that he kept in his bookbag in case of emergencies. He handed it to the girl.

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she took it from him gratefully,snatched it more like but she couldn't help it.She drank the blood quickly and as she did she felt her pain go away and her strength returning.once she was done she turned to boy and smiled,"thank you"

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"No problem. We all get thirsty." He smiled. "So are you new?" He asked.

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"yes"she said getting up to her feet,"Lisa Brooks"she held out her hand.

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"Nice to meet you, Lisa." He smiled and shook her hand. "I'm Aden. Been around for quite a while now. I trust you have been shown how to behave and how to correspond with humans by your creator?"

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she gave a sad smile,"my creator killed my family and bit me.he left me to die.what you think he taught me anything?"she felt tears pricking the back of her eyes.

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Aden put a hand on Lisa's shoulder. "I'm really sorry. Vampires like him are a disgrace to all. How long ago was this?"

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"six days ago"she as a tear slid down her face.

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"I'm truly sorry." He paused for a moment. "Please let me know if I can help you in anyway possible. I still remember how heartbroken I was after I lost my family." He shook his head. "Its terrible."

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"it's ok"Lisa said putting on a brave smile.after a pause she said," don't have a place to you know someplace i could stay?"she asked hesitantly.

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"My house is probably the best and safest option for you right now." He smiled. "You can come check it out, see if you like it or not. If you do, you're more than welcome to stay, for however long you want. If not.." he trailed off. "Well, we can talk about that later." He cleared his throat.

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"thank you"Lisa told Aden gratefully glad she'd met him."how long have you been a vampire?"she asked curiously.

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"Longer than you would assume," he said, smiling. "My house is this way." He pointed and then started walking that way.

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Lisa followed him towards the direction he pointed.

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Aden stopped at a big, old white house. Surprisingly, it was very open, even though it was surrounded with trees. "Here we are!"

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"wow"Lisa marveled,"you live here?"she asked following him inside.

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Aden smiled. "Yup. Home sweet home." He showed her around the house and finally ended up by an empty room. "If you, um, decide to stay here, this will be your room."

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Lisa said in a sheepish voice,"i really have no idea what i'm going to do.i still can't come to terms with all that has happened."

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"Well, you're welcome to stay here until you can," he said, genuinely concerned.

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"thank you Aden"Lisa said gratefully,"you've been really kind to me"

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"Well, I know what it was like, and I wish I would have had someone to help me through it too." He sighed and then smiled. "Are you still hungry? I have more blood bags."

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"thank you all the same and no i don't need more blood,i'm quenched of my thirst for now"she said.

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"Okay, well, why don't you settle in? I need to go take care of some business. I'll be back in an hour or so. You think you'll be okay?"

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"yeah,i'll be fine"Lisa told him and watched him leave the room.

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Aden went outside and called someone he knew that was the head of the Official Vampire Council. "Hey, Nathan, its Aden. Listen," he said. "I've got a 6 day old vampire with me." He paused and listened while he ran towards the place. "Yeah, she's at my house. She's really confused. Her name is Lisa Brooks." He listened. "Yeah, I'm coming.: He hung up and reached the the Vampire Council Hall.

"Hey," he said to Nathan.

"So what's going on? What do you need from me, old friend?"

"I need your permission. I want to hunt down the person; no, not person. I want to hunt down the monster that has done this to the poor girl's family." Aden said.

"I'm afraid I cannot do that for you." Nathan sighed. "I cannot give you the freedom to kill another vampire. I would have to arrest you afterwards."

Aden sighed. "That's what I was afraid of. But there has got to be another way to stop him from taking more innocent lives."

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Lisa walked around and sat down on a couch.She was exhausted and confused.She was glad she'd met Aden.when the other vampire had killed her family she'd thought all vampires where ruthless but Aden was so different.He was kind and helpful.

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Aden ran a hand through his hair and then looked at his watch. "Hey, its been 45 minutes. I better get going, or Lisa will wonder where I am. I'll come back later. Thanks!" Aden said before leaving.

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Lisa fell asleep on the couch wondering what was taking Aden so long.

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Aden came home only to find Lisa asleep on the couch. He was extremely quiet and gentle and he carried her in his arms up to her room and put her on the bed and put a blanket over her. "Good night, Lisa," he whispered. Then he went to his own room and fell asleep.

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[we skip to morning or Rp through the night?]

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