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tzader and Brinna

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vulpecula what do you think is the problem with the goddess Macha? why dose she want to seperate them? I hate her. at first I thought that she is interested in Tzader but that's not the case is it?

April No it's not. I just finished the book. It threw me through a loop at the end when Macha told Tzader that he needs to convince Brina that she needs to move on after she already told Brina to convince him to move on if he still wants her she'll make it happen. Maybe to see if it is just a simple crush from teenage years or if it's truly love? I kind of feel that she has alternative motives

Paris        (kerbytejas) really hoping for another book in this series soon...need a fix in this series more then in the Dark Hunter series right now

Jeanne Walz I think it was because Macha, being a goddess is all-knowing, needed Z to be less distracted by Brinna. Possibly he was devoting more time to the hope of being with Brinna and seeing her as well that he would not have been able to fulfill his role as a warrior. Plus a healthy dose of separation makes the heart grow fonder. If they were destined from an early age to be with each other, nothing will tear them apart.

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