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Novels about Mumbai mafia

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Kevin Murray | 2 comments I'm now reading Sacred Games after having finished Shantaram. It's quite fascinating to compare two novels both largely about the Mumbai mafia. Both take a partly sympathetic view of the mafia, particularly their almost spiritual leaders. But the Australian tends to be more focused on the extraordinary life journey of the main hero, while the India seems to reveal much more about everyday life for Indians. I must say, I'm finding it quite a relief to be in Vikram Chandra's world, to see Mumbai from a broader variety of perspectives. Has anyone else read both?

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Louise | 22 comments Kevin- I'm currently listening to the last 3 cds (there are 35 of them!) of Shantaram and I just love it! I'm so excited to find someone else who read it. I think the author could have eliminated some of the war portion but otherwise it's a fabulous book. I love a book that makes me cry and laugh at the same time. I haven't read Sacred Games yet, but I will put it on my list. I have been wondering how close to reality Shantaram is and the comparison will be interesting. Thanks for the recommendation

Kevin Murray | 2 comments Sacred Games feels even longer than Shantaram, so you might want a break before reading another. But it does provide a fascinating alternative view.

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