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Sweet... so what do you want to be the topic? I'm okay with most everything..

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yeah sounds good.. do you wanna do 2 charries each or just one each?

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yeah sure.. here's my charrie

Name: Aden Bradewood
Age: 17; junior
Gender: Male
Personality: Sweet, smart, funny and extremely athletic. he's the star athlete at the school. plays football (quarterback) and basketball (main pointguard)..
History: His family is originally from London, but Aden's dad left them when Aden was 8, the dad left them with a lot of money so Aden and his mom moved to America and now his mom is a preschool teacher.. they live in a nice house, and have enough money to last them the rest of their lives, but Aden's mom still likes to work
Other: Aden's got a British accent

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Should we start?

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Aden woke up and got ready for school. When he got downstairs, his breakfast was waiting for him along with a note. Had to leave early. Have a nice day at school! Love, mom. He ate his breakfast while watching the highlights of the last football game. When he was done, he packed his bookbag and grabbed his keys and headed out the door.

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Aden parked his car and went inside. He met up with a few football friends and they all dispersed as the first bell rang. He went to his locker and got his books for his first class, Honors English. He started walking to class.

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Aden paid attention in class and finished the homework in the last 5 minutes of class. He was glad he didn't have any english to do tonight. He went to his locker before second hour.

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Aden saw Aria walk past him so he quickly got his stuff and ran to catch up with her. "Hey, Aria," He said. "Can I have the pleasure of walking with you to class?" He asked in a flirtatious way.

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Aden smiled. "Thank you. So, how's your week been going? You ready for the game tomorrow night?"

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"I'm always ready for football!" He laughed. "I hope you got your paper for history done. Otherwise you're dead," he said, entering the history classroom after her and taking his seat next to her.

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Aden raised his eyebrows in complete shock. "8 pages???? Crap, mine's only 3!" He laughed and then sighed. "Oh well."

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Aden grinned. "Well in that case, I don't really need extra credit. I'm just that good." Aden laughed.

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Aden grinned. The bell rang and class started. Aden paid attention throughout the lesson

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At the end of class, the teacher assigned a partner paper. "Wanna pair up?" Aden asked, looking over at Aria.

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"Cool," he said. He wrote down the assignment and looked over at Aria. "What class do you have next?" He asked.

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He smiled. "Sweet, so do I! If we get some time off, maybe we can work together?"

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"Awesome," he said, just as the bell rang.

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Aden went to his locker to get his chemistry things and then headed to class.

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The class passed by quickly with no time to spare. Aden caught up with Aria as the bell rang. "Wanna work during lunch?" He smiled. "You have no idea how much I hate doing homework actually at home."

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"So do I. Okay, let's just meet up in the library then." He smiled and went to sit by his friends in the cafeteria.

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Aden didn't really feel like eating so he mostly just joked around with his friends.

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((lol that stinks :P))

Aden headed to he library a few minutes early and got everything ready.

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"Hey, Aria," Aden said.

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"So let's start? It has to be at least two pages on why we think George Washington was a great leader."

((Sorry, its a crappy topic... haha i'm not in a history class this year))

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"Um, okay, but at least let me find most of the information. That way I feel like I did something."

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Aden smiled. "How about I write an outline and then you can put it together?"

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"Great." Aden got on one of the computers and started researching. By the time the free period was over, he was done with his outline. "Here you go," he said. "Hope I did a good job!"

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"Thanks," he said, while getting all his stuff together.

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"See you later?" Aden asked Aria before leaving the library.

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What's that supposed to mean? Aden wondered as he walked to Honors Math.

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After school, Aden put everything in his locker and went to the weight room for football practice.

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Aden went home after football practice and helped his mom with dinner.

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Aden finished eating and did the dishes while his mom tried to decipher preschooler's handwriting. Then he watched some more basketball highlights before taking a shower and going to bed.

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Aden got up and got ready and headed to school.

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((gotta go! sorry))

Aden ran into Aria on his way to first hour. "Hey," he said, running a hand through his hair.

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"How does our paper look?" He asked, smiling.

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"Awesome," he said. "Well, I'll see you next hour!" The bell rang.

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Aden sat down in English and talked to his friends be for class.

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The bell rang. Aden paid attention in class, but he was too excited about the football game that night.

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At the end of class, Aden headed to his next class.

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He met up with Aria on his way. "Hey," he said.

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"Hows it goin?" He asked, smiling.

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"I'm alright.."

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He shrugged. "I dunno," he said.

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Aden shook his head. "No, nothing's wrong. Just nervous about the game tonight. Don't want to let down the whole town."

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Aden smiled. "Thanks."

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