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"older married girlfriend"

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message 1: by Sue (last edited Nov 11, 2011 08:51PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sue (snuzy36) | 70 comments Thoughts on Tengo's dialogue with 'the older married girlfriend' and Tengo rather sticks his foot in his mouth helping her try to understand her dream. So many times I feel Murakami is edging toward a deeper message about the married girlfriend's morales :)

“It’s that I might be the monster. The possibility struck me once. Wasn’t it because they had seen me approaching that the people had abandoned their dinner and run out of the house? And as long as I stayed there, they couldn’t come back. In spite of that, I had to keep sitting in the cottage, waiting for them to come home. The thought of that is what scares me so much. It seems so hopeless, don’t you think?” “Or else,” Tengo said, “maybe it’s your own house, and your self ran away and you’re waiting for it to come back.”

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Ian "Marvin" Graye | 191 comments Mod
This might have something to do with the OGF's "shadow" or "dohta" separating and running away.

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