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message 1: by Amelia (new)

Amelia (amiia) One of my first angsty stories. Hope you all like it:


Daniela-Goddess of Reading | 16 comments Mod
I'm in the middle of reading it, Karlek. I'll leave you a review probably tomorrow. :)

P.S. So far I like it.

message 3: by Amelia (new)

Amelia (amiia) Thanks :) Now I'm all happy. I think I might be updating it soon.

Hey... you have a fanfiction account too?

message 4: by Daniela-Goddess of Reading (last edited Nov 17, 2011 11:26AM) (new)

Daniela-Goddess of Reading | 16 comments Mod
Okay, I've officially finished your story, Karlek and it was awesome! Of course there were some errors, but nobody is perfect.
I have a question though. When Jo and Kendall were in that Romeo and Juliet play, were they already boyfriend and girlfriend? I find that little piece of information a bit confusing or maybe it's me.

I think I will make a fanfiction account some time

message 5: by Amelia (new)

Amelia (amiia) It's not done yet, and the entire play rehearsals, and actual production would be in chapters four and five.

Right now, they are in a complicated point in they 'friendship'. They both like each other but well, are sort of insecure about their other friendships. Not boyfriend and girlfriend YET.

Sorry about the mistakes. Usually I get around to fixing it, but couldn't the time to re-read it.

Glad you liked it. When I update, I'll post the link here.

Daniela-Goddess of Reading | 16 comments Mod

message 7: by Amelia (new)

Amelia (amiia) I started a new story... based on the Kane Chronicles. You could check it out if you'd like.


message 8: by Daniela-Goddess of Reading (last edited Jan 12, 2012 11:00AM) (new)

Daniela-Goddess of Reading | 16 comments Mod
OMG! Keep adding more! I love it. It's really creative!
I also love the love triangle you added.

message 9: by Amelia (new)

Amelia (amiia) Thanks! :)

Updating that one soon

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