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Jay | 2 comments Jessica loved the feeling of the seldom feeling of wind brushing upon her face as she walked through town, her favorite black sweatshirt with the white cross going up the front and bagge jeans blowing in the rare breeze. It was 71 outside, and in arizona, that's winter for people like Jess. "Sara said that the shipment for paint came in this afternoon....or was it books...was it toliet paper?.." Jessica said to herself, and if you knew Jess in the least, you'd know this was a regular occurence for her. She was extremly forgetful with such matters, but as Sara would tell you, she never forgot a moment of her life, except for the simple stuff, like the shipment. "I just hope Mr. Wilfress remembers better than me, or we're all screwed..." She said, recalling the last time she had come back with the wrong box. My ear's were ringing for a week! she said to herself, worried that someone might let it slip to Sara she was blabbering again.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Izlia sat alone in a deserted part of the park on her laptop, searching for any clues that thee were still others like her. She sighed closed her laptop and looked around her.
No friends, no pets, except her Chimeria. (Sorry for the misspellings.) She stood up and walked down a deserted street, toward a small, one story house.
She opened the door and allowed herself inside. She went to her room and sat on her bed.

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Mei Li Francis | 3 comments Skye ran her fingers on the smooth surface of the desk. She let out a squeak of excitement, her new home was amazing.
Hallie had really scored big this time. The house was in a small remote area in Connecticut. Hallie’d reckoned that it was about five miles from the nearest house. All that space, Skye didn’t have to hide who she really was for the first time since she’d gotten off the ship. A calm peaceful feeling settled over her. No more lies for the first time in years.
“So, do you like it?” Hallie asked casually leaning against the doorway.
Slowly a broad smile broke out onto Skye’s face, “Like it-” Skye paused dramatically, and watched as Hallie hung onto her every word. “I love it!”
“Really, you mean it?” Hallie asked, heaving a sigh of relief.
Ever since Skye could remember Hallie had always been there for her, always protecting her. She’d trained her so well that by age ten, even without legacies she could have taken down hundreds and thousands of Mogs.
But now she was thirteen, and could control the air and water. That’s why she’d chosen Skye this time. Skye, seemed so melodic and pretty, and to a human being they’d assume it was because of her sky blue eyes. They’d never guess it was because of her legacies. Besides water wasn’t a name.

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