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Winter Rose Phantom Chapter 1

ANDI SAT MOTIONLESSLY AS THE HAIRDRESSER WORKED ON STYLING HER HAIR FOR the ball that coming evening. The hairdresser paused a moment, so she assumed that she was finished and opened her eyes. The woman was petite and small around, she had blonde hair and inquisitive blue eyes. She walked around in front of Andi to get a better look at her work and then closed in on her to fix some of the loose frills. Andi found, that when you have a short hairdresser and you are sitting down, you will end up having cleavage in your face, so she once again closed her eyes to avoid having to look at it.
After her eyes were closed, Andi was starting to think about the upcoming ball that evening. It was being held in honor of her birthday, but also for her to find a husband. Mostly mother wants to marry me off, she thought. But it was usless trying to convince her stubborn, hard headed mother that her beloved daughter had no interest in finding a proper -and royal - mate. She would rather spend her time in her studies and talk with her elder brother, Randy, and the servants that worked for them.
As the hairdresser finished up, Andi felt her pull away once more and then a final pin being placed into her hair. Then she heard the hairdresser's light feminine voice say, "There.....Finished." Andi realised that she was done getting her hair finished and she opened her eyes. The woman smiled at her and inclined her hair in respect, as she was the princess of the kingdom of Lorretta.
"You look magnificent, Lady Andi." She said with a bright smile on her face.
"Thank you Mrs. Milden. I am sure it is your hard work that makes me look as such." Andi said in her light, intelligent sounding voice. Mrs. Milden flushed a dull red. Andi noted that she seemed very embarrased and unable to speak.
"N-Nonsense! It is your own Beauty m'lady." She managed to get out.

Winter Rose Phantom There was a sharp knock at her room door before she could say anything more to Mrs. Milden. She got up and walked over to the door and opened it. Outside her door was a young, male servant who looked to be in his late teens, just as she was. She could feel a faint rush of heat cross her face and a smile tugging at the corners of her lips. Andi gave into the urge and smiled at him, she looked up at him. He was holding a finely tailored dress over one of his arms.
"Good Evening Zeke." She said in a Cheery tone and Zeke was returning her smile. Mrs. Milden was behind her with her things all put away. She made her way through the two of them to inform the Queen and King that she had finished her job. Anid Paused a moment to thank Mrs. Milden again and then she turned back to Zeke.
"A very fine evening to you as well, Young Master." He said in a crisp and proper tone, "I have brought your dress."
"Thank you for your hard work, we all appreciate it greatly." Andi said, grateful.
Zeke Bowed and handed her the dress. Andi took the dress form him with a proper grace.

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Winter Rose Phantom "Thank you again Zeke." She said.
Zeke turned and walked away from her to where his next job was. Andi smiled at his back and then shut her bedroom door to change.

Winter Rose Phantom A WHILE LATER ANDI was out in the garden picking roses. Zeke was watching her from the glass doors on the second floor, thinking that she looked very exquisite as she was out in the sunny afternoon light. He decided that he wanted to go talk to her so he walked down the main stairs and into the garden. He looked at her from behind and saw that she looked like she wasn't happy about something, so he walked over to her and smiled.
"How are you doing right now, Young Master? Would you like me to get you anything?"
"If it wouldn't be much trouble, would you mind getting me a cup of tea?" She had perked up a bit after she saw him. Andi smiled at him.
"Right away Young Master." Zeke said and thasn quickly went inside and got her a cup of tea and then returned a few minutes later. He walked over to her and handed her the warm cup of tea.
"Here you are, Young Master."
"Thank you, Zeke." She sat down on a nearby bench and sighed, taking a sip of the tea. Zeke sat down next to Andi. Her eyes were focused on the liquid in the cup.
"What troubles you, Young Master?" He asked, adding a gentle tone to his voice.
"Oh......Well, It's the Ball......"She looked up at him.
"Do you not wish to go?" He asked, placing his arm around her shoulder, hugging her. She felt soft as he did so.
Andi looked back down again, "Well, I.....kind of have to go. I have no choice....." he pouted a bit.
"You always have a choice Young Master..." He said in a reassuring tone.
"No, I don't. My Parents are holding it for me, so I have to go." She took another sip of tea. "I wonder what kind of Princes will be there." She sighed. "No matter what I'll have to pick one.....or my parents will pick one for me."

Winter Rose Phantom "I would rather you pick who you fall in love with to marry, not who ever your parents choose." He hugged her lightly. "I have a plan..." He said in a hushed tone. Andi looked over at him with a small glint of hope in her eyes.
"What do you mean?"
"I am the one who is supposed to take you too the ball. So in the midst of the goings on, I can 'loose' you and take the blame while you take some free time."
"And what if that gets you fired Zeke?!" She stood up, looking outraged, "That is even worse then having to attend the Ball!" She turned away from him and started to walk away. Zeke's eyes widened after he heard her say that. A smile tugged at the corners of his lips.
"Do not worry about me, I just want to see you happy."
"Don't worry, you......don't need to worry about me. I'll be fine." She said, her voice quiet. Zeke stood and walked over to her and whispered something in her ear that made her blush faintly. He smiled, satasfied and then walked away to tend to the garden.
"Oh! Right I almost forgot," Zeke said as he remembered another reason why he came out besides wanting to talk to her. "I am going to help with supper tonight and was wondering if you require tonight."
"Anything will be fine..." She looked at the places where Zeke had been tending. "I'm guessing they won't be joining Randy and I tonight as well.....they are still working on the ball."
"I'm sure they just want everything perfect for you Young Master."
She nodded, but, Zeke believed, that it wasn't what she was thinking at the time.

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"It's so Quiet around here..." He muttered to himself, not likeing the erie silence the Mansion held during the day. He wanted to do something so he decided to go find Andi and talk with her or go on a walk with her for a bit. He called out as he neared a hallway.
"Young Master? Where are you? I was

Winter Rose Phantom "Young Master? Where are you? I was wondering if you would like to go on a walk with me." He said, his voice echoing through the hallways. Andi came out of a door that was near him.
"I would love to Zeke..." She said with a smile. "Anything to get out of here." Something in her eyes told him there was another reason that she wanted to go with him though. He smiled at the thought that she wanted to go to be with him - at least that is what he thought.
"Should I get a hosre drawn carriage for you? Or would you rather walk, Young Master?" Zeke asked as he started walking towards the front door. Andi follower after him.
"I want to walk." She said as she caught up to him. The warm spring air hit their faces and Zeke smiled as he walked next to her. It Just felt......right. There was no other way to describe it. They walked past the rose garden and the pond. The roses were in full bloom, they glittered a bit in the sunlight as the water from th pond was being blown onto their petals. Zeke spoke up a few minutes later, not wanting much more silence.
"We have a lovely home, but I say it's not very necissary to it so big, what do you think?"
"The same. The only people who reside in the household permanantly are you, my maiden, Mother, Father, and my brother." She smiled a bit, picking up the ends of her dress. "Hurry up or I'll leave you behind." She called back as she skipped along the path ahead of him. Zeke smiled and gave a small laugh.
"Do you even know where I am going to take you?" He asked as he picked up his pace to catch up with her. Andi laughed.
"No clue." She said in between laughter. "Where?" Zeke smiled.
"There is and oak tree furthur down the path and it has a swing on it." He smiled to himself amoment thinking about the view of the lake it had. "Its on a clear blue lake. It's a wonderful sight." He stated. Andi had slowed down a bit and closed her eyes. He wondered what she was doing.
"That sounds nice...." She said happily, opening her eyes. Zeke started to walk down a flower covered hill, the giant oak tree towered at the bottom of it.
"We're almost there." He said to her as they reach the middle of the hill, he looked over at Andi. "I'll race you there." he said in a mischevious tone. Andi laughed.
"Okay!" She said happily, pulling up her dress and slipping out of her heels. She didn't want to ruin the outfit that she was wearing to the ball that evening, Zeke deducted, her parents would be furious. She tucked the ends of her dress into the corset she was wearing so the ends wouldn't get dirty. Zeke felt heat rise into his face, but he surpressed it at the moment, so that the Young Master wouldn't see.
"But remember not to tell your parents, okay?" He reminded her. She laughed as if that was an obvious thing.
"Why would I tell them anything?" She said, picking up her heels. Zeke smiled and started to run down the hill towards the tree. He could hear Andi following after him.
"I'm going to win!" He shouted behind to her. He could hear her laughter as she followed after him swiftly.
"I doubt that Zeke!" She said as she caught up to him. Zeke laughed and started to run faster, but he tripped and ended up rolling down the hill, hitting the giant oak at the bottom. He could hear Andi's shouts from be hind him as he tried to stand up a bit dizzy, he thought he was seeing stars for a moment.
"Zeke! Are you okay?!" She shouted to him. Zeke put his hands on his head to make the world stop spinning.
"Quite fine young Master, quite fine." He said, shaking his head to regain his bearings. He could now hear Andi's laughter behind him getting closer. "Looks like I win." He said in a humorous tone. Andi Laughed harder.
"I believe you do!" She said, laughing. Andi jumped on the swing. "You know, Zeke. While we are.....breaking the this, you me Andi....instead of Young Master." He looked over at her, stunned with the request. Zeke walked over to the swing and pushed her gently.
"Okay, Young Mas........I mean Andi."He flushed a bit then. Andi laughed again.
"It sounds better." She said with a smile. Zeke smiled and then started to ask a couple questions.
"So, Andi, have you met any of the princes that are going to attend the Ball this evening?" He pushed her a bit higher on the swing.(Msg 56)

Winter Rose Phantom ANDI SHOOK HER head as he pushed her. Sighing, she looked up at the sky a moment and then spoke.
"No, not yet..."
"Do you.....think you will find a decent suitor?" He asked.
"I'm........not sure..." She said, though she felt she had found him already. She smiled. The breeze brushed lightly through her hair.
"Well I hope you find one through love and not because of the rules of your family." He said, smiling.
"Yes, Me too...." She said looking over at him with a smile. Zeke smiled back at her.
"I wouldn't mind being your suitor........but, I am not one of royal that would never happen..." He said. She thought he was saying it in a joking manner but she blushed anyway.
"Y-yeah....too bad..." Andi looked up at the sky and smiled, the sun was setting, creating an orange red hue in the sky.
"Andi?" She heard Zekes voice and she snapped out of the momentary daze. "Are you okay?" He asked.
"Yes I'm fine....What is it?" She asked.
"It's getting late, and I'm asuming your parents want you back to the mansion in due time."
Andi sighed, oh.....right.......She thought. She stood up.
"Okay," She held out her hand with a smile, thinking that she should savor this time with him that she had. "Let us go then?"
Zeke smiled up at her, "Of course." He stood up and took her hand gently.
ANDI'S HAND WAS SHAKING as he took her hand. He frowned, thinking that something was wrong.
"Andi? Are you okay?" He asked her with a growing concern. She jumped a bit at his question, which made him worry a bit more.
"Y-yes...I'm fine. Just a bit nervous....." Her words eased his mind. He smiled.
"I see.....anything I can do to help?" He asked in a hushed tone. Andi let go of his hand a moment to fix her dress, then she took it back.
"I'm fine, really." She said with a smile. God she was so strong, he thought.
"Alright..." He smiled back at her and then led her back to the mansion for the ball.

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Winter Rose Phantom Chapter 2
ZEKE WALKED ANDI INSIDE THE MANSION GATES AND LET HER TO THE ROOM where the ball was being held. Many people were already were arriving to the dance hall and her elder brother had taken his place among the guests, but Zeke noticed that he was being watched by a few of the guards at the doors. That was probably due to what had happened earlier in the year, though Zeke wasn't quite sure of the details. He just knew that Randy had gone into town and gotten in trouble with his parents. Randy did not look happy, he thought, and niether did Andi. She was sticking close to him, not wanting to mingle with the others in the room. He decided to ease her spirits.
"Miss Andi, I was ordered to stay by your side and make sure nothing happens to you this evening, and that is exactaly what I intend to do. But even if I was not ordered, I would have done that anyway." He said with a smile. He held back a small laugh as he saw her blush lightly. How cute, he thought to himself with a smile.
"Thank you Zeke." She said, looking up at him. He smiled back at her.
"I will do my best to keep you safe, If anyone tries to harm you in any way, I will stop them." He said to her.
"Thank you, but it's just a ball." SHe told him, smiling at all the people.
"I know, Andi, but I am your servant and your guard when events like these happen." He took her arm and led her to a seat at one of the tables, sat her down and stood beside her. Andi did not seem interested in the party, so Zeke tried to make it fun for her and messed with her when no one was looking by messing her hair up. He laughed, "You look lovely." He joked, but he didn't do any damage to her hair.
"Oh shut up." She said, waving his hand away.
"Would you like something to eat or drink perhaps?" Zeke asked her. Andi shook her head.
"No, Thank you though." She said with a smile. "But Maybe you could find me a dance partner?" She asked politely. Zeke smiled.
"Of course. But only if you let me have the privilege to dance with you before the ball is over." He said, laughter dancing in his eyes. Andi laughed.
"Well...........okay!" She said, a faint blush spreading across her face. Zeke smiled after seeing the blush and then went to go find her a dance partner. He noticed one prince, white hair and very tall,leaning against the wall not interacting with anyone. He decided to take his chances with him.
"Greetings sir." Zeke said as he walked over to where the prince was.
"Yes?" He asked in a rich, accented voice.

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Winter Rose Phantom "I was ordered by my Young Master to find a suitable dance partner for her. Would you be so kind as to dance with the Young Master of the house." Zeke asked bowing before the Prince. The prince smiled and politely bowed back.
"Of course."
"Thank you sir." Zeke said with a grateful smile. "I shall show you where she is at the moment." Zeke turned around and led the prince to where Andi was at. Andi smiled at the two of them when they walked over to her. Zeke smiled back pleasantly. The prince walked around Zeke quickly and took Andi's hand, kissing it lightly.
"You must be the Young Mistress of the house, My name is Talon. I am the prince of the Kingdom, Verrilla. It is an honer to meet you."He said with a smile. "May I ask to have this dance?" He asked her. Andi didn't react the way Zeke thought she would. She stood up and smiled at Talon.
"Certainly." She said in a very lady-like tone. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Talon. My name is Andi, Princess of Lorretta."
"Its a Pleasure to meet you Miss Andi." He said, holding out his hand for her to take. Zeke took a step back as Andi walked passed him to take Talon's hand.
"Have a good time, Young Master. And call if you need anything." He said. He saw her nod at him, so he took his place, sitting down and watched the two of them.
As Talon led Andi to the dance floor with a magnificent grace, Zeke noted that Andi was lookimg as lovely as ever, and maybe even more so, but......something was different about her, She didn't look like she was dancing quite well. Zeke chuckled and heard Andi's voice in his head saying, Oh shut up! To him as he chuckled. He decided that Andi was safe ith Talon and decided to go outside to get some fresh air, it was getting a bit stuffy in that ballroom.

ANDI DANCED WITH TALON, very poorly, but she danced. She was flushed a light pink color, and looking down at her feet. I'm so bad at this! She thought as she tried her best. She heard Talons Voice in her ear say, "Just follow my lead, It's easy enough..." Andi sighed knowing that she was embarrasing herself, but she nodded and started to folow his lead. She smiled as she started to get the steps of the dance.
"See? There you're getting it." She headr Talon say to her. That ruined the moment a bit for Andi.
"Don't treat me like a kid, I just donn't dance much." Talon Chuckled a bit, causing Andi to blush lightly again.
"I'm sorry." He said, apologizing. Andi didn't answer him after that, she just smiled and danced for him, putting on a show so she didn't dissapoint them. Talon spoke up again to her.
"Are you having fun this evening?" He asked. Andi sighed, lookignup at him.
"Well, I didn't even want this ball thrown for me. It was my Parents' idea...but I guess I'm having fun." Kinda. Talon smiled at her.
"I'm glad you are having fun, Miss." He smiled. Andi smiled as well when she heard the music fade and a new song was started.
"I am getting a bit tired, may I take a break and get something to drink?" She asked cautiously.
"Certainly." Said Talon."I'll go get you your drink." He smiled at her. Andi smiled, grateful.
"Thank you, Talon." She said, "I will be out on the balcony with my butler." She smiled back at him. And with that she walked away from him, out into the cool night air.

ZEKE WAS OUT ON THE BALCONY leaning against the railing, looking out at the garden. The Roses were in bloom that evening. He noticed a woman walking through the bushes and recognised her as Kiana, Andi's hand maiden. Before he could talk to her, a hand came down on his shoulder and he jumped, then he heard familliar laughter.
He turned around and saw Andi smiling at him. He smiled back at her.
"Did I startle you?" She said, laughing.
"Not at all. I did that on purpous." He said, flushing a faint pink color. Andi laughed more.
"Right."Zeke cleared his throat.
"So, Young Master, is something the matter?" He asked her, looking out towards the garden once again. Kiana was still there, looking at the roses. She turned and looked up at them, smiling at Andi and himself. Zeke smiled back at her.
"No, I'm fine." She told him. Then she turned to Kiana, smiling back. "Good evening, Kiana. How are you?"
"I am good, Mistress. How fare you this fine evening?" She said with her melodic voice. Andi blinked a moment, thinking.
"I am fine as of yet, but I must say, it gets quite crowded in the ballroom."
Kiana nodded, knowing. "Very true. I have chosen to stay out here while everything is going on."
"I would love to do that..."Andi said, a tone of complaint in her voice.
Zeke turned around as the two women talked a bit and saw Randy pass by them as he strolled the ballroom a bit. He paused a moment and turned to look out the doors onto the balcony and made eye contact with Zeke, but payed no attention to him, instead he looked as though he was listening for something. Randy shook his head, as if in disbelief, and continued on his way. That was strange.....Zeke thought. Zeke then saw Talon walking over with two drinks. He truned back to Andi who was waving goodbye to Kiana as she walked back into the garden. He touched her shoulder gently and told her tthat Talon was returning. Andi looked at him and smiled.
“Thank you Zeke.” She whispered to him, smiling. Talon walked over to them and handed Andi a cup of punch. Andi looked at it a bit strange and Zeke chuckled a bit.
“What is this?” She asked, confused at the liquid in the cup. “Is it some sort of new tea?” Zeke heard Talon chuckling behind him.
“No, it’s juice.” He said with a smile.
“Oh….”Andi muttered, embarrassed. “I usually only drink tea, so I don’t know what to make of this….”
“Just try it,” Zeke whispered into her ear. “It’s very tasty…”
“O-Okay….” She said and then she took a small sip of the juice. Blinking, she looked up at them. “It’s good…..”She smiled. Talon smiled back at her.
“Good, I’m glad you like it.”
Andi smiled and finished her juice as another song started to play. Kiana had walked around the garden and then started up the stairs that led to the balcony. Zeke watched her come up. Kiana was a tall, feminine young woman with golden blonde hair and golden eyes. Strange that someone who looked to be from a noble family was working as a hand maiden for a princess. Zeke smiled at her and then turned to leave, wanting to avoid another dance. Before he could manage to slip away though, Andi caught him.
“Zeke? Where do you think you are going?” She walked over to him. He stopped cold.
“I-I am not going anywhere, young Master.” He said, a bit nervous. He could hear Kiana chuckling a bit behind him, as if she knew he was trying to get away. Andi also giggled a bit.
“Sure….” Andi said in a sarcastic manner. Zeke decided to change the subject on his running away.
“Is there anything that you need, Young Master?”
“Not really,” She smiled at him. Zeke became a bit mesmerized by Andi’s beauty. Andi was talking with Kiana again; Zeke leaned against the wall to steady himself a bit before he fell over. Talon looked over at him and walked over, leaning against the wall as well.
“Quite lovely, isn’t she?” He asked. Zeke nodded absentmindedly, not realizing what he had done. He heard Talon sigh and then walk away a while later, just as a slow song started. The sound of the music brought Zeke out of his trance-like state.
“That’s my queue to leave….”He muttered to himself as he silently tried to sneak away. Andi caught him again. She grabbed him on the shoulder and he stood up straight. “Yes Young Master?” Andi laughed at his reaction.
“I said I would save you a dance, didn’t I?” She said. Zeke turned around and saw that she was holding out her hand for him. Zeke became a bit nervous and his face began to turn a bit red.
“Y-yes…I remember……” He said, taking her hand and pulling her close to him so they could dance. He was still a bit red in the face. Andi was looking up at him with a small smile on her face; he could tell she was enjoying herself. Though, he noted that her face was a bit flushed but he thought that it was just him seeing things. She smiled at him.
“Don’t be shy about anything…” She said in a soft tone.
“I…I’m sorry Andi….I’m just not a good dancer….” He said, though he was dancing fairly decent, but was off beat.
“That’s okay. I’m not good at it either.” But she was unknowingly following his lead.

THE SONG WENT ON FOR A WHILE as Zeke and Andi danced together. Kiana was sitting inside at one of the tables, watching them with a smile on her face. They made a good match. She herself was a little bit jealous of Zeke and Andi though, because they could still stay in contact with each other. Kiana couldn’t, because she had been caught. She wanted to see him, but since he was under watch all the time, she never had any chance to get anywhere near him. She sighed and looked down at her feet. She didn’t think that she could stay away from him much longer. She was beginning to need to see him, and soon.

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Winter Rose Phantom Chapter 3
RANDY LOOKED AROUND THE BALL, STARTING TO GET BORED. HE BEGAN to wander around a bit and then he saw that Andi and Zeke were dancing, off beat by a bit, but they were dancing together none-the-less. He smiled, but then started to think about what had happened to him because he fell for someone that wasn’t of royal blood. It was a tragic story for him and the one he fell for. But ever since the week after they were caught together, he had started to believe that there was hope for them. He began to be able to feel her presence, as he always had been able to. And he could feel it constantly, giving him hope. He saw one of the women stand and start walking out onto the balcony; he looked over at his parents, who were talking with a couple of the princes.
He decided that he wanted to dance with someone, so he started to walk over to the woman who had just stood up. As he neared her, he started to get a better glimpse at her. She had golden colored hair and was tall, well not as tall as him; but close. She turned a bit when someone had bumped into her and he saw her profile. His eyes widened, he was unable to believe that she had come to the castle that evening. He had to go talk to her, to make sure she was okay. All he needed was to hear her voice once more. She had walked out onto the balcony; he followed her out into the cool night air. She was starting down the staircase that led to the garden; her shoulders were slumped a bit; as if she were disappointed by something.
Randy ran out of the ball room and started to follow her down the stairs. When he was sure that the guards were out of earshot and he wasn’t being watched, he called to her.
“Kiana!” He shouted.

Winter Rose Phantom KIANA TURNED AROUND WHEN she heard her name being called. The voice was male, and it sounded….very familiar. When her eyes came upon the one who called her name, it was too late. He had his arms around her, holding her close. She knew who it was. Tears welled up in her eyes and she leaned her face into his shoulder, wrapping her arms around his lower back. She could head some very faint sobs, and realized it was herself, but it was only reasonable that she was going to cry when she saw him again. He loosened his grip on her a bit and she looked up at his face. He was smiling at her with those red-golden eyes of his, it was a gentle smile. She smiled back at him.
“Ran-” She was cut off by the sound of footsteps up on the balcony. He pulled her into the shadows beneath the balcony. Then she heard voices coming from above them.
“I swear! He came out here, sir!” A young, male voice said.
“I believe that.” An older voice said.
She presumed they were guards, the ones who were told to keep an eye on him. She looked up at him, his eyes were shadowed and on the defensive. He did not want to be found, she thought. And Kiana didn’t want to be found either. She opened her mouth to say something, but his hand covered her mouth a moment. He hushed her.
“Not now…” He whispered into her ear. “I need to go. Meet me sometime when we have time to talk.”
Kiana nodded. He backed away from her, “Sorry our meeting must be so brief.” He said to her quietly.
“A-are you kidding?! I’m just-” was all she could say before his mouth covered hers for a brief moment. As soon as she lost physical contact from him, he disappeared; she assumed that he was walking up to the balcony, to get the guards away so she could leave safely. A few moments later she heard voices, both of the guards and his voice.
“Young Master Randy, Where have you been?” Asked the elder guard, Kiana had decided to label him as Guard 1.
“I wanted to walk in the gardens, in private. Is that too much to ask for?” Randy asked them.
“I’m sorry, sir, but our orders were to keep you under a watchful eye unless you are in your room.” The younger one, Guard 2, stated.
“That is correct.” Guard 1 said, “We wouldn’t have to keep an eye on you if you had made better decisions, sir.”
“Don’t talk to me like that.” Randy said. Kiana was starting to think that she should go up and calm him down, before someone got hurt.
“I apologize for his actions.” Guard 2 said. He sounded smart.
Kiana was sure that Guard 2 was trying his best to make sure that Randy’s nerves didn’t snap. She began to walk out of the hiding place under the balcony, walking out into the garden.
“Hey! You in the garden! Stop right there!” Guard 1 shouted when he saw Kiana walk out into the light.

Winter Rose Phantom “SHIT….” RANDY MUTTERED UNDER HIS BREATH, his plan didn’t work. The younger guard looked over at Randy as if he heard him.
“You say something, sir?” He asked. Randy shook his head. “Oh….”
Randy and the other guard looked out into the garden, over the railing. Kiana had turned around to face them. She was looking up at them. The elder guard was glaring at her menacingly, which was infuriating for Randy. Kiana was just smiling up at them, looking unfazed by the look she was getting from the guard.
“Identify yourself, woman!” The guard shouted down at her.
“Kiana. Kiana Hunters.” She told them.
“And what be you doing here?” He asked, still suspicious, but less intense. Randy started to calm down a bit.
“I was told to come out here to survey the ball; I was dismissed about ten minutes ago. The Young Master told me I could go back to my room.” She smiled at Randy, who was astonished at how well Kiana had handled the situation. Both of the guards looked to Randy. Randy nodded. The two of them sighed. The older guard turned back to face Kiana.
“You are free to go. Be safe on your way home.”
“Yes sir.” She said. Kiana bowed and hurried off. Randy let out a mental sigh of relief. She was safe at the moment……good.

Winter Rose Phantom KIANA MADE HER WINGS APPEAR and flew up to Randy’s bedroom. His window was open. She smiled and flew into his room, placed a note on his bed, and then snuck out of the room, heading to her own for the night.

Winter Rose Phantom Chapter 4
ZEKE AND ANDI SAT DOWN NEXT TO EACH OTHER AS THE BALL CONTINU-d to drag on. Andi said that she wanted to leave as soon as possible, but her parents had declined her saying, that this ball was being thrown for her so she needed to stay the whole time through. Zeke looked over at her as she yawned sleepily. Zeke wanted to keep her awake, at least for the moment.
“Miss Andi.” He whispered to her. “What would you like to do after this is over?”
Andi had one answer to that. “Sleep.” Zeke sighed.
“I’ll be right back, Andi. Wait here a moment.” He said. She nodded sleepily.
Zeke walked over to the Masters and whispered into their ears.
“Excuse me…But the Young Master is not feeling well. May I take her to her room?” Zeke looked over at Andi and mouthed to her. “Play Along.” He had the urge to laugh when he saw Andi slump in her chair, playing along. Andi’s mother looked at Andi and then she turned back to Zeke.
“Alright, but she must be brought back by the end of the ball. We will have a prince picked out for her by then.” She told him. Zeke nodded and walked back over to Andi’s side, squatting down in front of her.
“Here, Get on my back so I can carry you to your room, Young Master Andi…” He said quietly. Andi nodded, blushing lightly. She got onto his back and then it was Zeke’s turn to blush. He carried her away from everyone’s sights and then a while later, put her down.
“There you go, Andi. Now you don’t have to stay.” He told her.
“Thank goodness……”She said with a sigh. Andi took her heels off. “This is not fun….” She complained, tossing her heels to Zeke. Zeke just smiled and caught the heels easily. Andi started to walk off. He chuckled.
“And where are you off to now?” He asked her.
“I’m…….not sure.” She stopped a moment, “I feel so bad….”
“For what? You didn’t want to leave?” He asked, now utterly lost and confused. Andi sighed.
“Not that….it’s just…….oh never mind, let’s go.” She said and stated walking again.
“Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?” He walked beside her.
“Yes….It’s nothing…”
Oh……Okay. He decided not to pry anymore. “So do we plan on going back at all?” Andi sighed again.
“I didn’t, but then…you heard Mother……”
“Then I can find an excuse for you. Maybe I can say that you already found a prince…or something of that sort.”
“They would want to meet him of course.”
Zeke laughed. “Then we can just be…..fashionably late.” Andi laughed as well. Zeke smiled, happy that she was feeling a bit better then.
“Okay then!”
“You are a very lucky princess, Andi. I am the only butler in this household who will let you do what you want.” He smiled at her. “Would you like to see something with me?” Andi smiled back at him.
Zeke started to head for the stairs that led to the roof. He took her hand carefully and led her up the stairs.
“Watch your step, please.” He said, walking beside her.
Zeke took Andi up all the flights of stairs, not once letting go of her hand, as if he would lose her if he let go for even a moment. When they got to the roof, a beautiful garden of roses that were in full bloom came into view. He watched Andi’s eyes widen. He chuckled lightly.
“I’m guessing you like it?” He asked quietly. She nodded repetitively. He started to laugh softly.
“It’s lovely!” She said, letting go of his hand. Zeke didn’t want to let Andi run off, but he reluctantly let go of her hand and watched her run off into the garden. He smiled though, pleased with her reaction to his secret place.
“This is my personal garden I tend to besides the larger garden below.” He walked to the small fountain in the middle of the garden. “This is where I come to think. Your parents know nothing of it.” He said in a small voice.
“This place is just so nice, Zeke. I love it!” She looked over at him and smiled sweetly. He flushed a faint pink color. Zeke decided to have her come over and sit down next to him, so he patted the empty space next to him. “Would you like one?”
“L-like one? No thanks….” She smiled and sat down next to him. “But I wouldn’t mind coming up here though.” Andi looked up at the starry night sky, she seemed entranced by it.
“Feel free to come up here anytime you like.” He pointed at an empty spot on the roof. “Something special is going to be planted over there. I can’t wait to go get them.”
“Them?” She asked, looking over at the spot that he was pointing at.
“It’s a white flower that only grows in the night time and from the light of the moon.”
“That sounds great.” She said with a smile.
“Yes. I love taking care of flowers; it’s always been a personal hobby of mine.” He looked up at the night sky and pointed at the stars. Andi looked up as well, smiling at the night sky.
“There are so many stars out tonight……” He said, starting to count the stars. He heard Andi start to laugh at him.
“You know you can’t count them all.”
“Just watch me.” He said, challenging her. He only made it to about 15 stars when he gave up and Andi started laughing at him.
“I told you so!” She laughed. Andi looked back up again. “So pretty….” She breathed.
Zeke smiled and stood up; Andi looked over at him when he did with a where-are-you-going look. He just smiled at her and then walked off. He heard her sit up, but he didn’t hear her stand. He walked over to one of the rose bushes and picked one of the blooming flowers. Zeke then took the large and small thorns off and walked back over to where Andi was. He placed the flower gently in her hair and smiled.
“There, you look lovely.” He said with a beaming smile.
“T-thank you…” She said, sounding nervous.
Zeke looked up at the moon again for a moment, and then he sighed.
“We have to head back now….” He heard Andi sigh next.
“Darn….fine……” She groaned standing up and brushing off her dress.
Zeke held his hand out for her to take when she looked up. He saw her blush and then took his hand, her hand was small and it fit neatly into the palm of his own. He smiled and started to lead her to the stairs which he took her down and led her back to the ballroom. He saw that Andi wasn’t too happy about coming back. She was staring at the ground, avoiding eye contact with anyone who passed by. As he walked her to his seat she sighed.
“They must have picked someone……” She said as he sat her down. Zeke flinched a bit when he heard her say that. He wasn’t too excited to meet the one who was going to take Andi away from him. Then he saw the Queen, Andi’s Mother, walk over to them. She stopped right in front of Andi and spoke.
“It’s about time you got back.” She said and then walked off. Zeke was astonished at how rude her mother had been to her.

THIS IS A USLESS PROCESS… ANDI THOUGHT AS MANY A PRINCE CAME TO talk and introduce themselves. She had refused them all, but she did it with a smile, putting on a show for her parents. The only thing that made the whole thing better was that Zeke was sitting next to her. Andi felt Zeke tap her shoulder once and then he whispered into her ear.
“Just grin and bear it, you’re almost done.” Or so he said, but the princes that her parents -mainly her mother- sent were persistent enough to make her want to storm out of the room. But then again, she wanted to do that from the start of the evening. Andi sighed and went along with the ‘game’ that was being played, but she was at her wit’s end.
Time passed by and later than she wanted, the ball ended. Andi sighed in relief as the last prince had left. She leaned back into her chair and put a hand on her head, covering her eyes. That was exhausting and useless........ She thought as she closed her eyes. She heard Zeke’s voice in the next moment.
“That was the last of them, Young Master. I assume you would like to return to your room?” He asked. Andi opened her eyes and looked over at him. She stared at his face for a moment, thinking that she would rather see this face every day than one of those princes’. Zeke blinked and tilted his head a bit, looking back at her. He looked confused, and pretty, it was either that….or she was too tired to think clearly.
“Miss Andi? Are you alright?” He asked. His words brought her out of her trance-like state. She shook her head and looked around, startled.
“W-What is it?” She asked, trying to gather her bearings. She heard him chuckle a bit, so she frowned. Was her reaction that funny?
“Don’t you want to leave?” He asked, smiling at her. She sighed and nodded. Of course she wanted to leave that stuffy place. She was uncomfortable and tired.
“Yes, I want to leave, Zeke.” She said in a plain, no joke tone. He stood up and bowed slightly.
“Then shall we go?” He asked her. Andi stood and nodded. Zeke held out his hand for her and he smiled at her. She felt heat rush to her face and then she took it carefully, he closed his fingers around her hand gently and she smile. Zeke then led her out of the ballroom with swift, yet easy to follow steps. He led her up to her room and she yawned as they were walking up the stairs. He looked back at her and smiled. She smiled back at him and continued walking. They got to her room a short while later and she opened the door and smiled at him, and then she walked in the door. She turned around and then told Zeke good night and then shut the door gently in his face. She then changed her clothes and got into bed herself. She fell asleep almost immediately.

Winter Rose Phantom Chapter 5

KIANA SAT IN HER ROOM AND WAS HOPING THAT RANDY WAS GOING TO get the note that she left him. She was going into town within the next couple of days, to meet a friend of hers and get her situated. Kiana lay back on her bed and closed her eyes a moment. She wondered why she hadn’t told Randy that she was working at the Castle. After the guards had found that Randy had been sneaking out to the town during the months that they were able to be together, Kiana had gotten a job at there. She opened her eyes, looking up at the ceiling. Kiana sighed and then thought, why didn’t I just tell him…? But…then we would have been at risk for getting caught… She felt something roll down her cheek and found that it was a single tear.
Turning over on her side, she curled up into a ball and pressed her face into it. She fell asleep quickly and quietly, sliding into her dreams.

RANDY WAS THINKING ABOUT WHAT HAD HAPPENED that evening. He had gotten to see Kiana, which was definitely a plus without a doubt in his mind. Almost getting Kiana in trouble with the guards though was a different story; he would hate himself forever if he caused something that went on to hurt Kiana. He was wondering though, why had Kiana been at the ball that evening? Sure the guards hadn’t seen her face, but how was she able to be there? Had she come to see if she could see him? He needed to find out.
Opening the door to his room, he walked in and after he shut his door, he heard the faint sound of a key being turned in the lock. He sighed; it’d been like this ever since then. But he’d never regret it. He tried the knob once, as was his habitual thing to do after he enters his room just to see if the lock didn’t bolt right, because if it wasn’t he’d pick it and sneak out. But he had no such luck that night. Groaning, he walked over to his bed and sat down to think for a while. When he sat down though, the faint crunch of paper could be heard coming from where he sat. He furrowed his brows and frowned. What was that? He thought to himself and then stood up. There was an envelope on his bed that was addressed to him. The handwriting was neat and all of the letters were carefully written out. He recognized the faint curls in the tail of the y. He smiled, knowing it was from her. He knew how she got up to his room as well. Kiana wasn’t human, just like he wasn’t, but she was pure in heart and in soul, she was an Angel, in both metaphorical and in the literal sense.
Randy opened the envelope carefully and took out the contents. There was a letter and a necklace. It was the necklace that she had been wearing earlier that night. The gold chain was elegantly crafted with an emerald colored crystal attached to the end of it. Randy smiled and unlatched the hook on the chain and put it around his neck carefully, it fit nicely and made him feel stronger and also thought that he could feel her with him again. He fingers gripped the crystal gently. Randy then opened the note after a few minutes of smiling to himself, then started to read the note that she had so carefully crafted. The note read;
“Dear Randy,
I was happy to be able to see you this evening. I will eventually be able to explain why I was there, but right now is not the time. I will be heading into town 2 days from now. I will be there for a few days to help my friend settle into her new home, if you can get away from the guards who are watching you for a few hours, maybe you could come down and see me. And about the necklace……It is something that can keep us in contact. Next time we meet I will show you how to use it. I may show up at your window sometime so be expecting me and please leave it unlocked….it gets cold at night when you are waiting 50 feet above ground to go in a window.”

Randy stopped reading and chuckled a bit, that was so like her, he thought. His fingers unconsciously wrapped around the crystal on the necklace. He began reading again as well.
“......I don’t know when I will stop by again, but I hope that we can at least be able to see each other once in a while. I love and miss you.

He smiled and placed the note in the space on the bed beside him. He was then deep in thought, trying to figure out a way to meet up with her in town. He needed to be able to go see her again, so he was going to find a way to do just that. The clock chimed, announcing the arrival of midnight. Wow it’s late…he thought. He stood up and changed his cloths into something warmer and more comfortable and climbed into bed, falling asleep quickly.

KIANA JUST KNEW WHEN Randy put the necklace on. It had woken her up enough to make her realize what had happened. She smiled and then went back to sleep quietly.

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