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Persepolis: Perspective changing

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Michael Like Yummy and American Born Chinese, as I am reading this book I am able to learn about people who have much different life experiences than I did growing up which is really great since I am becoming a teacher and will encounter students with diverse experiences. Although Persepolis is a graphic novel, the content really grabs readers and forces them to think about how they view others. It is easy to judge people from afar as you see in Persepolis and it is also easy to feel bad for others, but all three of the books I have read help readers to try and understand people who are quite different from them. I would have to say I think the visuals are what helped me put myself into the main characters’ shoes. I feel like Persepolis did a great job of illustrating the misunderstandings people can have due to both ignorance and not being around one another. Persepolis constantly shows people in power being disconnected from the civilians who they have power over. Persepolis also shows how civilians create separation amongst themselves due to their closed-minded thinking. Persepolis shows the effects of those who are distanced from others and caused me to think about how I distance myself from people and do not always take the time to learn about things in an objective manner.

Ραδάμανθυς Φωτόπουλος Well, i must admit that before reading this book, i was somewhat biased towards Persia. But as i got more and more involved with this country's culture i now think twice about many things.

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