Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) Mockingjay question

Is It just me or the ending seem that Katniss had postpartum depression ?

Postpartum depression is when mother become clinically depressed right after having giving birth. It usually comes when women feel like too much to handle or that they're the only ones taking care of the baby and begans to feel like the baby's a burden. Sometimes, it cause women to kill their babies.

So, no I wouldn't say that Katniss has postpartum depression. She just lived a hard life, apparently had two difficult pregnancies and was scared for her children's future.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the games seems more likely. Postpartum occurs after the birth of a child. Her issues started way before she started a family.

Not really, but yes at the same time. She was depressed and her lfe didn't seem that great with Peeta. He was just an accessory to her terrible life. She probably would have been better with Gale:)But I GUESS she "liked" the kids so she wouldn't kill them or anything.

honestly, i don't think that she is 100% happy. it is kind of clear that she misses gale.

what's postpartum depression? but yeah, I agree with you. I felt like mockingjay was mostly about Katniss' emotions going up then down :|

I really don't think she had depression. Just because she didn't look at things in the most rosy, happy way possible means that she's depressed; she's realistically apprehensive about the future, and thought a lot about how it would affect her children. That's not depression, it's reality. Every parent goes through that. She just had a more realistic, grounded, and slightly less optimistic approach than other parents might, because of her past, not because of depression.

It's possible she would have had postpartum after her children were born. However, it would not necessarily still be affecting her that much latter on. Due to the extremity of her life she more then likely will always deal with anxiety and depression bouts tied into not only post traumatic stress disorder from the games but also the depression she was probably prone to from the beginning due to the gravity of her life in the Seem. Anxiety disorders and depression are often a life long battle that can creep up on an individual and manifest itself in different ways at different times.

No, having suffered PPD, myself I don't think that is what you are seeing. Katniss was just terrified of having children (through the ENTIRE series she hinted at this) due to the fact that any child she brought into the world would have to suffer in much the same way that she and her sister and ALL the children in the districts did. (not just as possible tributes, but that was a big part of it). And that Terror did not simply vanish once the "good guys" won. She continued to live her life in a balance always waiting for the next horrible thing to happen, even in her times of peace and happiness. So she was scared to have children in the first place (it took Peeta 15 years to convince her to have children). She just is unable to have unbridled joy at the existance of her children, she did say that her fears evaporated when she first held her daughter and that her second pregnancy was easier than the first... Had those fears and disconnect existed even after holding her children for the first time, then PPD would factor in.

i have no idea what postpartum depression is but yeah, maybe.

I know right! I noticed that too she was all depressed and when she spoke about how her children play on a grave, I was like, awwwwwww. I thought I was the only one who noticed it.

After all that Katniss had been through, and her terror at ever having children, starting in the first book, her showing symptoms of depression is completely understandable. The fact that Peeta managed to convince her that it was safe to have kids is a big statement about her love for him.

I wouldn't call it post-partum depression; I'd call it plain depression or PTSD, as someone else commented. She loved her kids, she was glad she had them, but I'm sure there's always a little fear of "what could happen" in the back of her mind. She probably reacts in the same way that people who survived the Holocaust reacted.

I think the children were, what, at least toddlers? so it may have been a little late for it to be post-partum...maybe just regular ol' depression?

she didnt sound that sad to me......
or depressed.

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