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Who thought that Hermionie and Harry should have gotten together?

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AnnieB I think Hermionie and Ron are a cute couple, but i wanna see what you think.

Vanessa From the moment they met Hermione I wanted Harry and her to be together. I was soo disappointed when he got with Ginny and Hermione with Ron.

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I never even considered it... I always knew that Harry and Hermione were just really good friends. And that very obvious awkwardness between Ron and Hermione... it just SCREAMED romance.

Cassidy i deffinatley thought that hermione and harry would be together. Ginny is deffinatley not my favorite.

PostCardashian Kim Definitely hermione and Harry. Ron is sweet and nice and everything, but not that smart, not that hot, never really the leader...
In this way, i guess JK Rowling is givin props to the nice guys - not to say Harry's not a niceguy...

AnnieB ya. i guess.

then who would have ron gotten together with? Luna? Cho?

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Ian probably Luna

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Ian who do you think Cho would have gotten with?

AnnieB i dont know...dean...no...
I have no clue


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Claudia I'm a hufe Harry/Hermione shipper and I always wanted Thema to end kp together. I think J.K.Rowling made a biiig mistake with the pairings.A t the end of "Deathly hallows" I almost cried! Crazy, huh?

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Claudia Sorry for all those typing errors! That was just the automatic correction program of my smartphone... My fingers are too fast and this stupid program doesn't get it that I'm writing in English ;-))))

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! i always wanted ron and hermione 2 end up 2gether the moment she appeared on screen.they were so perfect tht i just couldn't wait.ron had always been sooooo hot and hermione always sooooo beautiful. they were such a cute couple, i can't blive u people are disapointed!(well,some of u...)

Vanessa i never thought/imagined Harry and Hermione as a couple. i think they're better as friends. im happy with Ron♥Hermione and Harry♥Ginny.

Sandy I never saw Harry and Hermione together as a couple, I always shipped Hermione with Ron and thought the signs were obvious but I can't say I see Harry with Ginny as a couple but I think its cause we never really got a build to it like we got with Ron and Hermione or even Harry and Cho, though after seeing him with Cho I am happy they broke up :P

Georgie Never even considered it.

Rachel Alice I thought they might at the beginning, but it was blatantly obvious that was never going to happen by the third book that I stopped considering it. I'm quite pleased Rowling went that way, it would have been kind of cliche otherwise.

Rachel Honestly, I think that Hermione is too emotional for Harry. Not that that's a bad thing, but Ron (who's often insensitive) is nicely balanced by Hermione, who can show him another point of view when he's being particularly slow, and he helps her to loosen up a bit and not be uptight constantly.

Harry needs someone who's down to earth, stable, and strong. Ginny (at least, Book Ginny) is all of these, plus she's athletic and funny. She's tough enough to let Harry go without asking a lot of questions or making it difficult or awkward. Hermione is amazing but she would've freaked out if he'd left her to drop out of school and go on some crazy secret mission. But Ginny just does her own thing at Hogwarts and trusts him to take care of himself.

I don't know, the more I think about it, the more I love Harry and Ginny together ^_^ I'm glad the movie awkwardness didn't ruin it, haha.

Kressel Housman I never quite got why Hermione would fall for Ron. He's a nice guy, but he's not her equal intellectually and he doesn't have Harry's sensitivity. I'm happy for them, though.

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I absolutely love the fact that Ron and Hermione got together. I really thought both Ron and Hermione and Harry and Hermione went well together. I totally see it for Ron and Hermione though... They are both sensitive a times and have a huge past together. Something that really made me think about the whole Harry and Hermione thing though was not in the book but in the movie when Ron is gone and Harry and Hermione dance together In the tent. I thought it was so romantic but somehow, I still thought of Ron and Hermione as a perfect match!!!!

Shanna Claudia wrote: "Sorry for all those typing errors! That was just the automatic correction program of my smartphone... My fingers are too fast and this stupid program doesn't get it that I'm writing in English ;-))))"

Damn You, Autocorrect!: Awesomely Embarrassing Text Messages You Didn't Mean to Send

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Ahlaam No; they gave off a brothely/sisterly feel throughout the course of the books. However I would have rather seen them together than Harry/Ginny or Romione and I certainly don't condone incest.

They were always there for each other throughout the bad and good time unlike a certain person coughRoncough. Harry/Ginny doesn't make sense to me.

SarahO I don't think I ever thought of Harry and Hermione as a couple. it was pretty much always Ron and Hermione for me. I do kinda wish they didn't pair up Harry though. Although I am glad that it was Ginny they did it with instead of Cho or Luna (I'm a big Luna/Nevil shipper ^_^)

0Lover0of0books0 My dad wishes that Harry and Hermione got together. That was his only complaint. I thought he was silly.

Gerchia Sweettina1 wrote: "Hermione and Ron are perfect! Hermione and Harry will be too powerful/smart for a couple."

what's wrong with that? Not that I wanted them to be together, they don't really mesh that well.

Michael I will sooo go down with this ship.

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Jen I love Harry/Hermione. Basically, as long as Hermione is NOT with Ron...or Neville for that matter lol.
Hermione is TOO GOOD for Ron. She is:
- more attractive
- smarter
- more mature
- stronger
- NOT annoying.
ok...maybe that last one doesn't apply, but Hermione could do so much better than Ron.

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Molly Kressel wrote: "I never quite got why Hermione would fall for Ron. He's a nice guy, but he's not her equal intellectually and he doesn't have Harry's sensitivity. I'm happy for them, though."

There was a study done that showed couples are happier when the woman is more intelligent and more attractive than the male, so that could be why. Besides, Ron does balance her out well. The bicker like a couple going through a nasty divorce though. I think we're supposed to see it as banter, but it doesn't work well.

I also like Ron and Luna together. The idea of it makes me giggle like an idiot.

Jaimi Anne wrote: "i dont know...dean...no...
I have no clue


neville and Luna don't end up together, Neville ends up with Hannah Abbot. but they do in the movie

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Jen I thought Neville and Luna were a cute potential couple

Brian Betke Molly wrote: "Kressel wrote: "I never quite got why Hermione would fall for Ron. He's a nice guy, but he's not her equal intellectually and he doesn't have Harry's sensitivity. I'm happy for them, though."


I agree. Hermione liked Krum because he excelled at the physical, while she the intellectual. She needed someone stronger than Ron. I don't think that Harry worked either, at least not at the end. Maybe year two. One of those kid romances like the neighborhood boy.

Brian Betke Jaye wrote: "In my perfect world...
a) Harry would have ended up with Hermione.
b) Ron would have ended up with Luna (nothing better than a clueless guy and a loopy girl... hehe).
c) Ginny would have been w..."

Twins with twins. Missed that; brilliant.

Brian Betke I will just say that I had an invisibility cloak, access to the prefect's bath, and knowledge of when Hermione bathed (Marauder's Map); lights out.

Uditi I am SO happy that so many people share exactly what i have wanted ever since the series started.
they are so PERFECT for each other!

Sirius Black and Dumbeldore and Fred wouldn't have died. Esp. Dumbledore and Fred.
I HATE it when innocent and sweet people die.

Ginny should have been with a hotter guy.
Twins with twins. Perfect <3
Ron should be with a smarter/better version of Luna.
Neville and Luna would have been awesome!
Harry and Ginny just don't match up. It also ruins the Harry and Ron friendship in a way.

Love is so twisted.

Mounica Srinivas i thought so,ofcourse harry deserved hermione..

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Shelby I like where everything ended up. I must say Ginny seemed a little sudden, but when you really think about it she is good for Harry.

Ron and Hermione are an awesome couple! When I started reading the books I was to young for romance but even then I knew they would be awesome together.

Stepheny I love Ron with Hermione. I think that it was there all along. They start their relationship disliking one another and grew to love each other, which is exactly how James and Lily were too. I think they balance each other out nicely and make an adorable couple. They don't need to agree on everything to be happy, and Hermione has no problem teaching Ron a few things. :) Also, I do like Harry with Ginny, however I felt that he would have paired better with Luna. When Neville took Ginny to the ball in the Goblet of Fire, I thought for sure that those two would end up together. There were a few nice bonding moments between Harry and Luna where I thought perhaps they might end up together- both had lost their parent(s) and were "outsiders"- Luna more so, but outsiders nonetheless. I was,overall, happy with the way it turned out though. I liked that Harry officially became apart of the Weasely family after all. :)

Filomena ME!!!

Filomena I remember going to forums when I was younger to see the gossip arround the possible couples (by then I think the 5th book hadn't come out yet) and I always cheered for harry and hermione. I hated the possiblity that Harry would end up with Ginny, but look what's happened x)

Lea (Peeta's #1 Fangirl!) I honestly never considered it. I think they are great friends, and they have this wonderful unperpatible friendship. Anything beyond that...Ron would be really mad. I'm not sure what I feel about Ron/Hermione. Like if it really a good pairing? Sure they both secretly like each other, which is cute, but a life-long relationship? Are they ready for that? I don't know.

Ciara It was always a possibility from the beginning, but they are two totally different people with totally different personalities. They are not meant for each other. Some people think that oposites attract,, and I honestly feel that any-one can fall in love, but Harry and Hermoine? Maybe not.

Bjoern Harry and Hermione?
Of course. It's a shame what JKR had to do to break this couple up (even TDH is 50% Harry/Hermione and then ends in total utter bullshit).

I even can understand what Harry and Ginny would find attractive in the other one. Hermione and Ron otoh is just the superficial teenage girl falling for the asshole and ignoring the nice timid guy she had always on her side, she should have gone for Malfoy if she needed the fights so badly. There's no love in this pairing.

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Micaela I think that they should have been together it would have been so cute. It's so weird how Hermione hugs Harry more than Ron or at least I think she does not positive.

Bjoern It might be an impression that was somewhat fortified by the movies but i'd also say that Harry got more hugs. Of course he was the love starved orphan without anybody else to hug him (with the small exception of a few Molly hugs) and Ron was not so that might be an influence in this one thing.
But they also have this knowing without words thing going that never would work with Ron and as at least one fanfiction author once wrote... Harry never had a sister, how should he know how to love anyone like a sister? (but then that works also with Ginny)

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Ezra I think J.K. Rowling did an excellent job putting Ron with Hermione

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