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What Would Madame DeFarge Knit?

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message 1: by Zoe (new)

Zoe Has anyone else gotten Heather's book yet? I had a recent birthday and my best friend looked at my oh-so-recently-tweaked Amazon wishlist and lo and behold, this arrived in my mailbox on Tuesday.
Squeeeee! What a great book. Some really nice patterns in there, I am dying to finish a couple WIP's so I can order yarn for the Jekyll and Hyde hoodie.

Also, the essays are lovely - some of them kind of boil down to 'What literature means to me' - which I could actually read ad nauseum, but there's even someone waxing poetic on H.P.Lovecraft (actually makes me want to read Lovecraft - and believe me, I'm not a fan of horror).

So if any of you come across this lovely little book, I highly recommend. You can find all the pictures of the projects on Ravelry.

message 2: by Yuka (new)

Yuka Suzuki | 1 comments great recommendation.
This tempted me to purchase one.

message 3: by Lise (new)

Lise (knittingrose) | 2 comments I purchased the softcover of the book and it was so well done that I wanted to have an electronic copy available at all times! I have purchased both and will do the same for the next book that Heather puts out. I love the patterns and the essays. I get to use my imagination on how I think the patterns will look and I have NOT been disappointed so far! To knit and wear Mina's shawl makes me feel as if I can be as brave and beautiful as she was in Dracula. It is a connection with the literature that I have never had before and it is FUN!

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