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What is the Meaning of the Number 10?

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message 1: by Sue (last edited Nov 11, 2011 09:18PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sue (snuzy36) | 70 comments Yahoo answers: "the word 天 (pronounced ten) in Japanese means "sky" or "heaven" in English.

But more than our concept of "sky", it conveys more the concept of "celestial", including the divine overtone."

Is it really 10 we want to figure out or could it all be in the 9 or the Q aka as kew ??

Other things about the number 10 are all pretty much biblical that I have found here


and more mostly biblical http://www.ridingthebeast.com/numbers...

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Sue (snuzy36) | 70 comments I am just getting to Leaders main role in the book now for the 2nd time around and I will pay closer attention to this.

I see we are at 9 and our completeness will be attained when we reach 10 if we can get there.

The number 10 is important then in many religions not just biblical? and here I thought it was 7 LOL

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Ian "Marvin" Graye | 191 comments Mod
10 also contains the digits 1 and 0, which are also the basis of the digital system.

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Ian "Marvin" Graye | 191 comments Mod
I think 10 was also the minimum number of ways Aomame knew to kick a guy in the balls.

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Sue (snuzy36) | 70 comments Well I went through it again today and yes it's heavy remember I am listening audio then trying to keep up with it in the ebook.. Let me tell you the chapters do not correspond what is up with that?
Anyway on further listening and reading here is what I get out of ebook chapter 11 :
"Most people are not looking for provable truths. as you said , truth is often accompanied by intense pain, and almost no one is looking for painful truths. What people need is beautiful , comforting stories that make them feel as if their lives have some meaning. Whish is where religion comes from."

I think this is his intro into a deeper conversation about his so called religion and what is going on in this . He goes on to talk about her need for religion and his thought that what he does is not religious.
He speaks to her about her 'magic fingers' given from a higher power that like his given talent that the gods (small g) giveth and taketh away, even if she thinks god did not grant her an extraordinary power.

In the back ground we are getting a storm ... Tengo is being told by Fuki that the little people are restless.

Aomame is right at the point of using her special gift to kill him and she realizes that Leader knows that she is here to kill him and she has only been allowed to come by his invitation. "This is all happening to easily, something was wrong all her powers and abilities were clashing inside her..."
Leader says go ahead do it I want you to do it.
Somehow he has frozen her arm with some force and then he lets her move her arm freely. He gives her control of his life.

Explaination of the Little People:
"Probably no one knows for sure who the Little People are," the man said. "All that people are able to learn is that they exist..." "They have been called by many differnt names, but in most cases have not been called anything at all. they were simply there. the expression'Little People' is just expedient. My daughter called them that when she was very young and brought them with her." <---his daughter and she brought the little people?

"what would happen after I kill you?" " The Little People would lose one who listens to their voices. I still have no successor."
Aomame calls it "You may just be a sexual pervert trying to justify your dispicable actions and convenient rationalizations. There were never any 'Little People' no voices of the gods no heavenly grace. You just may be a another phoney claiming to be a prophet or religious leader."
Leader "In this world there is no absolute good, no absolute evil,"...."Good and evil are not fixed, stabel entities but are continually trading places. A good may be transformed into an evil in the next second. And vica versa...." " The most important thing is to maintain the balance between the constantly moving good and evil. If you lean too much in either direction, it becomes difficult to maintain actual morals....."<----- i find this fascinating!

Aomame decides to let him die of his painful disease. Leader tells her that "what I did to your friend was very bad." "Ayumi Nakano" But then claims he didnt kill her but was only unable to prevent her death, "Whoever may have killed her, the fact is that they always go after your weakest point... " eluding to Aomame and Ayumi were close and 'they' were trying to get to Aomame.

Now to the good part.....

Leader: "They cant destroy you." "Why?" "Because you have long since become a special being." Aomame has no idea what Leader is talking about. Leader only says that she will understand at some point.

So 'they' did not kill Ayumi but 'changed the setting on a timer as she was bound to come to this kind of death at some point with her lifestyle. Again Leader is trying to get Aomame angry with him so she will kill him to get even with the "little people" she still says no.
Then Leader brings up Tengo...and Leader can prevent his death.
Leader "...chance has nothing to do with it. Your two fates did not cross through mere happenstance. The two of you set food in this world because you were meant to enter it. And now tht you have entered it, like it or not, you will be assigned your proper role here."

An awww ha moment for me ... we know Aomame set foot into 1Q84 but when did Tengo set foot in 1Q84????

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Sue (snuzy36) | 70 comments More on that conversation that enlightens if not drives you more insane....

"The place is irrelevant," "For you it was Sangenjaya. But the specific place is not the question. the question here, in the end, is the time. the track as it were was was switched there, and the world was transformed inot 1Q84." <-------- so is everyone is 1Q84 now????
"Two moons is the sign that the track has been switched. That is how you tell the two worlds apart. Not that all of the people here can see two moons. In fact,most people are not aware of it. In other words the number of people who know that this is 1Q84 is quite limited." Leader goes on to say that distinguishing between the two worlds is virtually impossible. 1984 and 1Q84 are fundamentally the same in terms of how they work. If you dont believe in the world, and if there is no love in it, then everything is phony. No matter which world we are talking about, no matter what kind of world we are talkng about, the line separating fact frm hypothesis is practically invisible to the eye. It can only be seen with the inner eye, the eye of the mind."

So who switched the tracks? ok please feel free to explain this....

"... the most important thing with regard to this world in which we live for there to be a balance maintained between good and evil. The so called 'little people' .... certainly do have great power. But the more they use their power, the more another power automatically arises to resist it. In that way, the world maintains a delicate balance. This fundamental principle is the same in any world. Precisely the same thing can be said in this world of 1Q84 that now contains us. When the 'little people' began to manifest their enormous power, a power opposing them also automatically came into being. And this opposing momentum must have drawn you into the year 1Q84." "To continue with the train analogy; it is possible for them to switch tracks, as a result of which the train has entered its current line - the 1Q84 line. One things they are not able to do , however, is to distinguish one passenger ont he train from another - to choose among them. which means that there are many passengers aboard who, to them, are undesirable."
So are the little people good or evil?
Now he goes on about his daughter.... she is 17?? His daughter is ??? Fuki??? oh my goodness I need a drink!!!

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Sue (snuzy36) | 70 comments Was that in the book LOL or maybe it was Lisbeth who kicked in the balls 10 X

message 8: by Sue (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sue (snuzy36) | 70 comments I was just putting down what I listened to today seeing if I could make any more sense of the Leader and what he knows or doesnt know. Maybe I am trying to hard to understand and not just go with the story LOL

Dont get me on the maza and dohta omg !! that is another twisted story that I cant find where they are all tied together. He feels like he writes very fragmented thoughts ..

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Sue (snuzy36) | 70 comments So how is it that the Dohtas (in this case) doesnt age? if I am on the right track?
And is it safe to say that Fuki is Leaders Daughter ? but also Aomame's Dohta?

Just when I think I have a grip on the story it slips through my fingers *sigh*

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Sue (snuzy36) | 70 comments Listening to it twice I thought oh maybe I have it. Writing it down ........... Lost it !!

It just feels so close but yet so far LOL

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Ian "Marvin" Graye | 191 comments Mod
Here is my chapter "Present Tens":


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