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Help me out plz

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Micah I skipped over passion because it bored me

Basically what did we learn about Cam and Miles is all i want to know.

Please help :)

Olivia Ugh-I havent read it yet. But I heard that Luce stays true to Daniel and that Miles and Shelby are growing closer.

Elena I didn't feel Miles much closer to Shelby. Maybe a little bit. We learn that Cam became evil and turned to the bad side when his beloved, Lilith I think, left him. They were about to marry, but he couldn't marry in a Church since he was fallen and all that crap, so she got mad saying he didn't care and left him. Daniel didn't do anything to stop him, so he become a 'dark' angel. Luce goes back in time until the beginning of time and re-lives her past lives with Daniel, trying to understand what it is that brings them together everytime, and in the journey she sees how much Daniel cares about her. (though I still didn't actually understand whhy, but that's a fault of the entire series I think). Too bad now Lucifer wants to go back in time at the moment of the Fall and bring all the fallen angels to hell or something. It was twisted in the end. But I liked the book because at least LK tried (though not with that much success) to explain more of Luce and Daniel's relationship.

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Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey) Miles was barely in the book which was a mystery considering how the last book ended. This book was beyond boring as we go on an endless history trip. Some of it was insightful, but I think it was toooooo much. I think for me this was the worst sequel and book I read all year. The writing wasn't bad, the storyline sucked! We did find out a little more about Cam as Elena mentioned above.

Micah Okay thank you both!!!
I'm just so disappointed with this novel....

Expect to see me making a post on asking about Rapture because I am not even going to skim through it when it is released next year.

Maria I agree, this was by far the worst sequel I have read this year. I was very disappointed also.

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