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message 1: by 3meg (new) - added it

3meg | 361 comments So, let's get the Nov. reads started. yes, I am going to recycle my comments from when I finished reading it and posted on my discussion, but still interested to see what others thought........so disappointed with this book. I found the whole seduction process to be horrible. I kept reading hoping it would come to a end so that the rest of the story could get started and it just went on and on. I usually really like Penny Jordan, but man this one sucked. The h came across as weak and silly and the H was just yuck. He wants to win a business deal and thinks that he can blackmail his opponent if he seduces his sister...which was pretty stupid. Anyway, the brother forces her to marry the H when he attempts the blackmail and while I get what the author was trying to do, it failed! I call this one an EPIC FAIL!!! Oh well....

message 2: by Lemon (last edited Nov 11, 2011 04:54PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Lemon | 801 comments Mod
I would say this was an epic . . . **YAWN**. Sorry to be mean, but the heroine was a blithering idiot. I don't think she was quite in the "special needs" category, but the IQ was definitely not in the high range. Talk about arrested development- she had the maturity of a three year old. The hero and the story were both so wooden and so achingly uninteresting. I felt like someone had given me a lobotomy because everything about this book- the characters, the writing, the tone etc. pretty much left me feeling catatonic out of boredom.

I used to be a huge Penny Jordan fan. What in the world has happened to her?

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 200 comments I just brought this book. Is it really that bad?

Lemon | 801 comments Mod
Everyone has a different take on things so you should still give it a go- you may be more forgiving than me. For instance, I just read a book that had rave reviews from pretty much everyone but I absolutely hated it with a passion. There have also been books that most didn't rate so high but I really loved, so you really just never know until you try for yourself.

message 5: by Virginia (new)

Virginia (goodreadscomginny) | 264 comments I scanned the book when I first received it but read it this week. I must admit that I am not objective when it comes to Russian heroes. I tend to not like them as I feel they lack compassion ans sensitivity. This stems from college days when I had to read Russian literature and always felt that there was no warmth in the relationships. This is a broad statement, I know, but the H and brother lacked compassion and the heroine was naive and was the product of being sheltered and was unaware of the outside world. I put this one in the pile to bury.

Vashti | 732 comments The one thing{there was more}that irked me about this book was ,in everything that the H did,the h compared it to her brother! it was like if the H did that ,well my brother would do the same thing also and vice versa.Also the h's brother's name is so similiar to my own [my maiden name ]that it just totally distracted me from the book.Is there anyone in this day and age who is really that naive as the h, this book could have been so much more,almost 80%of this book was about trying to get the bid and the ending was so rushed to me.Hope the brother's story is better.

message 7: by 3meg (new) - added it

3meg | 361 comments I agree...the h was way too niave, the book could have been so much more, and the ending just wasn't enough. I was so disappointed. Sometimes you read a bad book, but this was more disappointing then bad...it could have been.........

Sheila (schmoozy) | 92 comments I also disliked this book. I was pretty excited to read it, since Penny Jordan is one of my favorites, and I was looking forward to some great conflict between H and h's brother. What a letdown. NO conflict what-so-ever, and the h was really naive. I also agree that the ending was very rushed. All in all a complete disappointment from one of my faves.
: (

Vashti | 732 comments Let's hope the next one is better.

message 10: by Kate (new)

Kate (kateperegrinate) Does this book take place in Russia, or is the hero (and I guess heroine) Russian and live elsewhere?

message 11: by 3meg (new) - added it

3meg | 361 comments They are both Russian but takes place mostly in London...although they do visit Russia once or twice

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